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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    The Undertaker: 25 years of the best sports entertainment has to offer

    Sunday marks 25 years since The Undertaker debuted in WWE. It’s been one amazing run.
    By Jim Ross
    Nov 19, 2015 at 4:38p ET

    Mark Calaway will don his gear for WWE Survivor Series Sunday in Atlanta. As he makes the most famous ring entrance in sports entertainment, it will be impossible to forget The Undertaker made his debut at this pay-per-view extravaganza 25 years ago.

    The 50-year-old will do what has him a lock for every Hall of Fame the genre offers. He will team with his TV half-brother Kane against two members of the Wyatt Family. Calaway will be better than many of the younger athletes on the show. He thrives in a business where it takes all of your heart and soul to survive.

    I referred to The Undertaker persona as the “Conscience of WWE,” which had a double meaning, one based in fact and one based in fiction. The fact was that Mark Calaway was the locker-room leader in WWE and has assumed that role for a quarter-century. That feat will likely never be duplicated, because we can’t be sure the next generation of talents, or people in general, will be trusting and put aspects of major decisions in the hands of well-meaning veterans.

    Some in WWE creative never fully understood the “Conscience of WWE” moniker, and I was asked to disregard that descriptor, which I reluctantly did. I still think that it’s more applicable today than before.

    I picture Mark Calaway like Magic Johnson riding herd on the Lakers. He is to WWE what Peyton Manning has been in Indianapolis and in Denver. In the latter stages of their careers, everyone on the team will listen no matter the subject, time or place.


    I first met Mark when he came to WCW in Atlanta in 1989 from World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas.The beautiful part about the man behind The Undertaker character is that he has changed little since.

    What we saw in WCCW was a huge man with uncanny balance and natural athletic timing that we later found out was developed on the basketball floor. Had the 6-foot-9 power forward not exited Texas Wesleyan after a year, he might have wound up in the club –€“ headed by Bill Walton –€“ of top ginger-headed hoopsters.

    There were big plans for Mark in Atlanta in WCW, where he was Mean Mark Callous and a Skyscraper and was managed by Teddy Long and Paul Heyman.

    Mark’s contract was coming up for renewal at WCW, and many on the booking committee thought highly of him, especially Jim Cornette and myself. Based on how TBS was paying some underachievers, we felt that a young, athletic, now 6-10, 300-pound athlete was a solid investment.

    Ole Anderson was the booker — ultimately in charge of the talent roster — and he felt that Mark “would never draw a dime.” Ole and I disagreed on this matter, but I lost the argument as many did to the combative wrestler.

    Ole generally had a good feel for who had “it” and who didn’t, but it’s easy to say 25 years later even Ole Anderson can make a mistake.

    I reunited with Mark in 1993 when I left WCW to head north to Connecticut, where I would spend the next 21 years with the McMahon family. Mark had become a huge star, but one couldn’t tell that by how he handled himself. Being so physically intimidating, the Texas Longhorns football fanatic made sure that he did not come off that way when a fellow talent needed to talk.
    Any changes that Calaway has made since the late ’80s have been for the better. He is a living, breathing example of being the strong, silent type, a la his unofficial alter ego, Clint Eastwood. There you have it: Mark Calaway is a giant-sized version of Dirty Harry. In fact, Taker as a Dirty Harry spin-off in a WWE promotional vignette a few years ago was priceless.

    I have no idea how Mr. Eastwood conducts himself on the set of a film that he directs/produces, but my gut says the High Plains Drifter doesn’t have to say much to make his point nor does he have to raise his voice.

    Calaway is the Clint Eastwood of WWE. Speak slow and softly and know of what you speak.

    As for his in-ring skill and memories, rarely a day goes by when someone on social media, @JRsBBQ on Twitter, doesn’t ask me about The Undertaker tossing Mick Foley off the Hell in a Cell in the historic Igloo in Pittsburgh in 1998. Some folks even have my verbiage memorized.

    The Undertaker is synonymous with the Hell in a Cell matches, which he has dominated. These are not bouts one can truly train for and demand complete mental and physical toughness. Calaway has always had an abundance of this throughout his career, often times to his own detriment.

