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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    JR’s Booking For Summerslam And WM32 Concerning Taker

    Great buzz created by the old school, pull a part Monday night on RAW between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker coming off the heels of Taker costing Lesnar the WWE World Title Sunday night at WWE Battleground when the Deadman made a surprising return to the ring.

    The Lesnar-Taker collision will headline Summer Slam in Brooklyn on Sunday August 23 which is the day before WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s 70th birthday.

    Nothing on RAW from Kansas City came close to matching he emotion that the Beast Incarnate and the Phenom created with their physicality that was a throw back to another era but it worked like it was new. What’s old is new in today’s wrestling world by the way and the basic product doesn’t ned to be recreated. I wonder how many fans saw their first major, WWE pull a part ever on Monday night?

    Putting on my booking hat for a moment, I would take the Summer Slam match in a different direction than the predictable Undertaker wins which necessitates a ‘rubber match’ between the two in April 2016 in Texas at Wrestlemania. I suggest that Lesnar win at Summer Slam, perhaps by a bad call by a referee that might even be ‘arranged’ by Paul Heyman, which necessitates Taker disappearing for a few months only to return in vignette form with an bone chilling message. Taker declares that he will have his FINAL match at Wrestlemania Texas and that he wants Lesnar. Taker has to know if it’s simply not meant to be that he can’t beat Lesnar because Taker has always found away to defeat everyone else that he’s ever faced. He challenges Lesnar to be Taker’s ‘career assassin’ and fight the Deadman and essentially put Taker out of his pain and misery, figuratively.

    “My career and my legacy will either live or die in Texas with 100,000 witnesses,” the Deadman would declare.

    @HeymanHustle tries in vain to talk Lesnar out of accepting the challenge knowing full well that Taker’s ‘LAST RIDE’ will be dangerously physical and potentially a career ender for Lesnar too. Lesnar listens to Heyman but eventually and defiantly accepts the challenge saying that Brock owes it to the Undertaker as a man and that Brock, the avid outdoorsman, loves to hunt and harvest ‘big game.’

    Heyman sees his meal ticket being in ultimate jeopardy considering that Undertaker has declared that his career will live or die in Taker’s last match which will be at the biggest WWE Wrestlemania of all time.

    In Taker’s last match, he wins a legit, Slobber Knocker after which, much to the shock and awe of everyone watching, eyes Lesnar, relaxes his expression and either embraces or shakes hands with his toughest foe ever out of respect for the Beast Incarnate who broke “The Streak.” Taker figuratively passes the torch to Lesnar s the toughest animal in WWE which makes Lesnar an even bigger fan favorite.

    I laid out another idea on the new Ross Report Podcast at 9pm ET tonight (Tuesday) for Taker’s retirement match at ‘Mania but this time including the WWE Title and John Cena.

    source: JRsBarBQ

    I respect JR and his opinion and generally love his bookings. But I strongly disagree with taker losing at Summerslam to Lesnar. That’s be the fifth PPV match that Lesnar has beaten Taker in. If I were in charge, I’d finish the Taker-Lesnar rivalry once and for all with a Taker win at Summerslam and have Taker move on to something else because there’s other options for Taker so it’s not like there’s no one left after The Beast. Taker already passed the torch to Brock when Brock broke The Streak. No need for Taker to pass the torch to him again because Lesnar is not the future of WWE. If taker’s going to pass the torch, it should be to someone who’d carry WWE into WM40, possibly past that like Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens just to name a few options. He can also face Cena in a big main event level match between two top guys from different eras or a dream match with Sting. Or he can end the longest story in WWE by defeating Masked Kane in their final encounter.

    Post Discussion
    • tony perry on July 23rd, 2015 says:

      I think if Undertaker should pass the torch to anyone it should be to Roman Reigns, I think roman is the future of wwe,he could be a second generation UnderTaker if the wwe want to go in that direction.but there is only one UNDERTAKER, but I see a little of Taker in Roman.i think John Cena is undoubtly the greatest performer of the current generation but like The UndertaKer he dosnt have to prove any thnk to anyone,it should be someone younger.but the wwe will ALLWAYS be the UNDERTAKERS yard.no offence to anyone its just my opinion is all.GOD bless ling live the DEADMAN.

    • Chris Rivera on July 23rd, 2015 says:

      I think JR is spot on. Undertaker has never had an opponent that took it to him as Brock Lesnar has. Personally not a fan of Lesnar, not for him breaking the streak or anything, but because unless he’s beating up on someone or is doing a job, his matches aren’t that interesting. He loses his stamina way too early in matches. Anyway, Undertaker, despite his age, is one of the few extremely physical wrestlers today, and I think a lifelong career like that should be honored with one hell of a brawl and who better than Lesnar at this point? His last match, in my opinion, shouldn’t be one of a cheesy nature, but one of confrontation, struggle, and force. That is certainly how the SummerSlam match is being promoted as, so why not put the pressure on the Undertaker with a loss? It just makes more sense that way.

      As for the win loss record between the both of them, remember, to most fans, Lesnar is a relatively new thing. Since he’s been out (and still is for most of the year) his absence takes away from the continuity of that aspect. For WWE to keep that in mind, let alone promote it, the entire aspect of the match would seem out of place, from the wrong side of time on both Undertaker’s end and Lesnar’s.

      His last opponent, should this year’s WM be his last, should be the champion, whomever that may be. Taker could win the rumble, or challenge the winner of the rumble for the WM spot. This might happen if Vince wants to make Undertaker the main event at WM. We know Taker doesn’t want the main event to be on him, so that would be a way around it.

      Last thought. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Undertaker at Survivor Series as the man who saves the face team?

