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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Sting vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30? [RUMOR]

    Hot off the heals of the Brock Lesnar rumor comes another Taker/Sting rumor. Here’s the full article.

    The Undertaker’s epic undefeated streak at WrestleMania is one of the cornerstones of the pay-per-view event and with the Dead Man getting older each passing year, fans never know when his last match at the grandest stage will come. The WWE usually plans for a high-profile Undertaker match well in advance and with this WrestleMania being a milestone on April 6 in New Orleans, the WWE is looking for a bigger draw than ever before.

    Steve is the one big-name star that WWE owner Vince McMahon has never been able to sway into the WWE after he spent years as one of the top stars in rival promotion WCW before jumping over to TNA when WCW went under. Sting has never set foot in a WWE ring, but an appearance at WrestleMania 30 is something that millions of fans have been clamoring for.

    Reports indicate that WWE management believes they have a legitimate chance of bringing Sting into the company now that TNA is floundering financially.

    “[The company] feels there is a decent chance that they may end up being able to get Sting for WrestleMania next year,” the F4W newsletter reads.

    The newsletter, penned by Bryan Alvarez, continues:

    “A few years ago WWE did a video tease for Undertaker’s return that the Internet immediately assumed was actually a tease for Sting. It never was, but there was so much talk about it that WWE actually did open up negotiations briefly with Sting as a result of it. It never went anywhere, but with TNA in the state it’s in and no guarantee they’ll offer him another great deal for 2014, the timing may be perfect for him to make a jump.”

    While it is heavily rumored that Sting’s opponent would in fact be the Undertaker as he’d go after The Streak, Bleacher Report speculates that there could also be some interest in a John Cena vs. Sting match as the biggest face of WCW’s past would take on the biggest face of WWE’s present, but nothing is set in stone.

    Sting has just been one of the many past names floated around for a possible return when the pay-per-view kicks off next spring as Hulk Hogan has reportedly been training heavily for a WWE return despite not having a contract and rumors that he might be returning to TNA. In addition, rumors have circulated that Bill Goldberg may be contacted by WWE to do battle with Ryback.

    Perhaps the biggest name of them all is Stone Cold Steve Austin, who the WWE would reportedly love to have back for one more match against possibly CM Punk at the biggest WrestleMania yet.

    It remains to be seen what the WWE has planned for its trailblazing event, but with this being the 30th installment, it seems as though the company is planning on pulling out all the stops to fulfill nostalgia at the spectacle while also trying to give the fans matches they’ve dreamed of and talked about for years.

    The one thing that makes this slightly more plausible is the fact that Dave Meltzer’s been reporting since Monday morning that the Carters want to sell TNA now. It’s being reported that Dixie’s parents are cutting funding way back from TNA’s open checkbook. Meltzer’s also listed Bischoff, Jarrett, and WWE as potential buyers if the sale rumor’s legit. With TNA backtracking back to Orlando to tape Impact at the new Impact Zone Studio,  their money issues, and the fact that WWE might be a possible suitor, you never know… This could be the best possibility of the match happening. We’re roughly 5 months, and a couple days away from WM 30. The landscape of Pro Wrestling might be quite different by the time we get to the event… Stay tuned.

    Source:Sting vs Undertaker WrestleMania 30? [RUMOR] WWE Looking To Bring In Sting In For Epic New Orleans Showdown, End Dead Man Streak? [VIDEO] : OTHER : Sports World News

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    • Anan on October 30th, 2013 says:

      I kinda have my doubts on Sting vs Cena because Sting’s said the only two guys he’d wanna face is HBK and Taker. HBK’s retired and has been clear about staying retired, even despite the current angle he is in.

      Sting’s been saying for years that he wants to do one WM and work with Taker. Since Taker’s still active and since this is the match the world’s been wanting, I see Taker as being Sting’s one and only WWE match.

      I don’t think Cena is really deserving of facing Sting anyway. The guy’s on borrowed time after returning way too early and as a result, only a matter of time before he ends up back on the shelf due to injury.

    • THE DEADMAN RULZ on October 30th, 2013 says:

      If this match happens, nothing like it. WWE will be making millions just out of that single match. Vince McMahon understands finance too well to let this chance slip, provided, the rumors are true.

      Hell of a Match can be expected from these two legends.

    • karentaker on October 30th, 2013 says:

      It looks as though WWE can’t make up their minds as to whom Undertaker will be facing at WM30. Mind you, the event is still 5 months away, so anything can and probably will happen between now and then. I guess we won’t find out who Taker would be wrestling with at WM30 until possibly after the Royal Rumble, when the Wrestlemania build up begins.