    The Undertaker’s streak of 21 straight wins at Wrestlemania will never be replicated, and the shocking loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 in NOLA is still cussed and discussed. I was shocked it occurred and after a couple of years, I still can’t say I endorse its ending.

    What did it produce at the end of the day? The decision to have Undertaker lose the most coveted accomplishment in WrestleMania history came late in the day of the event.

    Nonetheless, nary a negative word from Mark Calaway. The consummate team player took one for the team to hopefully help impact the bigger picture. I contend there was no bigger picture than The Streak.

    No one that I’ve been around in my 40-plus years in the wacky world of pro wrestling that has now morphed into sports entertainment has impacted a locker room or a group of oft-times fragile, insecure talents — men and women — more than Calaway.

    The Deadman is alive and well behind the scenes of WWE and has been for years. How much longer he wrestles is anyone’s guess, but without question Calaway will forever be a part of WWE … if he so chooses.

    As the late Ernie Ladd would often describe his sage position in the territories that he resided in as the “Learning Tree,” Calaway planted his own seeds in WWE that talents have been sitting under at various times in their careers there since.

    While many wrestlers have their own personally driven agendas, Calaway has only one: helping a wrestler in need of advice or guidance.

    Mean Mark wasn’t so mean after all, as he became a better listener than Dr. Phil and learned to process issues the wrestlers would bring him with the skill of Dr. Drew. It’s impossible to count how many times I went to ‘Taker for advice when I had an issue with a wrestler when I was the head of the talent relations department in WWE for over a decade.

    Calaway’s advice and counsel were always unselfish, rare for a pro wrestler, and logical.

    Calaway was my secret weapon during the hottest period of business in WWE. Our often volatile, competitive and talented locker room was largely controllable because Calaway was a team player who demanded the same from his peers.

    There were times when issues were addressed by ‘Taker simply saying, “I’ll handle it.”

    Not once did the team leader disappoint. Not once did he allow the problem to get personal, always keeping the issues at hand as strictly business. Make no mistake, though, Mark Calaway was a bigger than Texas bad ass and tougher than a $2 steak when he needed to be.

    He used to dress in the Talent Relations office at arenas where WWE events were held, as they were not usually as crowded, plus he had a bird’s-eye view of what was going on with the numerous talents who needed to talk. His maturity and objectivity and wisdom were elements I knew I could always depend on.

    The Attitude Era talent roster is as good a group of men and women assembled in the genre. We would have not achieved the success that we did if we did not have talents led by Calaway. He bought into the team concept, which is what a talent roster is at its core. It’s a team, and any team needs leaders.

    He’s also the mountain of a man who I’ve heard call his young children over the years while he was on the road on seemingly endless trips.

    He’s the kind of man who would have heart-to-hearts with wrestlers who were straying too far away from being a professional.

    He’s reinvented himself from a nutritional standpoint and the manner in which he trains, which may more closely resemble an MMA workout than a more traditional workout most pro wrestlers utilize.

    When ‘Taker retires from his in-ring career is still to be decided, but when that day finally arrives — and it will sooner than later — the sports entertainment business will never see another like him.

    From my perspective, Mark Calaway has replaced Andre The Giant and all other WWE superstars as the greatest tenured performer of all time.


    Derek W. Ruttle
    Great piece, Jim. It’s no wonder that the word ‘respect’ comes up often in conversation whenever people are talking about The Undertaker. He’s my favorite pro wrestler of all time, and it’s going to be a sad, sad day when he finally decides to hang up the boots and that big black hat of his.
    Like · Reply · 6 hrs

    William Wellek · Latrobe, Pennsylvania
    Very well said, Mr. Ross. I have a feeling you’ll be reading similar stories about yourself as the years go by.

    source: Fox Sports

    Great article with great insight into the man behind the character.

    Threw in the two comments because seeing positive comments about Taker on the internet is a rare thing aside from this site.

