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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Taker vs Lesnar – HIAC 2015 Results

    – We see the Cell being lowered around the ring as Cole sends us to a video package.

    Hell In a Cell: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

    We come back to the Cell and out comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman for tonight’s main event. Lilian does the introductions. The Undertaker is out next with his grand entrance.

    Taker enters the Cell and the door is locked. They stare each other down and the crowd pops as Taker’s music stops. They meet in the middle of the Cell and lock eyes. Lesnar smiles and then gets serious. Taker cuts his own throat but Lesnar laughs at him. The bell rings for these two for the last time and they size each other up. We get dueling chants. Taker with right hands. Lesnar with a knee to the gut and shots to the ribs. Lesnar with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Taker sends Lesnar into the corner and hits a clothesline. Taker with more shots in the corner. Lesnar turns it around with a knee in the corner. Lesnar goes for the first suplex but Taker sends him flying out of the ring.

    Taker follows and Lesnar sends him into the steel. Taker blocks a F5 and sends Lesnar into the ring post but Lesnar gets his hand up and stops his head from hitting the post, or so it appeared as Lesnar is now bleeding from the top of his head. Taker sends Lesnar back into the steel and works him over. Lesnar fights back but Taker takes control as Lesnar’s face is covered in blood. Heyman looks on as Lesnar slams Taker out of nowhere. Lesnar grabs a steel chair and smacks Taker over the back with it. Taker with more chair shots before collapsing in the corner. A trainer comes in to check on Lesnar and clean his face as fans boo.

    Lesnar gets back up and they go to the floor. Lesnar with big chair shots to the face and head. Lesnar chokes Taker up against the steel with his boot. Lesnar whips Taker hard into the steel. Lesnar drops his gloves and goes bare fist now. Taker blocks a suplex on the floor and hits one of his own. Taker brings it back in the ring and drops Lesnar’s throat into the top of a steel chair. Taker with elbows to Lesnar’s forehead where the cut is. Lesnar ducks a clothesline and hits the first German suplex. Taker gets up and Lesnar hits another.

    Lesnar with a third suplex. Lesnar waits for Taker and hits a F5 but Taker still kicks out at 2. The doctor comes back in to check on Lesnar but Lesnar sends him flying. Lesnar with another F5 on Taker for a 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome” as Heyman screams orders. Lesnar throws part of the steel steps into the ring. Taker gets up and Lesnar nails him with the steps for another 2 count. Lesnar goes to slam the steel steps down onto Taker but he rolls out of the way. Lesnar smiles and goes to slam the steps again but Taker kicks them back. The steps hit Lesnar’s head and both men are down now.

    Taker catches Lesnar in Hell’s Gate as Heyman throws a fit. Lesnar eventually fights out of the hold and pounds away on Taker. Lesnar snaps, pummels Taker and beats him up on the mat. Lesnar rips the canvas open and pulls the padding up as Taker sits up straight. Lesnar has exposed the boards under the ring. Taker grabs him and nails a chokeslam on the exposed ring. Taker slowly stands up as fans chant “this is awesome” again. Lesnar stumbles to his feet and Taker nails a Tombstone on the exposed boards. Lesnar stills kicks out at 2 for a big pop as Taker can’t believe it.

    Lesnar sits up on his knees and is wobbly. Taker stands and cuts his throat. Lesnar responds with a nasty low blow and Taker goes down. Lesnar laughs and nails a F5 on the boards for the win.

    Winner: Brock Lesnar

    – After the match, we go to replays as Lesnar gets to his feet. Taker is tying to recover on the mat. Lesnar stumbles out of the ring and is helped up the ramp by Heyman. Lesnar stares back at the ring and falls at the bottom of the ramp. Lesnar gets back up and leaves on his own while Taker is still down. Fans clap as Taker tries to sit up but can’t. Taker finally sits up and slowly gets to his feet as a “thank you Taker” chant starts. Taker gets another big pop and finally stands straight up on his own. Taker goes to do his pose but the graphics hit and out comes The Wyatt Family – Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The lights come on and Taker waits as they surround the ring. The Wyatts hit the ring and beat Taker down as fans boo. Braun unloads with knees as Harper and Rowan stomp. Wyatt barks orders. They hold Taker up as Wyatt stands in front of him. Wyatt says something and nails Taker a few times. Taker hits the mat and Wyatt stomps. Braun, Harper and Rowan carry Taker away from the ring as Hell In a Cell goes off the air.

    source: WrestlingINC

    Post Discussion
    • Shehzad on October 26th, 2015 says:

      We all wanted a win for Taker, but it’s Vince’s business, he is a greedy money maker. He wants to secure the future of the company. The Undertaker entered first ever HIAC match 18 years ago and still he is the best as JBL said during the Undertaker’s entrance “When talking about respect two people stand top of everybody, Andre the Giant & that man right there The Undertaker, I personally think he the greatest of all time”

    • HTM on October 26th, 2015 says:

      I wanted Undertaker to win this particular match.


    • Thy Serpent on October 26th, 2015 says:

      It may have been a good match. But, glad I didn’t watch it. Pretty much what I expected. Yeah, Lesnar low blowed ‘Taker. But so what? A win is a win.

    • bambam on October 26th, 2015 says:

      another massive dissappoinment about the results.taker looked like chump.then got taken out by wyatts? vince is killing off taker.like he killed sting character.after 16 years of watching taker this is all it came to? its sad and not worth watching this

    • The Grim Reaper 05 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Seriously 2 hell in cell victory for Lesnar over Taker I’m glad I didn’t watch the match What a BS

    • BillyofMaryland on October 26th, 2015 says:

      First, this is what you call a “unexpected twist” in the entertainment business. Its bound to get people interested, and talking, and just because Taker once again “put over” Lesnar, doesn’t diminish his character any, or his legacy as the Phenom. With this feud with Lesnar now concluded, it would seem that the Feud with Wyatt continues. Its no surprise since Undertaker wrestled Wyatt’s father back in the day, and he’s kind of showing a second-generation superstar the ropes.