    • Etienne on July 23rd, 2015 says:

      @ Anan: yo bud, just letting you know I checked out your survivor series fantasy matches, and gave you my thoughts on the battleground comments

    • Anan on July 23rd, 2015 says:

      @tony perry:

      If Roman can get better, then I’ll agree with you. It’s good in the ring, but is visibly green when it comes to talking. There’s better talkers who are also good in the ring, Ambrose and Rollins being two of them. Rollins is already the top heel so he may not need the push right now. Ambrose could use it though. Luke Harper, Kevin Owens are good candidates too, I think.

      I’ll check em out and reply. Thanks šŸ™‚

    • xxxundertakerxxx on July 24th, 2015 says:

      I love that idea

    • christopher on July 24th, 2015 says:

      I think he’s growing his hair because he’s getting ready to bring back the man from the dark side I think we maybe seeing the Grey or purple gloves the death face n that cold darkness, like Paul bearer Said he will be in the image of wen we first saw him ohhhhhh yessssss.

    • DarkRider on July 24th, 2015 says:

      But the recent update is Undertaker going to compete upcoming 3 matches which will happen in Mexico. Therefore, He should win this SummerSlam

    • Etienne on July 24th, 2015 says:

      @Anan: interesting ideas u had on the battleground comments… I added my thoughts

    • tkr3057 on July 25th, 2015 says:

      Umm….. I believe there is only 4 people that legitimately wooped takers a**
      Kurt angle….
      So yeah brock is honestly the perfect opponent for his last match

    • Anan on July 25th, 2015 says:


      No idea how to do this on the main board, of it’s possible. But I think PM would be a good idea since I’m not here much and you’re hardly here. It’d be easier to PM on the forums though if you happen to not mind heading there.

      Replied to you in the Battleground post.

    • Thy Serpent on July 26th, 2015 says:

      I wouldn’t like to see ‘Taker lose at SS and face Brock again at WM. I’d rather see him beat Brock and face Sting at WM. I actually thought ‘Taker seemed a bit off during his match at WM31. However, he looks much better on his return. He seems more intense, in better shape and was moving around pretty well too. His match with Brock at SS should be a good one.

    • Anan on July 26th, 2015 says:

      “Iā€™d rather see him beat Brock and face Sting at WM.”

      Seems as if now we have three – Etienne, Thy Serpent, and I – in full support of Taker winning at SSlam and facing Sting at WM. Most want Taker to win, but not face Sting.

    • Jack Sparo on July 26th, 2015 says:

      I used to never want Taker to face Sting at WM, but now I’ve become neutral to it. However, I still don’t want him to face Cena at WM, despite Cena having improved his moveset considerably (for him), and definitely not Kane again. I don’t think Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose makes sense, although funnily enough Kevin Owens does make sense to me. Rusev could be an interesting one too…and I hope to G-d it isn’t Sheamus. That’s just my thoughts…

      What do you guys think of Sting interfering with the match at Summerslam to set up Taker vs Sting at Survivor Series/WM?

    • Thy Serpent on July 27th, 2015 says:

      @Jack. Agree with everything you said regarding ‘Taker’s opponents except about Kevin Owens. It would be nice to see Sting appear and not interfere in ‘Taker vs Brock at SS mainly because if he does interfere, it could cost Undertaker the match and he loses to Brock again. I’d rather Sting appears after the match with a strong message challenging The Undertaker. Maybe attack him or just have a stare down.

      @Tony & Anan – I too feel Roman Reigns, can be a good opponent. He’s good in the ring. They need to make him look more stronger and talk less on the mic. šŸ˜‰

      Would like to add one more thing. As per JR’s thoughts on Brock vs ‘Taker – ‘Taker losing to Brock and meeting him again at WM, there are a couple of things.

      1) There is no need for making it seem like Brock is impossible to beat by making ‘Taker lose yet another match against him. They have faced each other enough for the fact to be highlighted that ‘Taker has never been able to beat Brock in a one on one match. He’s even broken the streak ! If they have to make use of this for a build up, they can do it for SS rather than have him lose and face Brock again at WM.

      2) He has stated ‘Taker’s last match’. There is an unofficial tradition of wrestlers losing their last match. ‘Taker is old school, so he may want it that way. So, if WM32 is indeed his last match, he may lose to Brock . Besides, I think the idea of having a rubber match between the two has less or no appeal.

      Bottom line – I would like SS to be the last time these two meet in a match and have ‘Taker wrestle someone else at WM32 hopefully winning both matches.

    • Anan on July 27th, 2015 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      Fair points.I especially agree with the Bottom line portion. I’ve been saying the same thing. SSlam should be it for them. Taker should win, rivalry over, both move on. If Taker loses, it’ll give Heyman even more to brag about and we’ve seen that which over 15 months has initiated the build for their match at SSlam.

      Roman Reigns….Austin’s said he’s still green in the ring. I trust him because there’s no reason not to. He’s a HOF’er, accomplished veteran with years of ring experience. The only way to improve his mic skills, which he needs is to have him talk more. Not necessarily on TV yet until he improves more, but he needs to go to the PC’s promo classes first. Taker won’t wrestle anymore on TV at this stage, at least I can’t see that. SO he’ll do what he’s done since 2011 to build to his matches – cut promos. Sooner or later, Reigns would need to verbally interact with him. But it won’t be a good idea until he improves his mic skills. I’m not totally against the match, but feel there’s other opponents for Taker’s final encounter.

      Yes, I believe Taker will follow the old school tradition of losing his last match. I believe he’ll request to lose to someone WWE views a long term future, someone who can boost their careers to the top or near there by defeating Taker. Reigns doesn’t need that rub because he’s already at the top. He lost at WM, sure. But he closed the show, broke Kane’s Rumble record,won The Rumble the following year, has had more than one World Title shot, clearly WWE’s behind him.