    Post Discussion
    • Thomas on November 21st, 2015 says:

      Great piece by JR indeed. What more can we say? I’m not surprised why he’s the most respected man in WWE. He’s great not only as a wrestler but also as a person. He is the Clint Eastwood of WWE. Nobody is as good and professional at what he does than Phenom himself. Motivation, innovation, evolution – he’s driven by those things. And I admire and love his stuff – from always inspiring entrances and deeply overwhelming speeches to awesome matches and truly memorable moments. Thank you Taker!

    • Takerlover1306 on November 22nd, 2015 says:

      Happy Anniversary Undertaker 25 years in the business and still going strong!

    • Rarara123 on November 22nd, 2015 says:

      I really hope that they would do something really special for The Undertaker’s entrance tomorrow at Survivor Series!

    • yousif on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      Please give us taker vs brock 1 more time..

      Wrestlemania 32 ..
      One last match one last win before retirement

    • Jess on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      Why Brock again? Their rivalry has ended, no more Brock v Taker matches.

      I’d rather see him against Cena.

    • Taker's # 1 fan on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      Finally somebody said the truth and it is the Voice of the WWE.

      May all haters shut up now!

    • yousif on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      Brock again and a clean win before retirement
      with a shake hand at the end ,, ending wrestle mania and ending the greatest career
      emotional match
      taker settling everything before leaving

    • dhanish1979 on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      @yousif : I dont know from where do you get such info about taker’s retirement match at WM 32,Jim ross said it it will not be taker’s final match because Taker would have informed his close friends by now.
      Speaking about taker facing brock is yet to be seen,if the rock and batista return to wwe then we will not see taker vs brock any time soon.wwe creative is gambling with john cena either cena faces taker or goes for wwe title shot.
      We should keep our fingers crossed and please forget about shake hand,that sucks IMO…

    • Keyier on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      Awesome tribute from a wrestling legend, to another wrestling legend. There will never be anyone like The Undertaker in the ring, and Mark Callawaya in backstage.

    • BillyofMaryland on November 23rd, 2015 says:

      For those who want Undertaker to fight Lesnar again, and win a clean win…I see this as nothing but Undertaker at his best. Undertaker has always done what’s best for the team, when many greats were packing up, and leaving for WCW, during the mid-90s when Vince was getting his clock cleaned, he stayed, and as Triple H said “did things that were unbelievable.” For instance the injury he referenced in their Wresltemania build up where Undertaker broke every rib in his body, but tapped a flak jacket to his ribs, and showed up to work the next night. At the same time WWE has a future b/c they have future talent coming up in the wings, and Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, Sting, and Jericho, all distinguished veterans, know how to push-carry over talent. Cena, if you remember was a mid-card, Vanilla Ice, Eminem wannabe, before Taker worked with him, and he’s now the face in the same manner as Austin was during the Attitude Era, and Taker pushed both of them. Also, just b/c he hasn’t a clear “clean victory” over Lesnar, doesn’t mean it diminishes his character anymore. Taker has nothing left to prove, and he can do what he wants, and will hang up his spurs when he feels that he wants to.

    • yousif on November 24th, 2015 says:

      Thanks Dhanish
      I hope what you say is right

      And yaa. . Taker needs a clean win in his rivalry with brock badllĺllly
      This is the most important thing in his remaining days of his career

      I don’t understand how can some1 say it’s not adding anything

    • yousif on November 24th, 2015 says:

      I think takers matches now are meaningless after his loss ..
      As we sauce are SS. Boring and easy match. .
      Taker vs brock is the best thing we can see ..
      Taker lost many things loosing this battle against brock
      As the storyline was like brock is the one who showed the undertaker the reality!!
      Settlement is needed

    • yousif on November 24th, 2015 says:

      Typo. .
      As we saw at SS*

    • Etienne on November 24th, 2015 says:

      All the gloom, and irrational statements about takers matches… Of course he’s getting older people, yes he’s slowing down, but really Taker still shows us that he is not only willing to hang with that’s talents, but he can still deliver….. Something tells me that taker ain’t riding off in the sunset yet…. He’s got a lot more left in him.

    • Anan on November 26th, 2015 says:


      I don’t know about having a lot more left in him all things considered. But I 100% agree with the rest of your comment.