    • yousif on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Today was my final day watching wrestling ..
      I am 34 . Following taker 25 years. .

      I leave wretling forever
      I feel so sad today I cudnt go to work either

    • yousif on October 26th, 2015 says:

      I have no intrest in watching taker against any other than brock at this stage only a a clean win over brock will end his respectful career

    • Thy Serpent on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Ok, this post might be a little long. This is my take. Undertaker is just following tradition. Over the years, it has been seen that after a certain point in their career, wrestlers start to put others over. Look at Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Sting, Bob Backlund, a few more and now it is The Undertaker’s turn. Going forward, we may see fewer Undertaker victories. Excuse me for bringing up the Warrior’s name again. But am I the only one who sees similarities between him and Brock? Both great physiques, both physically dominant, both being given a massive push at the cost of legends / big stars. In Warriors case – Andre The Giant, Honky Tonk Man, Hulk Hogan. Brock – Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Big Show and now The Undertaker. Both left at their peak only to return and be given the push again. And for both, it was more about getting paid and having an invincible image. In self destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, Ted Dibiase said about the Andre – Warrior feud that he understood that from a business point of view, but personally, it made him sick cause he knew the Warrior wouldn’t appreciate it. I feel the same about the Brock – ‘Taker feud. What Andre did for the Warrior is what ‘Taker did for Brock – that is putting him over multiple times. Coincidentally JBL mentioned Andre and ‘Taker in the same breath during the match. I don’t think Brock will really appreciate what ‘Taker did for him since I don’t think he really cares about the business. I would be very surprised if he lasts more than 5 yrs in the WWE and leaves by putting over some guy. He probably will leave as someone who had a very low loss percentage and would walk out before he jobs to someone when it is required. He might feel it will tarnish his image. This is just my personal opinion.

    • Gareth Thyer on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Well guess I got 3 out of 3, I wrote on here a week or so ago that..
      1. Brock would win via Lowblow
      2. Taker would give Brock some recognition
      3. And we’d have some sort of appearance by Braun Strowman
      Piss poor ending to the PPV… I don’t want to see him feud with the Wyatts again

    • dhanish on October 26th, 2015 says:

      i still see the undertaker vs brock happening at WM 32,this time it will brock challenging taker for final showdown

    • Mike b on October 26th, 2015 says:

      That sucks, yea does feel like Vince killing off he’s legacy. He was force but when he try’s be force he gets over ruled by Brock and after the match taker seems alive.. To bad if taker not up to he’s conditions then taker shouldn’t be wrestling anymore. But I guess Vince sees this is a good way cash in and kill taker legacy okaying him wrestle whatever taker he’s left in he’s gas tank.. Sucks but whatever. Glad I don’t watch taker matcha anymore

    • Taker's # 1 fan on October 26th, 2015 says:

      To hell with WWE (since last Wrestlemania anyways). Off to watch Ronda Rousey in UFC.

    • Dave74 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      What this match really needed was a Taker victory – 1,2,3. lt needed that for his summer return to be credible. l am genuinely very surprised they let Lesnar win again. The whole point of Taker returning was to avenge WM30. Taker should have won a pin win at Summerslam then move on, but l’m sorry, it all fell flat on it’s face.

    • Dave74 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      l’ve been a huge fan of Taker since Survivor Series 1990, and l must admit l am a fan of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar sells and his moves are brutal and l think the WWE do need him because it is very weak on Superstars and potential Champions at the moment, and Rollins really sucks and is so annoying. But Taker should have won this match. lf he is going to feud with the Wyatts fine, but he should have won this match first. Lesnar has years left, can feud with anyone and shall always sell PPV’s. A shambolic ending to a poor PPV, and a clear example that WWE is rapidly in decline. POOR!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Petrick on October 26th, 2015 says:

      To Everyone:

      Like I said in my previous posts, it’s ridiculous how the Undertaker is being forced to lose because Vince McMahon wants him too or give someone a win, it’s totally ridiculous. You shouldn’t be forced at all. And, this was supposed to be about Undertaker getting revenge on Brock Lesnar. There is no point of Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker in this Chapter because he already beat his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 31. What else does he want, the whole pie and then some? Come on, it’s a joke and ridiculous.

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      I don’t know what you guys were watching? I thought it was a great match! Undertaker looked strong and both guys had blood going, hard chair shots and high impact spots. The Undertaker and Brock showed HIAC done right! Best match of their feud IMHO. UNdertaker looked strong in defeat. Brock low blowed him. Proving karma is a bitch lol Brock will go on to main event. Taker will be feuding with the Wyatts. That means more Taler!! So what if he lost. Brock is Beast. This was about Brock not Undertaker. Undertaker’s legacy is built.
      At this point, to this generation, Brock is a bigger draw. He puts butts in seats and has 3 years left on his contract. It’s all about building Brock to put over the young guy that finally beats him. All of you thinking Vince forced Undertaker??! Undertaker is owned by Vince. Vince created the character, he owns it. Undertaker works for Vince. He is a employee that does what he is told by the boss. That’s how having a boss works.the boss tells you what to do and you do it. Vince owns WWE, not Mark Callaway. If Taker won all the Time he would be boring like Cena. Just my opinions guys. I enjoyed the match and the new feud starting. It all equals out to more Undertaker storylines going forward. After all this time I don’t have to wait for one match a year. I’m not going to complain.

