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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Undertaker Segment Set For RAW

    WWE has confirmed that The Undertaker will deliver a “final message” to Brock Lesnar on Monday’s RAW from Washington, DC. \

    source: WrestlingINC

    Since they got physical last Monday, I feel this will just be a promo, perhaps a face to face promo with Taker, Heyman, and Lesnar like they did for WM27 and WM28 where the final segment for those builds were  Taker and his opponent cutting promos on each other face to face. If they do get physical though, since Taker got the upper hand the two times things got physical, I feel Lesnar will get the upper hand this time because heading into PPV’s the loser usually gets the upper hand on the final show before their match on PPV.

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    • Maziar on March 26th, 2014 says:


    • Jess on March 26th, 2014 says:

      This is great! I can’t wait to see what Taker and Brock will say to each other.

    • Rahim on March 26th, 2014 says:

      The build for me has been good but i felt that has the potential to be so much more attracting. i mean i was astonished whrn i saw undertaker come to the ring and chokeslam lesnar through a table, because it made taker look strong especially after brock broke henry’s arm and decimated big show. As i thought that although, lesnar had a chance that undertaker would be ready for war. but then after building taker stronger and stronger every week including this week it kind of devalues the likeness of brock having a chance to end the streak.

      Take HBK for example, as if wm 25 match wasn’t already amazing they built hbk up almost as an equal to taker despite being much weaker than lesnar. This added to the match before it had even taken place, although hbk has lost to many top and surprisingly mid carders he was still built highly which made the anticipation for the match much bigger and in turn the match itself. (sorry for speaking like paul heyman.)
      As wouldn’t you rather see someone like mike tyson and muhammed ali face each other
      or mike tyson and spike dudly. Exactly because they are more equal.

      I’m a creature of the night till i go but wouldn’t you think just for a second that brock could beat undertaker is more of a possibility if taker’s arm was *supposedly* broken as in hell in a cell or just taker throwing lesnar around the ring with paul heyman just shouting. (sadly taker’s age doesn’t help, although he’s beard looks badass.)

      So do you guys think that if taker got he’s arm broken or busted open would turn up the heat to what could be an amazing feud?
      (but taker’s health and brock’s physical damage would come into question.)

      BTW Thanks for replying guys to my question on my earlier post, i hope you’re ready for next monday night raw.

    • Regina on March 26th, 2014 says:

      I’ll be at the DC show. Can’t wait for the Deadman’ appearance

    • Jess on March 26th, 2014 says:

      Rahim, if you are talking about the time in 2002 when Taker’s hand was LEGITIMATELY broken, I’m sure Taker would love to give Lesnar a taste of his own medicine. Busted open, I don’t think so, there will only be blood if someone actually bleeds by not blading, remember its PG now. Taker is a strong man, like Lesnar but Lesnar’s a big guy anyway though Taker is taller but some inches. I still say that Taker and Lesnar, strength wise are both equal.

      But remember we still have one more RAW which is next week and this fued could get better but I still enjoy the way its building up. I’m still excited for their match at WM.

    • Undertaker's # 1 fan on March 27th, 2014 says:

      >> since Taker got the upper hand the two times things got physical, I feel Lesnar will get the upper hand this time because heading into PPV’s the loser usually gets the upper hand on the final show before their match on PPV

      There MUST be a physical confrontation and Lesnar MUST get the upper hand in it. There is no other way this will work out.

    • THE DEADMAN RULZ on March 27th, 2014 says:

      Sounds good. We’ll see what unfolds. Brock’s a threat, even if he is not built up like the rest that needed build-up. About the upper-hand, yeah, Brock may be given that. Be whatever it may, the segment has got the promise of being an intense one.

    • armen mohammadi on March 27th, 2014 says:

      really mr mark callawy is muslim ?

    • Corey on March 27th, 2014 says:

      I’m psyched go Taker.

    • Anan on March 27th, 2014 says:


      Have a great time. Take pics.

    • Jess on March 27th, 2014 says:

      Armen, Mark Calaway isn’t a Muslim.. I don’t thcink he’s religious at all.

    • deadman07 on March 27th, 2014 says:

      I think Lesnar will possibly F5 Taker through announce table at the last raw before WM 30.

    • Rahim on March 27th, 2014 says:

      Great i’m glad that people voiced their own opinion, you guys may be right about no blood rule. (unless it’s real.) i’m glad most people feel that brock needs to get the upper hand and most of all that next week’s message has to be physical and take it up a gear. i have no dobut that the match will be prehaps if taker goes all out. One of the most physical and intense brutal war between to old school aggressive men, as brock has shown in the past that he can be pure destructive at times even to the biggest superstars. i.e. cena, cm punk, hhh, mark henry and numerous of others. While the undertaker has proven to be not just the most reslient and at times punishing man to step foot in a ring, but also the greatest performer in the history of wrestlemania.

      To be honest any ideas on next week’s segment?
      (i think that maybe undertaker can kind of get attacked from behind by brock while paul has him distracted and could go on to say that the undertaker fears brock lesnar because truth is he has never beaten him before. and is a man who is in fact undefeated against the Undertaker!) leaving the audience on a cliffhanger. or the other option could be to have paul heyman cut that promo but except when taker comes out have brock hit with a chair and put he’s arm in it and kick the chair *supposedly* breaking taker’s hand/arm referencing their previous feud.

      you can then have taker come out on the last week after saying that the last time has arm/hand was broken against lesnar it didn’t end well but then say that before he showed lesnar compassion but this sunday he won’t. taker can then go on record stating that he has a surprise for the beast and say that he will this sunday not break lesnar’s hand but, he’s soul. and can announce a casket or no holds barred match. brock can come out and paul heyman can say that the “fear of death is greater than the death itself, but the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of them all.” and can say for the first time taker is in the unknown because he has never went to war at wrestlemania with a broken hand which means he’s at a huge disadvantage. since, he can’t perform the old school, last ride, chokeslam or even tombstone with a broken arm/hand. he can end this by saying ” brockkkkkk lesnarrrr will break the streak just like he broke your arm/hand.” they can then brawl until brock gets the upper hand and does the unthinkable… drive taker through a table with a F5. ending raw and ending the streak?

      What do you guys think? and if you have another build, i appriciate your replies and comments.

    • Regina on March 27th, 2014 says:


      I’m in section 200. Will definitely take pics. Will post if they turn out good.
      Can’t wait!!!

    • Anan on March 28th, 2014 says:


      This site appreciates pics of any quality, good or bad so don’t worry about that.

    • ANEESH on March 28th, 2014 says:


    • Fish on March 29th, 2014 says:

      @ANEESH Well that escalated quickly.

    • Damion on March 29th, 2014 says:


      If you follow the company line, the Undertaker will never-ever lose at Wrestlemania. Taker is going to have a default win until he at least hits 25-0. Undertaker winning at Wrestlemania is a default.

      …and, if they plan a Sting vrs Undertaker match for next year, the end result is going to be Undertaker. Sting will have the Undertaker retire him.

      While I do respect what the Undertaker has done, I think getting passed the twentieth win has muted ‘the streak’. It would be smart for the WWE to either (1) have Brock, Reigns, Wyatt, or Bryan break The Streak, or (2) have the Undertaker leave after a final win.

      Buildup for this match has been horrible.

      Undertaker gets a bigger pop if he shows weakness.

    • bob on March 30th, 2014 says:

      Muteing the streak after surpassing 20 that statement makes no sense just like having taker lose to anybody now would make no sense