      What did you think of Taker’s match at Survivor Series? Because of the talents involved, I hate to say it and hopefully you’ll know where I’m coming from when I say it was a little underwhelming. It was more of a “nostalgia act for TV” match than a PPV match. I enjoyed Taker and Kane’s entrance and Taker’s clean win via Tombstone than the actual match.

      Also didn’t make sense to me that only two Wyatts were the opposition when it was the whole Family that took Taker and Kane out at HIAC and RAW and carried them over their heads. I really felt this should’ve been an elimination match, 2 on 4 or 4 on 4. An elimination match, especially 4 on 4 would’ve been perfect for Taker at Survivor Series. Not only would it lighten his work more, but it’d be the perfect throwback to his debut match at Survivor Series in 1990. Imagine if Taker returned at Survivor Series as the mystery partner and the 4th member of the team like he was in 1990, but wasn’t seen or heard from till then? Imagine if his ring/entrance attire, look, music was that of 1990? All throwbacks to his debut and it’d be perfect here.

      Taker’s too professional, perhaps too much to care. But while I’m old school enough to believe Championships should be the most important thing, I didn’t appreciate how the Championship tournament took precedence over Taker’s 25th anniversary because of all the hype they did for Survivor Series. It was said to be centered on Taker, yet he was hardly the focus during the show. The pre-show and main show centered more on the World Championship than what was billed as the theme for the event which was Taker’s 25th. If they wanted to, they could have had a Fatal 4 Way between Reigns, Ambrose, Del Rio, Kevin Owens to determine the new Champion or crown a new World Champion before Survivor Series. That way the show could center on Taker like it was billed to.

      Sorry it’s a long comment and making it resemble a long rant.

      Your thoughts?

    • dhanish1979 on November 27th, 2015 says:

      @yousif:bro..its time you stop thinking and get along with us,you are not alone of wanting taker to face lesnar but i am also with you and so others too,if you go to wwe facebook of the undertaker,it is moderated by wwe moderaters,you will see many of them requesting for either taker vs brock or taker vs sting,stging is out of question,
      wwe has been planning on john cena since august but then he too also draws huge crowd,on other hand wwe also planning on john cena take on title shot,if wwe this happens and batista out of question,then taker vs brock 4 could take place,when i say batista,wwe also considering batista to face off with brock lesnar.
      January 2016 will give us conclusion and we need to wait

      @anan:i love reading your long comment,just keep us engaged please.

      My personal prediction is taker will face john cena and john cena gets inducted as number 23,Anan and others will hate me now for what i am about to say,my prediction is there will be no hell gate,no tombstone,taker will go for low blow and wins by roll up or school boy however you call the term.

    • Etienne on November 28th, 2015 says:

      I totally see what you’re saying…. My point on Taker having a lot left in him comes from not only comments that JR has made, but just my observations of how Take has been performing… Yes he’s slowed down his game a lot over the last few years, because of age, but I’ve also noticed that just when we think he’s gotten to worn down to pull off a main event match, he comes back and shows he’s got it. Yes this very well could be the last run he’s got in him, but I just feel that we can’t count the dead man out till he says it’s time.
      As for the survivor series match I did enjoy it, but I agree with u about it being more of a nostalgic match,… I think they pretty much rehearsed this match with their tour of Mexico, so it was pretty much put together so we could see a reunited BOD go against the Wyatt’s, in a clean dominate win…I also would have liked to see a traditional SS match it would have definitely gave whomever teamed with Taker a bump and would have made for a more interesting match… I was hoping for a team with Taker, Kane, Sting, and Daniel Bryan or Finn Balor…. Also I totally thought about them bringing Taker out in his original apparel. That would have been awesome. I would have felt like a kid again lol.

      Yes I totally agree with u on the presentation of the ppv… It was suppose to be Taker themed, but I didn’t get that from it… Yes they showed vignettes of takers career but I really expected more from the way they advertised it…. I believe takers match should have at least been the main event, cuz honestly I didn’t really care who was gonna win the belt, I already guessed sheamus was gonna cash in MITB…. So for me I think it was stupid on wwe’s part not to have THE BOD Stand tall at the end of the show.