    • Asit on October 26th, 2015 says:

      The whole effort of WWE seems to be wasted.Comeon,the undertaker appeared much dominant in the match than Lesnar.Moreover,the energy level at the last for two was much in favour of the undertaker winning.Its the credit to the Undertaker that he at this age of 50 made opponents like Lesnar so helpless that he had to use low blow.Shame on Lesnar….such a looser………..I am proud to say that undertaker still rules and how many people have pushed Lesnar to this level……..Lesnar,get staples on your head junior and take rest at home…………..But WWE really sucks for what they decided for the finish of the match……………………Lesnar you are such a cheap guy that you are ready to execute a low blow but you want a win ….Grow up you Son of a Bitch…………..

    • Mountain on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Hi! Posted here severals years ago. I am Undertaker fan and not Lesnar fan.

      Anyway what I want to say is Brock Lesnar is important to WWE business and Undertaker is old. I want to say is Taker och Lesnar should ended their feud in Summerslam and there should Taker get a clean win. But as Vince did now wasnt that good. But in way feud ended then Taker should still get a clean win in Summerslam then in Hell in a Cell let Lesnar win to then move on to become Champion again.

      Instead right now I hope Taker win Royal Rumble and challenge Brock Lesnar which is the champ at Wrestlemania. That is what I hope at the moment.

      If anyone wonder I did stop watching wrestling when streak was broken by Lesnar. Then I have only read if Taker win or not.

    • luis on October 26th, 2015 says:

      I feel that Taker just got screwed by the need of attention and the need of rating that Vince is looking for. Just look at you facebook feeds and you will see pages like Rolling stones, Cinema blend and other pages that aren’t wrestling oriented giving results and showing ” Lesnar Beats Taker”. This is how they build Lesnar, as a guy to connect to non wrestling fans to watch the show. I like the match I wanted Taker to win, if I was the writer I would had choose the Wyatt Family to come out early and stand outside the cell making Taker distracted to the low blow and the F5, also Lesnar relied on a Low blow to beat taker. One thing I notice was Taker pointing his finger to Lesnar as Lesnar leaves, that finger point was like ” remember who put you were you are” Lesnar was already a star but it was this feud with Taker that gave him this over the top status.

    • Anan on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      It’s highly likely Taker’s victories will be few. If you ask me, they’ll only happen when it makes sense. But those victories won’t come without his opponent have a good solid performance and taking him to his limit as far as they can. Look at WM21 against Orton, WM23 and WM24 against Edge and Batista respectively. Taker won those matches, but he looked spent, exhausted after those matches and it took him a while to get to his feet due to be taken to his limit by his opponents. At WM24, he appeared to be hurting or writing in pain a little bit as he was holding the World Title and it seemed as if he was hurting throughout the match since his back or ribs hit the apron after he hit a running knee on Edge in the corner.

      Taker will definitely still need to attain some victories for the purposes of keeping his character as the dominant force it’s known to be and for the feel good moment for the fans. And when I say those victories will only happen when it makes sense, I mean at events like Summerslam which in the record books goes down as a Taker win, Survivor Series as the theme for it this year in his 25th anniversary, or WM where a Taker win’s guaranteed, even at WM30 despite the loss because no one watching expected him to lose after 21 consecutive WM victories. if he loses at WM again, whatever WM that ends up being, it will be when his final match is to whoever his final opponent is. Till then, I don’t see him losing at WM again. And think of what that’ll do for the opponent who gives him his 2nd WM loss, to beat him after how many WM wins in his career. That’s what I personally think.

      @Bork laser:

      Mostly agree. Just don’t believe anyone, not even Cena can top Taker’s drawing power regardless of what generation we are in. Here’s a legend who’s survived multiple eras/generations as a top main event level star with drawing power second to none, all without the use of politics while surviving politics in an industry where politics are used a lot to further one’s own career. Taker has always put the business ahead of himself and has put his faith, trust and loyalty to Vince so if Vince feels Taker losing to whoever whenever is best, Taker will go along whether he likes the decision or not without any dispute. If anything, WM30 should have proven that. The Streak was his greatest accomplishment from an active wrestling career standpoint. And because Vince felt it was best for Lesnar to end it, Taker let his greatest accomplishment suffer one loss. He still has 21 wins, more than anyone will probably ever come close to at WM IMHO. No matter how many WM losses he has, that can’t be erased or taken from him. I don’t believe he’ll be active much longer to lose at WM 2o more times. Like I said to Thy Serpent, if he has a 2nd WM loss, it will be to whoever his final opponent is and no I don’t think WM32 will be his last like people speculate. JR, who correctly predicted Taker/Lesnar stating he sees Lesnar winning stated he doesn’t believe WM32 will be Taker’s last match and will be shocked of Taker retires in 2016 because of the great shape he’s in, the fact that he is over his injuries and surgeries and because in the last recent talk JR and Taker had, retirement did not come up.

    • yousif on October 26th, 2015 says:

      The truth is .. undertaker got insulted during this feud
      He failed to take revenge
      Revenge of loosing the most important thing which. His streak
      Brock showed middle finger to him
      Hyman said what ever came out of his mouth to taker with zero respect and he said it zero respect
      And Brock taught taker a lesson.. not to hit a low blow again .. by doing the same and winning a clean victory AGAIN. That’s insult .. taker got owned by brock.

      the truth is undertaker lost badly . But that’s OK. The main thing is he got insulted

      And I can’t stand this nonsense wwe did to him. that’s why I am leaving wrestling thing for eveeeerrrr

      Taker was wrestling for me

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      I agree with you. Undertaker is a legend. Nothing can tarnish him at this point. He is a loyal employee. He is truly selfless. You hear a lot of stories about Hogan and Austin refusing to do jobs and put guys over. Thinking that they are bigger stars than the business. That’s not the case with Taker. He puts his faith in the business and puts the company before his own interests in his character. I truly respect that. He came back for a great summer/Fall rivalry and now he will continue to be in storylines even more. I thought he looked and moved great during the match. I was on the edge of my seat. Undertaker looked strong in defeat. Brock had to go to great lengths to put Taker away. That shows how strong Undertaker is. Nobody can take Lesnar to the limit like Taker.