    • Anan on October 30th, 2013 says:

      Whether they have made up their mind right now is irrelevant….to a degree. Let me explain. If they’re gonna have a full-timer face him….let’s just say Punk for example, who in reality I don’t think so. But Punk was chosen as the opponent, they’d have to start building him (or whatever full-time talent is chosen) now in order to be seen as a threat. But if a part-timer like a Brock Lesnar, it’s irrelevant because #1, Brock’s not around right now to be built although I think him going over Punk and being built as a Beast achieved that already and #2, who knows between now and 5 months what happens? Brock;’s not committed to a full-time schedule. He can get hurt doing something outside WWE which might prevent him from working WM next year. Punk’s working hurt which is why for the most part, he’s been in promo mode the last couple for months or so since his Payback return. He can get injured and miss WM. It’s not unheard of. Rey and HHH both missed WM’s due to injury. So did HBK, but that was during his original retirement following WM14.

      In any case, WWE always have a Plan B for things like that although I believe and would not put it past them to have a Plan C for WM, especially for top billed matches such as The Streak.

      As for Sting, some feel it won’t work because both guys are too old and no one from the current generation knows who Sting is. I don’t agree with either of those statements although I will agree partially with the second as the current generation are kids who were not around to see Sting perform. Yeah they can turn on TNA to do that. Perhaps some do in order to see why these rumors keep popping up and why the masses wanna see it. But it’s safe to say that even with Sting and Angle there, TNA’s worse than WCW. There are certainly things that both companies have in common – Hogan all the time, top stars in the main event with younger talent being held back, etc. But WCW did something TNA will never do – beat WWE in the ratings. TNA tried. In 2010, they moved Impact to Mondays to compete with RAW. Despite the debuts of Hogan, Bischoff, the return of Jeff Hardy and Sting, they couldn’t do it and a short time later, it went back to its original Thursday timeslot.

      And yes Taker and Sting are not young. But both have gotten better with time and for their age, look in tremendous tip-top shape. I think through the internet and Sting being featured on DVD’s and TV when WWE see fit to include him, the current generation know of him.

      I’m sure there will be some kind of build. Do I see Sting showing up to contribute to the build? No although he might do so sometimes. I do see this build, as least for Sting being built up through packages. Personally I’d like that better. Kinda like how WM20 was. Taker’s portion of the build was done through videos with him appearing at WM20. Do you remember that pop he got? That is what I think Sting will get if they keep him off till WM. A match like this to be quite honest does not really need any build, any hype. The anticipation will do that and the realization of it becoming a reality will sell the tickets. All you have to do is say Taker vs Sting and the event will sellout.

    • BillyofMaryland on October 31st, 2013 says:

      Undertaker vs. Sting…First Blood lol. While everyone on both sides of this fantasy match are jumping up ‘n down in anticipation, I doubt it’ll happen. Vince has good business sense “what’s good for business ” right, but I think Sting professionally can’t stand Vince. There’s a reason he’s tried every wrestling venue except WWF/E. We’ll just have to wait and see who Taker’s next victim is. 22-0!

    • REX on October 31st, 2013 says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      No way that is going to ever -ever happen. As Sting( Steve Borden) does not trust
      World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) what so ever and has made that statement and has also made
      a comment that he (Sting) would never trust or wrestle for WWE period because of the un-loyalty of
      the WWE Corporation. Sting in the past had a chance to be come a wrester for the WWE and refused
      to join the organization of the WWE. And his feelings has not changed before even until now present.
      So anybody thinking Undertaker will VS the Sting. They are only dreaming. As this event will never
      ever happen.

    • Anan on October 31st, 2013 says:


      Understand the focus of this article is the possibility of Sting for WM30. I, too think it is Lesnar with Cena being Plan B if for some reason, Lesnar (or Sting) does not work out or if their plans for Lesnar change, which it can. Personally wouldn’t mind seeing Lesnar take on Sheamus in a Battle Of The Powerhouses while Taker adds Cena to his list of victims in a Clash Of The Eras type match between the top faces of two distinctly different eras.