      Always good to hear from u Anan.

    • yousif on November 28th, 2015 says:

      I enjoyed reading all your comments
      Thank you all

    • BamBam on November 28th, 2015 says:

      To Yousif:

      I agree with your sentiments and comments about Taker going against Lesnar again at WM? However even if the match didnt happen know this that The Undertaker >Lesnar. Undertaker will always be better than Lesnar overall even with uneven win/loss record .Why?

      1) Taker have 25years + more in wrestling way more than Lesnar
      2) Will Lesnar even wrestler at the age 50?Lol> Can he even perform at the same level of taker when he is 50yrs old?Another lol
      3) Lesnar nowadays almost always bleed for wwe.Takerhas bled tons for wwe a lot more in buckets decades now
      4) Taker has always put over stars year back and now.What or who has lesnar put over recently?Or during his 2002-2004 run Goldberg?HHH?Cena?
      5) Taker is also known to make new stars. AUstin,rock ,bret hart,hbk,kane,angle,and even brock and lots of other not even mentioned here.He also did lose to hogan.Still put over shield in 2013.He usuallymakes stars more than not.
      6) Full time performer for two decades.
      7) Countless injuries. Work for less money than lesnar ever was.
      8) Stood tthere loyally with wwe through thick and thin,Good and bad times.
      9) Handing over the greatest streak in wrestling history.
      10) Gave us tons of 4 or 5 star matches
      11) Not retired when stars younger than him has.
      12)Somewhat underappreciated by fans but still works for fans
      13) Deserves to be champion,the guy,the man ,the beast ,the topdraw and no 1 (even now) but gave the sport to new guys and others..some not derserving
      14) Didnt injure his opponents.His opponents injure him
      15) Sell the hell out of offense to make opponents look good/
      16) Somehow after 25years still relevant
      17) Fans do hate him but puts on shows nonetheless
      18) Didnt phone in,has sens of urgency during his matches
      19) Win lose or draw you know he still the better man
      20) His presence alone in show majorly helps wwe espcially WM season and WM
      21-25 *insert here*
      The good thing that brock has is his ufc career to buy out his position on the card.But even then he still got his ass kicked in his last 2 bouts in mma.Still overall taker better than him.Sure now his the fans fovourite and people are loving and drooling over him but he will be replaced sooner or later.Taker cannot be replaced not ever.Never again
      On last note .i still wish now we had the elements of 1998 -1999 taker.Its sure is the beast.Look at how fast he got up/sat up after losing to Austin in 1998 summerslam.He can lose 10-20matches in arow but still is the beast.
      Taker lost against austin in raw1999 but immediatly got back up smashed austin post match.And again at fully loaded 1999..takers the real deal then.
      I also just wish he didnt lay on the mat more than 10 seconds after losing a match since that could make him look weak then making the sad slow walk toward backstage like in wm30, idont want to see that again,Hope you guys know what i mean.But whatever taker still the absolute best/beast!!!

    • yousif on November 29th, 2015 says:

      To bam bam
      There is no doubt in that .. my friend
      But still the storyline of taker brock feud. Can’t end with taker loosing this way
      .. taker lost in 2002 lost again in 2014
      Came for revenge and talked a lot and it was emotional match and lost The battle again! this year 2015
      At SS. Brock showed his middle finger to taker ! And giving him a lowblow In he’ll In a cell was like teaching taker a lesson (don’t cheat again)!!!
      And Paul Hyman talked about with zero respect!
      How come some one feel that’s it’s ok for this type of fued to end with clear win for brock lesnar! !
      .. doesn’t look good to me at all ..
      Takers legacy in my opinion was affected
      After 25 years wwe released a book of taker legacy and much more . I bought that book and it was very interesting but when you read the chapter including brock you clearly feel the gap in his legacy now. You feel like they are covering it in his legacy! !
      Only 1 wrestler in takers entire career taker failed completely against! !
      I hope everybody understands why i want taker vs brock and no 1 else before his retirement.