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Undertaker losing clean did not hurt him here. He normally never loses clean. The character has always been protected. He is a selfless worker. He is loyal. To all of you who say you don’t want to watch anymore? Sucks for you because Undertaker is wrestling more this year than he has in the past 5 years. You’re missing out. A loss for Undertaker is a rare occurrence. Nothing to worry about. Even Superman loses sometimes. It’s what keeps it from getting stale and predictable. The man loves this business. He is playing his part in the story of building the next face of the company. Whoever puts Lesnar down in the end will be that much more credible because of Undertakes selfless sacrifice during this feud. He used his legend status to put over the new monster. A new young hero will rise to slay that monster. The circle of life.

    • Anan on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @Bork laser:

      To add to your points, both of which I agree with, I wanted to share a few things with you that I stated in another post:

      @Thy Serpent:
      I don’t know whether i agree with that or not, keep going back n forth on it. But at the moment, my mindset is currently on:
      1. The feud began when Taker returned at Battleground and cost Lesnar the World Title. The point of the feud from a storyline standpoint? For Taker to get revenge on Lesnar for WM30.
      2. But here’s 2 things no one’s really brought up as far as I know
      a) Taker avenged his loss by costing Lesnar the World Title which he had won. Had it not been for Taker, Lesnar would probably be Champion right now.
      b) Taker, albeit controversial fashion got a win over Lesnar at Summerslam so as it relates to the current trilogy feud, they were tied heading into HIAC. WM30, Lesnar won cleanly. HIAC, Taker won, though controversially. However a win’s a win, clean or not and the history books will say Taker won at Summerslam.
      HIAC, Taker lost. But lost in strong fashion meaning the loss did not “weaken” him. Smart logical booking by WWE there. Look at all The Beast Incarnate had wobbly knees and look at all The Beast had to do just to win – 3 F5’s, one on the exposed board under the ring, a board Lesnar exposed perhaps out of desperation, plus a low blow. All that just to defeat a battle tested 50 year old HIAC veteran and legendary Phenom. Lesnar would not have to resort to all that to defeat anyone else at HIAC. Lesnar may have won, but IF, big IF anyone looked “weak” in that match, it was the winner, Brock Lesnar. Also nice job by WWE to begin the build to Taker’s next match at HIAC right after his match ended. Glad it didn’t happen during the match. I was wrong on Strowman and saying Taker would win, but correct when stating no interference would happen during the match. And when someone stated they could see Sting cost Taker the match to set up WM32, I said don’t see it and was right there too. Not bragging here, just saying facts.
      If it’s a Taker win over Lesnar that you want and you don’t care whether it’s clean or not, then Taker already got it at Summerslam. Sure it was a controversial win. But a win is a win and the record books will forever say Summerslam ended with a Taker victory. So Heyman and Lesnar can no longer say the only man Taker has never defeated is Brock Lesnar.
      It’s also important to say that when Heyamn said Taker’s beaten everyone except for Brock Lesnar, he was speaking about PPV. Because when you consider TV matches, then Taker’s beat Lesnar twice. The first, he pinned Lesnar in a triple threat match involving Big Show on Smackdown in 2003 to become #1 Contender to the WWE Title. The second, he pinned Lesnar in a handicap match where Big Show was Lesnar’s partner in order to decide the opponent and match for Survivor Series 2003 in which he chose to face Vince in a Buried Alive match.

      Now here’s a few things to consider and please take note that I am just speculating a few possible scenarios in which maybe one of the following or two of the following will happen.

      Regardless of what happens at Survivor Series, either:
      1. Taker and Kane vs two Wyatt members at TLC in a standard of gimmick tag match. If it’s a gimmick match, I see it being No Holds Barred. Tables, Ladders, Chairs, TLC just doesn’t fit this match IMHO because Taker, Kane nor any Wyatt member, though they may have competed in these matches once or twice aren’t really experts in it.
      2. Taker vs Bray Wyatt in either a standard or gimmick match. If it’s a gimmick match, it could be No Holds Barred, maybe return of the Casket match (don’t remember the last time I saw this match, maybe WM22?) or a Chairs match.
      3. Whether or not either one of those scenarios happen or don’t happen, I think this current Taker/Wyatt feud will culminate with another clean Taker win over Bray Wyatt at WM32. Of all the Wyatt Family, Bray’s the only credible one to face Taker despite the fact that Taker defeated him at WM31. Erick Rowan just returned so he needs to get on a solid roll. Strowman’s still pretty green. Harper hasn’t gone past midcard status yet and just returned at HIAC after a short time off. I know some will say Bray should defeat Taker at WM32 because Taker won at WM31. But WM32’s in Texas. I don’t think Taker’s fellow Texans (he will have the homestate advantage that night) will be happy of Taker lost. Plus Taker deserves to win at WM after his unselfish sacrifice in putting Brock Lesnar over yet again. There’s also the possibility that sometime between now and WM32, Taker will lose to Bray making it a tie, one win a piece for both with WM being the tie breaker.

      It’s interesting to me how in a PG era we still see Steel Cage, Elimination Chamber, Ladder, TLC and HIAC, all of which have high risk of blood and we haven’t in the longest time seen a Casket match. But if Taker vs Wyatt is indeed a gimmick match, I see No Holds Barred or Chairs match more likely. Taker last competed at the TLC PPV in 2009 in a Chairs match defending the WHC against Batista.

      Speaking of the Chairs match, I think it has one of the most ridiculous set of rules to it LOL. In a Ladder match, a Table match, or a TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) match, you can use a low blow or any foreign object and not get DQ’ed. Yet in a Chairs match, only Chairs are the only weapon of legal use, no other foreign object, no low blow. I believe if I am not mistaken, in the Taker/Batista match, Batista low blowed Taker and got DQed? Haven’t seen the match since. Teddy Long came out, continued or restarted the match which Taker eventually won with a Tombstone.