      There’s also the hope that despite being slim as of this point in time, Jericho will challenge Te Streak. What better time for Jericho to challenge it than at WM30? I wouldn’t mind it. As I said though, slim at best as it’s unknown if Jericho will be at WM30 although my instinct tells me he will to elevate yet another talent. You know, I’ve also given thought to Kane. I know people will hate me for saying that but hear me out. One of my theories from RAW is that The Devil that The Wyats refer to is the unmasked Kane who first called himself The Devil’s Favorite Demon in 2020 while he was still unmasked. And I think he is gonna be controlled by The Faction as Stephanie’s monster and during the build to WM30, Taker may end up being the focus of The Faction by using the monster, Kane to end The Streak as it’d be “good for business.” Yes HHH said he didn’t wanna end it as he saw Taker as a brand that’s good for business. But he was not a heel then. They may feel that ending The Streak’s good for business and it’d allow someone to step up and try and take that position and became the type of legend Taker was or come close to it. Obviously no one wil land The Streak won’t end by Kane. But as per storylines, this is one, though probably slim possibility. And if they don’t use him to take out Taker, they’ll use him to take out someone else The Faction focuses on during the build to WM. Who that is is anyone’s guess as it’s such a long time still between now and then. I guess the returning Sheamus could be a possibility for The Faction’s Kane. Of course this is all assuming that Kane is with The Faction which has yet to be proven although RAW suggests that as a possibility. Whether he’s with them or not, I definitely see Kane as The Wyatts’ “Devil” although The Devil could also be as very soon to be debuting NXT’er who’ll be brought up the main roster revealing themself (or themselves) to be The Devil. As I said, anyone’s guess.

      Back to Taker….but I’m not opposed either to Taker vs Lesnar. WWE have brilliantly widened up their options as of late so it’s anyone guess as to what will end up happening at next year’s Show Of Shows.

      WWE will no doubt hype this event like crazy so my hope is that overall, the show lives up to the hype. WM25 sucked. WM20….okay, but not great. IMO, neither lived up to the potential of their historic milestones. Hope WM30 will not suffer the WM25 Effect as I like to call it. If it did, I can imagine Vince and the entire company’s reaction to how bad it was. I doubt they’d wanna go there so they’ll do all they can to avoid that.

    • BillyofMaryland on November 1st, 2013 says:

      Does that mean there will be an Invasion II? It would be wonderful to do that sort of angle again…you’d have Kane vs. Abyss in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage lol, Undertaker and Sting First Blood, and Cena vs. Stiles has the potential of being good too b/c these 2 guys are the respective faces…for good or ill of their organizations.

    • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) on November 2nd, 2013 says:

      I have to wonder if the rumors are true in regards to the future of TNA Wrestling, and if they are, I wonder if Dixie Carter wouldn’t try anything new to pick up the ratings.
      I remember two years ago, Jesse James and Billy Gunn (while still employed with TNA) attempted to do a ‘DX Invasion’ type skit where they were lost on the streets of Hartford, Connecticut looking for the WWE Corporate Headquarters, found it (at the end of the show), but did nothing.
      Fans have been wanting a crossover ‘invasion’ to happen for years, and considering that the ratings might be down for BOTH wrestling companies, both Vince and Dixie are probably meeting right now working something out in terms of…a buyout maybe? I’m sure Vince does want to do the WCW/ECW thing again, any more than he would try to revive the XFL.

      Still, THIS would be a great pay-per-view event card IF they did a ‘Invasion’ (to me)-

      Austin Aries Vs. CM Punk
      Abyss Vs. Kane
      Kurt Angle Vs. Jack Swagger
      The Bromans Vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes
      Gail Kim Vs. AJ Lee
      Aces & Eights (Bully Ray, Nuncy & Bishoff) Vs. The Shield
      Bobby Roode Vs.Randy Orton
      And of course….

      Sting wins, of which he then feels confident enough to challenge Taker at WM30, only to lose.

      Undertaker’s streak goes to 22-0.

    • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) on November 2nd, 2013 says:


      ‘ I’m sure Vince doesn’t want to do the WCW/ECW thing again, any more than he would try to revive the XFL.’

    • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) on November 2nd, 2013 says:

      (another possible match)
      Kurt Angle Vs. John Cena
      Manic Vs. Sin Cara

    • Stacey L on November 3rd, 2013 says:

      I think you guys have been posting way too many rumors recently. I LOVE this site, but you guys post every rumor there is. As a fan, just giving a little feedback.

      Continue the great work guys, besides that. Glad to see this site up and running again.