      I don’t want to talk more about this. As I see there are many who disagree with me …

    • Etienne on November 29th, 2015 says:

      @Yousif: It’s not that we all wouldn’t want to see a match with Brock, where Taker gets a dominating win… It’s just that the book has closed in this chapter of the deadman career, that’s it… They even said that this was the last time these two would ever go at it again… Yes it sucks the way things went, but honestly I don’t believe this tarnishes undertakers legacy…. He will still be regarded as the best and most respected wrestler of all time…. No loss will take that away from him… And instead of dwelling over a losing feud he had, I think we need to think of how lucky we are to have witnessed such an amazing career he has had over the years…. There is no loss to anyone that blemishes that.

    • yousif on November 30th, 2015 says:

      Taker is of course the greatest of all time
      There is no way we can compare him with others like hogan who kept jumping here n there for money. .
      Or short career guys like the rock or Austin
      OR even Shawn who missed important years in his career due to injury

      Of course taker is on top on the list all time
      But still a a win clean win. Not dominating win just a win is needed 🙂

    • Etienne on November 30th, 2015 says:

      @Yousif: Taker doesn’t need a win against Brock to cement his legacy… Sure it would have been great to see him victorious in this feud with Lesnar… He’ll I would have loved it, I hate Brock…. But what you have to understand is by losing Taker is giving back to the business that made him what he is…. He knows by giving Lesnar the win and putting him over as an unstoppable beast, gives future talents a chance to become legends in their own right… You gotta remember Taker is old school and he truly believes in the way of boosting other talents on his way out… It’s said to say because the streak should have never ended, but I firmly believe that taker believes he did the right thing.

    • eric on December 1st, 2015 says:

      he is simply….the greatest ever!

    • Anan on December 1st, 2015 says:


      I will never count Taker out. He’s been around too long, done too much for me to even remotely consider counting him out even after he retires. While I agree with JR that 2016 will not be Taker’s last year actively, I do not see Taker being a full-time member of the roster. From here on out, I think we’ll either see him as a WM Only Attraction or doing what he did in 2015 – wrestle on PPV’s in top billed matches and pop up on TV though not every week to build to them.

      Always great to hear from you too.

      @To Everyone Still Upset/Angry At Taker’s Loss To Lesnar All These Weeks Later And Still Want Them To Meet Again JUST So Taker Could Get A Clean Win Over Him:

      Here’s two things to consider:
      1. Brock Lesnar is not the only one that Taker beat on TV, but not on PPV. I think Bret Hart is also on that very small list. In fact, Lesnar and Bret may be the only two that Taker’s beaten on non-PPV shows. Taker pinned Bret at a televised MSG show in 1992. I do not think that was a PPV though. It might have been the same type of event that the MSG Network special was in that despite it being a special event seen by people not at the arena, it wasn’t a PPV. Taker beat Lesnar in 2003 in a triple threat match involving Big Show and again. So it’s not like taker NEVER pinned Lesnar. He did. Just not on PPV. But just like a loss is a loss, a win is a win regardless of how or where that win happened.

      2. There seems to be a tradition of final encounters sometimes if not always ending with the heel winning. Brock beating Taker at HIAC is just one of those occurrences. Rock beating Hoagn at No Way Out in 2003 and Austin at WM19, Kane beating Taker at Bragging Rights 2010, Bret beating Taker at Summerslam 97, Cena beating The Rock at WM29, HHH beating Austin at No Way Out 2001. The only exceptions to this (so far) have been Taker’s wins over Edge at Summerslam 2008, HBK at WM26, HHH at WM28 and Batista at TLC 2009.) So Taker’s not the only one who lost his final encounter with Lesnar. I think it’s obvious why this trend has occurred. It is so the babyface on the rise or a babyface groomed to the the top face could beat that guy who beat Austin, who beat Taker. At WM29, Cena beat the man who beat Austin in his final match, The Rock. Imagine the boost someone like Seth Rollins got when he beat Cena at Summerslam, a boost which increased when his win over Cena made him the first ever WWE and US Champion at the same time. On PPV, Lesnar beat Taker more times than Taker beat him. Lesnar may be transitioning to face, but at the time when he beat Taker in their final match, he was the heel. Lesnar, as the heel also ended Taker’s Streak. Imagine the boost a talent would get when he beat Lesnar knowing what he has done? By allowing himself to take another loss to Lesnar, Taker, by taking another one for the home team, will have elevated another talent when they beat the man who beat him at WM30 and at HIAC. I just hope whoever that is does not get wasted or lost in the shuffle. The underutilized Cesaro, Ambrose, or Kevin Owens could benefit from such a boost. Once they’re called up to the main roster, Apollo Crews, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor would benefit from that boost too. I’d say Rollins, but I don’t think his momentum will be completely gone, if at all upon his return.