      Hate to throw in a complain here. But the way they’ve booked Taker just shows WWE’s inconsistency. Now I don’t believe Taker vs Lesnar should happen at WM32 in a HIAC or any other match. But WWE went from Taker vs Lesnar to Taker vs Wyatt, then back to Taker vs Lesnar and now back to Taker/Wyatt. I wish they’d focus and finish one completely, then move on to another.

    • The Mummy Man on October 26th, 2015 says:

      “1. To the fans who bitch abt ‘a 50yr old man shouldn’t beat a 30yr old beast,thats not real’ – get ur facts straight. This is pro wrestling. If u want REAL* go watch UFC. ”

      Pro Wrestling is real. WWE is scripted. You’re saying two entirely different things and you’re wrong on both. So get your facts straight.

      1. WWE’s biggest draws are some of the most credible wrestlers in the world(not including John Cena for obvious reasons). Undertaker is one of those people. The Undertaker has always been a draw because of his in ring talents. His mystique and methodical presence are just some of the benefits.

      2. The Undertaker, despite being 50 years old, can still bring realism and credibility to WWE’s toughest draws. That’s a huge accomplishment for a man that’s been in wrestling for this long and is as old as he is, unlike some other wrestlers like Hogan. Who would still win matches against credible stars after being way past his prime.

      “ffs does anybody rmmbr No Mercy 1999?an almost 100yrs old May Young beats Ivory ffs. Does it look real to u? HELL NO. but the story sells. &thats what wrestling is abt. selling a story thru a match. ”

      Was this a main event HIAC big draw match? No. So please stop. There was nothing credible about that match other than it being there for our entertainment. Mae Young(Not May Young) was a tough lady that had a lot of heart, and she was very entertaining whenever she came to the ring(not to mention took some great bumps), but lets be serious. She wasn’t a credible wrestler of the Undertaker or Brock Lesnar’s caliber and for you to compare their very different accomplishments in the WWE is very disrespectful to both their legacies.

      “The story behind Undertaker returning, was to get revenge. end of story. &He by all rights, should get his revenge. but Its funny how some fans&the writers as well, trying hard to make wrestling to look like its real. its not. imo this storyline was meaningless. we all thought at some point Undertaker gonna get his revenge, THAT 1 SIMPLE CLEAN VICTORY over Lesnar. But no. all we get is just another replay of 2002.”

      No, that’s what you wanted the story to be. The Undertaker originally came back to settle the score with Lesnar and Heyman’s gloating(watch his promo on Raw after Battleground), not to get revenge for losing the match at mania. He wanted a win over Lesnar to shut him up(which he got at Summerslam), he also wanted to prove he was still a credible in-ring competitor(which he is). Since Taker’s return, Heyman and Lesnar made a big deal out of Taker using the “desperate low blow” to get over on Lesnar in all of their bouts. But if you paid any attention to his fight with Lesnar in the Cell, Taker didn’t use a single low blow. It was Lesnar who got desperate and low blowed the Undertaker to pull out a win in this one. So again, Lesnar only proved him right. Why is it ok for Lesnar to lose a match with a low blow and still look strong, but not the Undertaker? Something to think about before considering what Taker’s done these past months a failure(or nothing).

      I won’t comment on any of the other stuff that you said other than the Torch passing. It’s within Taker’s right to pass whatever torches he sees fit. Not yours. You make yourself look selfish by making it all about you. It isn’t. Sometimes people do things for the best interest of others, and its as I said. The Undertaker has NOTHING left to prove to anyone. He’s seen the best, he’s fought the best and he’s beaten the best. He is a living legend with a legacy that will last forever within the WWE. His loss at HIAC means nothing, unlike what it would’ve meant for Lesnar. Putting it in his/Lesnar and WWE’s perspective makes it clear why it happened that way.

      Get over it!

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Honestly I think(hope) this feud with the Wyatts ends after or before the royal Rumble. I love seeing Taker work with young talent. Bray Wyatt comes from a wrestling family background. He will truly appreciate working with Taker. Taker is a mentor to the young guys and he could really help Bray develop his character. And a strong feud with Taker will make Bray and the Wyatts look dangerous. WM 31 just seemed like it was rushed or forced to me. The reason I hope it doesn’t go past the rumble is because I really want to see Cena vs Taker.
      That is a WM match! Undertaker has never faced Cena in a high profile match up. Yes I remeber whatever B level PPV they did back in 2002. A lot has changed since that time. Back then Undertake was a biker and Cena was a white rapper would hadn’t won a title yet. ALOT has changed since that time. Cena is a 15 time champion, this is a mountain for Taker to climb. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @ Mummy Man
      Well said. I agree with you 100%
      Some fans can’t see the bigger picture.

    • deadman07 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      “i still see the undertaker vs brock happening at WM 32,this time it will brock challenging taker for final showdown.”

      Only this can led me watch wwe again otherwise I am done.

    • deadman07 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      If cena vs rock can happen twice in a lifetime then taker vs brock 4 can happen at WM 32. I guess brock will win the title at SS and Taker wins the rumble and challenge brock for the title for their final show down.

    • deadman07 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      If this would be their final showdown then Brock would have won clean and both would shake hands. This mega rivalry can’t end like this…

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Undertaker fans
      Brock Fans
      Wrestling fans
      Who do you try and make happy???!
      This is WWE not the Undertaker wrestling show lol
      Can’t win them all

    • deadman07 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @Bork laser just mark my words with date and time Brock Lesnar will Rest in Peace at WM 32

    • The Mummy Man on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @Zep said: “Whatever it was we were expecting/speculating – different people handle this shit differently. So just because someone being sad, or rant doesn’t mean that gives you the right to judge them&label them as selfish or whatever. Some may have traveled half way across the world to watch that ppv live&then all they got was a let down. Talk about ‘seeing the bigger picture’ – try to put yourself in their shoes for once.”