    • Anan on November 3rd, 2013 says:

      There is no way in hell I can see Taker vs Sting in a First Blood match. Nor should it be IMO, Taker vs HBK were not First Blood matches. There were classic wrestling epics that despite zero blood wil lalways be remembered for what they were – everything that a pure wrestling fan could ask for – dramatic story and facial expressions and an epic, HOF worthy, pure wrestling match. As JR said after the match at WM25, as a fan what more could you ask for? This is what Taker vs Sting needs to be if it is to be remembered IMO. Taker might be up for First Blood. Sting though, very much doubt it. In fact, I’m not sure he ever has. If he did do a First Blood, it was in WCW and that was how long ago? Sting’s a very different man now, both in and out of the ring and Taker’s a different man now too by wrestling matches where he doesn’t have to kill himself for the sake of a match.

      Ed, I agree with your points on Jericho and they mirror why Jericho’s been one of my picks too.

      Invasion….no can’t see it. WM30 will be about WWE’s historic milestone for WM. And that is how it should be. They should be proud and deserve to make that event all about them rather than another failed Invasion deal. Wouldn’t mind seeing another Invasion. What’s that old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” If WWE are looking to buy TNA, this IMO would be the best way ass it mirror what they did with WCW. It just has to be better with the guys being used right unlike the first time. On the other hand WWE has nothing to gain frrom this. Their focus has been on the future anf it should remain that way so that the Kofi Kingstons, the Daniel Bryan’s, the Sheamus’s, etc will allow us to have World Title main events at WM40 when The Streak is no longer around to sell tickets. Jim Ross alluded to this in a recent Q&A on his site:

      rossgraham Asks: Hi Jim. A recurring theme of Wrestlemania has been bringing back big names for a brief period and a large cheque. I’m not against this, as it is obviously a bigger draw, but at what point does WWE run out of Rock’s and Brock Lesnars and finally elevates a deserving talent from the current roster to their main event? I think my fantasy main event would have to be Cena VS Undertaker, permitting Undertaker is good to go.

      J.R.’s Answer:
      Sooner than later WWE won’t have any alumni to bring back that will pop a number at WrestleMania. We are getting close now.

      And while we’re at it, he said this about Taker which I have stated in the past I believe:

      caseypelsinger Asks: JR.. People ask you at least once a week if WM30 will be Taker’s last match. You have said time and again that no one knows. I am curious though, knowing him as well as you do and knowing his health issues.. How many more do you think he has in him? I mean. Assuming both him and Vince wanted to keep it going that long… Are there another 5 or 6 or 10 years in tank?

      J.R.’s Answer:
      No way of knowing. I assume Taker takes it a year at a time.

      That’s smart as he keeps him and The Streak active longer without taking yearly TV/PPV time away from the young and hungry talent who need that time to shine. My point is a WM only Undertaker IMO is best for business. IMO, aside from 2005, 2007, 2008, Taker should have been a WM only guy. it would have made The Undertaker attraction that much more special than it already was/is. I mean, he wasn’t used as effectively as he could have and should have been IMO during 2004 and 2005 because aside from his feud with Orton and his Title shots, taker feuded with Heidenreich, Booker T in a good match with bad buildup, The Dudleyz which wasn’t much of anything as Heyman kept interrupting the match, Hassan who like Heidenreich and Khali, had no business being anywhere near Taker, andin 2006, Khali along with Mark Henry in 2007. I understand they kept him if he wanted to work an/or it helped with ratings so in that sense, it was good, best for business that he was around for more than just WM. Just wish he was used better than he was during this time.

      Back to my point…the best way for any company, WWE or otherwise to have a successful future or any future for that matter would be focusing on the young talent as they are the ones who’ll bring WWE into the future. Taker’s one of a kind and is not replaceable. His legacy’s untouchable. But fact is he doesn’t have a future in this business. Nor does Kane or Big Show who are the only guys from the 90’s still active in the ring full-time, Jericho who comes and goes, Christian who’s injury prone these days so it is best to utilize these names for as long as they are around to help elevate the future so that in 10 years time, WWE can celebrate another milestone – Wrestlemania 40 and continue beyond that. By the time WM40 hits, the Zigglers, The Kingstons, etc will be seasoned enough to help elevate the talent who are in their position and who will hopefully be as young as hungry as Kingston, Ziggler, etc are right now. With all this said, does WWE really have anything to gain from an Invasion whne it;s likely it’ll be a repeat of the first one which did not reach the potential that it had? Talent like Joe, AJ, and other TNA talent that is involved with the Invasion will be held back like WCW talent was or buried like DDP was. That is certainly not good for business.