      I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. In fact I find it funny that you call me out when he was the one who disrespectfully called out fans for thinking otherwise of what he thought, and was speaking “matter of factually” about it as well. I wanted to enlighten him/her that their viewpoints could be challenged, no matter how true they may think that it is. There is a way to rant and be upset about something without being rude or disrespectful to others. He/she didn’t do that.

      “&IMO we fans hv rights to brag, we fans hv the rights to rant, voicing out how we are feeling. if not towards WWE face to face, then here – online. Anything to help us get through the bad times. Regardless how childish others percieve it to be. We are the ones spending our hard earned money (unless you all already work, you won’t know the feeling – if you’re just a kid stuck in your mom’s basement,well…i don’t know what to say) to buy the merch, to buy the ppv/subs to the network, going to ppvs&travel.

      Maybe a few of you here can deal with HIAC. But i bet there are millions around the world who expects Undertaker to get his revenge on Lesnar, the night he cost Lesnar the title. &By revenge i mean in the old fashion way. Not just some cheap ass victory or costing someone the match – a dominating clean win.
      We have just as much right to be satisfied with the results as you don’t with them.”

      How arrogant of you to suggest that only a few people disagree with you and that a majority here on a fansite should indicate the truth of a matter. There were just as many people that paid to see Lesnar destroy the Undertaker as there were that paid for Undertaker to do the same, so why should they be overlooked for you? They work and pay their hard earned money just as much as you did. So this makes no sense at all.

      At the end of the day, who wins shouldn’t be decided by who paid the most or who’s feelings gets hurt the most. It should be based on what’s best for the business and who could gain more by winning or losing. Someone has to lose and that’s bread of butter. That’s why it’s scripted afterall… The Undertaker has been on top for decades, he doesn’t have anything to gain or lose by defeating Lesnar. He’s just the next big thing that Taker’s dealt with for a quarter of a century. Lesnar is the current most dominate star that propelled to dominance by Taker’s own work. He has everything to lose to an Undertaker that is closing in on retirement. There is nothing wrong with accepting that while also being disappointed that Taker didn’t come out on top. In my opinion, he did come out on top for various reasons I’ve already addressed.

      You can be disappointed with the results. I don’t take issue with that, what I do take issue in is fans thinking they can disrespect others that don’t agree with them or think that they have the right to pick and choose who Taker gets to pass his legacy on to, or for that matter, be able to beat(even over Taker himself). Yes, we’ve supported him throughout the years and paid the money out of our pockets, but we aren’t the only fans that have. There are a variety of fanbases and people that watch the show for other reasons and for other characters. That’s an indisputable fact. Some fans just don’t understand the concept of business. This wasn’t just about Taker’s legacy. This was about the business. They haven’t been doing great in ratings, and Taker being there has helped that.

      We have to remember that this is his legacy, not ours. You don’t have to support Lesnar or Taker if you don’t want to, but it’s Taker’s decision at the end of the day. No one promised you a fairy-tail ending or a victory. You paid to see a quality match between two individuals and that’s what you got. If you can’t accept that then you shouldn’t be watching WWE in the first place.

      “In the words of Triple H “These kids go online, pretend to know the ins&outs of this business – but in reality; THEY’RE JUST FANS – they don’t know a damn thing”

      And yet, he and others behind the curtain are the ones making all of the decisions that you don’t agree with. Seems to me like this relates more to the ones that have taken issue with the results as opposed to the ones who understand it. Something to remember.

    • deadman07 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Bork cheater laser win over taker at HIAC is tainted just like his moron fans

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Wow that escalated quickly lmao

    • deadman07 on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Brock is actually a Taker guy who needs taker’s help throughout his career…such a pussy he is…

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Undertaker looked strong as hell last night! Why do you think he looks weak? He is the only superstar on the roster that has been shown to do damage on Lesnar.
      Cena is the face of the company and he got demolished at Summer Slam! And Night of Champions and he came up short in the triple threat at the Royal Rumble. Did not hurt Cena at all!
      Seth is the Champion right now and he got destroyed by Lesnar!!! No offense at all.
      Undertaker took Brock to the limit. Brock had to get desperate to win. I thought it was a good story.
      Not trying to disrespect anyone or pretend to be a expert. Just my opinions

    • The Mummy Man on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Lol at whoever used my username. Pretty much that minus the swearing. :p

      @The Finn said: “i love how fans here trying to convince one another to believe what they believe, to see things from their view, try to show how well-educated&understanding they are about wrestling&undertaker, try to convince that they are right& the other person is wrong, &try to impress a stranger online who’s not even using his/her real name
      4+1=5 too
      if everybody thinks the same, what’s the point of us having 1 brain each”

      That’s a nice little analogy, here’s another:

      2+2 doesn’t = 5 and neither does 4+2… Facts can’t be disputed, no matter matter how much you may not like them.

      and FYI: I’m not trying to convince anyone here of anything. I was stating facts and sharing my opinion. You don’t have to accept my opinion, but the facts that I pointed out here do in [fact] make some of what these posters here have said wrong…

      Good day.

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @ Bork laser guy
      You should probably find something else to do with your life lol

    • Anan on October 26th, 2015 says:

      @Bork laser:

      The B PPV you refer to where Taker fought John Cena was Vengeance in 2003. It was a Smackdown Only PPV in an era where WWE held Brand Only PPV’s. Aside from the big Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, Summerslam and WM, every other PPV of the year was a Brand Exclusive show.

      Taker vs Cena is bound to happen. How can it not? Look at everything involved there. Cena, the current top guy in the company vs Taker, the top guy of multiple eras, one on one at the grandest stage of all, WM. With WWE trying to do all they can to legit sellout WM32 which will break WM3’s attendance record if that is achieved, Taker vs Cena may just happen there. When I said Taker may face Bray Wyatt at WM32, I was considering the current direction as it relates to Taker and the fact that while Cena usually has a win reserved for him at WM, I do not believe Taker’s fellow Texans will want him to lose to anyone at WM and Cena’s already hated by 50% of the crowd as it is already. In a perfect world, Taker’s list of WM32 opponents would consist of dream matches vs Kurt Angle, Jericho, Rock or Sting. Those deserve to happen at WM as well.

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      Taker vs Cena is a dream match for me. Not a Cena fan by any stretch but I think Taker works great with smaller guys. I agree with the top face of today vs the GOAT. I would be a all out match for WM 32.
      Like Michael Jordan vs Lebrun James lol
      I see taker defeating Cena clean here. A Texas crowd in a stadium that size has to go home happy. Plus Cena is one of those guys who can lose big matches and the kids will still buy all his T-shirts. I have a feeling(hoping) that after putting Brock over a big win at Mania against the golden boy would well earned!
      People will pay big money to see Taker maul Cena.

    • Bork laser on October 26th, 2015 says:

      It would be fresh too.
      We have seen Big Evil vs the Doctor of Thuganomics
      We have not seen the Deadman vs Super Cena in a fight to the finish!

    • Mountain on October 27th, 2015 says:

      I understand that WWE cant make everyone happy. Summerslam and Hell in a Cell did have to end thats way. Why cant Taker get a clean win in Summerslam then end it HIAC there Lesnar get a clean win. Very simple thing to if WWE want to.

      Instead Taker cheated to win over Lesnar at Summerslam and Taker did tap out as well. At HIAC Lesnar didnt tape out and did a low blow at Taker which isnt against rules when face HIAC.

      Thay why some fans are pissed. Great match or not, scripted wasnt great at all. Doing a good match isnt hard, Taker is a great performer and Lesnar is also a great performer. Taker should get a clean win at Summerslam there he get a clean win over Lesnar, then continue at HIAC there both press each other at limited and Lesnar win. Very simple thing WWE can do.

      A other ting, no one gonna beat Taker at Wrestlemania again. Otherwise they got destory Brock Lesnar legacy as the only one who have defead Taker at Wrestlemania. And I dont thing LEsnar gonna face Taker ever again…

    • Anan on October 27th, 2015 says:

      @Bork laser:

      I don’t know. When was the last time Cena lost at WM? I don’t share the internet’s opinion of him burying Rusev and Wyatt when he fought them at WM. WWE chose not to push them following their losses to him. But fact is Cena won those matches when he was in a position where if he lost to them, it wouldn’t have hurt him while a win over Cena would have greatly benefitted Wyatt and Rusev. A win over Cena would have made Wyatt look stronger against Taker at WM31 if you ask me, stronger than he undeniably already was considering how he was booked heading into the match.

      If WWE had Cena defeat two young up and coming talent in Wyatt and Rusev at WM, you really think, even in Texas, they’d have Cena lose to someone who had only a handful of matches left in him? Gotta take that into consideration too because it’s definitely a strong possibility.

      While Taker vs Cena took place when it was ABA vs The Doctor of Thuganomics, fact is it’s happened before in WWE, albeit not on the main stage. Cena did face The Deadman twice though. It was The Doctor vs The Deadman on Smackdown in 2004. Great match won by Taker. In 2006 on RAW, it was the current John Cena vs The Deadman in a match that was interrupted by Big Show and King Booker, as well as Mr. Kennedy.

      Taker vs Sting has never happened. It was Mean Mark Callous vs a very young bleach blonde Sting on WCW Saturday Night in 1990, which I believe was Taker’s last WCW match or one of his last matches there. I understand the chances of it now are low. Still deserves to happen though. If for nothing else, then for the fans and for Sting, who’s stated multiple times it’s the match he wants. He came to WWE, did what whatever was asked of him, so why not reward him by giving the man what he wants? I don’t think he cares to win what I believe would be his final match if his wish is granted.

      Taker vs Angle is almost a similar situation to Taker vs Cena…..almost. It’s happend before, but not at WM where it deserves to happen. Angle wanted to face Taker at WM22, but not break The Streak. Didn’t happen. It should have.

      Taker vs Rock would be a great match. Rock’s great in the ring. We know Taker’s workrate. Hasn’t happened yet at WM. Deserves to, but doubt it will.

      Taker vs Jericho would be a great one because Jericho’s small, like HBK. And Taker vs HBK were epic masterpieces. No I don’t think Taker vs Jericho will top those two, but it’d be pretty close if anything. Jericho can return as he’s healthy, but for him, it depends on his schedule and who the opponent is. I do not believe Jericho will turn down a match with Taker for WM. Taker’s the only big name Jericho has not had a one on one PPV match with.

      Just for the purposes of putting a fitting definitive end to the saga that began in 1997, I’d like to see Taker vs Kane once more. Not saying it has to be at WM since they met there twice already. But ending such a saga as this there does make sense. And it wouldn’t the first time we saw a trilogy at WM as Austin vs Rock happened three times at WM too.

      Also wouldn’t hurt to see someone new face Taker. There’s a ton of great young talent for Taker to work with. It almost makes me wish the trilogy with Lesnar didn’t happen, that instead of a trilogy with a part-timer who won’t be around much longer, that Taker’s last number of matches were used for fresh new young up and coming talent. Ziggler, Rollins, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor if they’re called up before Taker retires are just a small number of examples. WWE invests too much in rematches, which is also a problem.

      With all the above said, I do agree with you on the impact a Taker vs Cena would have at WM and made a point on that myself. I’d like your thoughts/analyzation on all my points here if you don’t mind. Btw, these last recent exchanges between us, replying to each other’s comments have proven that it’s a good, great thing that we patched things up. It’s allowed for great conversations between us. We’ve agreed mostly if not always on things but nothing wrong with disagreeing long as it doesn’t translate into anything pointless (fight, argument, etc.) which you already know but really saying it for those that don’t as I’ve noticed such behavior taking place over Taker’s loss at HIAC. It’s in the past. Get over it people. Leave the past behind, move on.

    • BillyofMaryland on October 28th, 2015 says:

      We all know that one of the reasons why WWE is in business, and why they have a future is because they develop talent. When Taker came in back in 1990, and took the torch from Hogan in ’91 after winning his first championship, he carried the company from the pre-New Generation to the End of the Ruthless Aggression Era in 2008-09. He’s still got it, and its amazing he can still hit most of his move sets at 50, with a whole list of chronic injuries he’s developed over the years. Taker has always been loyal, and a company man, and he, Kane, Sting, and Jericho are some of the greats b/c they push, and carry-over “the other guy.” Even when Taker has been in clear squash matches, he always gives the other guy sort of a chance.

    • Anan on October 28th, 2015 says:


      WWE used to be good at developing talent. 1990 is very different from today. Now they are not good at developing talent, not properly anyway. I agree with Russo that we know nothing about Rollins. Yes he’s talented, this generation’s HBK with a good lengthy title run. But why did The Authority handpick him? They keep saying he’s the future, he’s the greatest talent today, etc. Why? What makes Rollins that over every other talent they have on the roster? Talent are underutilized (Ziggler, Cesaro, Rusev), de-pushed quickly (Bray Wyatt during/after his feud with Cena, same for Rusev, Sheamus upon if not before his return) or are nowhere to be seen (Swagger)

      Gonna keep this short by saying ugh not you again! Now moving on….

    • Bork laser on October 29th, 2015 says:

      Let me start off by saying thank you. I enjoy our conversations on here. I enjoy talking about the Undertaker and the business. You have a very insightful point of view. That’s refreshing on this site.
      To answer your question, I think the last time Cena lost at WM was 2012 against Rock. He also lost the year before against Miz. Would Vince job him to Taker at WM 32? I think so. Only because Cena is at that level of superstar where he has the durability to shake off the loss. I think after Taker did the favors for Brock he needs to be built back up. A solid win over the guy they call “super Cena” would do nicely. I know they have met before. But that was before Cena won his first WHC. They have had skirmishes, but never a high profile feud with a dicisive winner. I would like to see that. The old Guard vs the new.
      Taker vs Angle was always a 5 star match. They have excellent chemistry together. Second only to taker and HBK.
      The match the match they had in 2006 deserved to be at WM, but I know Angle refused to end the streak. I would like to see them lock up again. They never disappointed.
      Taker and Rock, Jericho, do not interest me anymore. I’ve never been fans of those guys and it just does not seem exciting to me anymore. Maybe 10 years ago but not now.
      As far as Sting. I feel they missed the Boat on that and after all these years it wouldn’t live up to what I have built up in my mind lol better left unsaid if you know what I mean.
      Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Been crazy at work

    • Anan on October 30th, 2015 says:

      @Bork laser:

      No problem. Work and living life should be one’s priority, not this site (unless you’re a mod/reporter lol.) Allow me to dissect your comment.

      Rock, Jericho…..no matter how good you are, not everyone’s gonna be a fan. Taker has many fans. But not every fan is gonna like him. That’s fine. Can’t argue the fact that Rock and especially Jericho are great enough in the ring to have a 5 star match with Taker. I think the best Taker vs Rock match was on RAW in October 98 and at Vengeance 2002 in that 3-Way with Angle.

      Sting….I have to disagree with you here. That disagreement isn’t stemming from me wanting the match. It stems from the fact that for their age, they’re still good. Would the match be better if it happened in the 90’s? No I don’t think so. While they they were younger, Taker was the healthier one. Sting was not however as he was addicted to the drugs like a lot of wrestlers are/were. Judging from his performances, who knew at that particular time that he was hooked? Sting was amazing against a 29 year old in Seth Rollins. In an interview, Rollins praised him. According to Rollins, Sting “went all the way, balls to the wall.” That’s pretty much what Taker does. In 2001-2014, maybe it wouldn’t have been great as Taker wasn’t healthy and would have to be carried by someone older than him. But now he’s over his injuries, over his surgeries and is a healthy 50 year old still doing the things he’s always done.

      John Cena….yes he lost at WM27 thanks to The Rock, however he lost to The Rock cleanly at WM28. His WM win record is pretty good so one loss I suppose won’t kill him.

      Taker needing to be built up….I disagree with this the most. Taker, win or lose against Brock has came out looking strong. Many believe he was desperate in his recent trilogy with Lesnar, especially at Summerslam. But at HIAC, Lesnar was the desperate one. Lesnar used the low blow as Taker did at Summerslam. But unlike Taker, Lesnar also exposed the board under the ring. He had to resort to taking the gloves off his hands to bleed Taker, low blow him, then hit a 3rd F5 on the board just to get the win. Did he walk out like a true winner? No. Had it not been for the Wyatts, Taker may have had the better walkout than night. But being carried out by the foursome at least gave his legs a rest after a pretty long match lol. Both looked strong so I don’t see any build up needed for either Taker or Lesnar.

      But your opinion is your opinion. Mine is mine. I much appreciate your words about me 🙂

    • deadman07 on November 3rd, 2015 says:

      taker vs brock for the title at WM 32 where brock being the champion and taker (royal rumble winner). Taker gets the clean win and became 8th time champion . Only this scenario will be the ultimate sendoff for deadman.