    • yousif on December 2nd, 2015 says:

      after reading all this
      i still feel taker needs a clean win against brock lesnar at the this stage of his career!!

      its not about taker not wining against brock ever on PPV
      its the way it happened and specially at this stage of his career.
      how can you forget this guy broke the streak!! taker gave him the most important thing .
      and he came back for revange and again LOST! and middle finger was shown to him after he cheated and he got a lowblow after that in HELL IN A CELL !! and LOST! the battle
      paul hyman during the promotion showed him zero respect talked about him like no one did before!
      and HE JUST LOST!!!!! do they really want taker fans to be ok with that !! and i am shocked some of them ate fine with it!!
      THATS IT??? serious?? and you guys are OK with that ?!!!! realy??

      yes taker never won a match against hitman on PPV , thats totally a different story
      how can someone even compare this with the lost against brock!!
      sorry i completly disgaree with you..
      thts why and only that why he needs a clean win ,, for his legacy ..
      thank you
      i am sure i am not worng

    • Etienne on December 2nd, 2015 says:

      @Yousif: Ok yousif…. You are entitled to your opinion, but the fact is at this point it’s over between Lesnar/Taker…It’s not gonna happen… Sure we all got pissed the way they went about the whole fued, it studies big time…. But I firmly stand by this when I say that it does not tarnish the man’s legacy… His career will not be defined by losing this way to Lesnar…. It will not be defined by the streak being broken… If anything it will be always remembered by how long the streak lasted, because no superstar will ever come close to such a feat…. His legacy will be remembered for being the most dominate, respected, hard-working, locker room leading, phenemonal , absolute bad ass, and the best wrestler of all time…. Most of us will never look back at his career in the future and think “oh well he had an amazing career but he lost the streak to Brock and lost again… Now his career is tarnished”…. That just isn’t the way we will think of it.
      You have to understand Yousif…. Taker made these decisions to give back to the business…. To help future talents make names for themselves… That’s just a testament to how much honor be has for the business…. Of course he could have decided to go out like a bad ass, but he didn’t…. He wanted what he has accomplished to give back to the next generation…. That’s the way it goes…. I don’t think you’re getting that point yousif.

    • Anan on December 3rd, 2015 says:


      I agree with you. I noticed Taker putting people over as a way of giving back before he made that decision public during interviews he did in his ABA persona days. 1996, Taker put over a debuting Mick Foley. Taker’s taken so many losses for the home team that is WWE which proves he’s always done what’s best for business because he has the WWE’s agenda, not an agenda of his own. He’s been in WWE 25 years. Less than 10 Title reigns, not of which lasted that long. He even let his legendary Streak end. Not only that, but he wanted it to end, maybe not in Lesnar’s hands. But reportedly he selected Kane, who declined and Angle confirmed Taker requested him to break it at WM26.

      Here’s another thing to think about. I don’t know if Taker’s changed his mind on this now or not. But in the My Yard doc, during the Deadman Talking interview he did for his 2003 magazine and in the 2003 interview he did on The Score, he stated the first HIAC match with HBK is his favorite match when asked of all the matches he’s been in, which is his favorite and if there is one that stands out. He LOST that match! But he stated its his favorite because of the psychology that was involved in that match. As if any proof was necessary, there’s the evidence that Taker’s not a guy who cares about wins/losses. He cares more about how matches are portrayed and presented to the viewers, the art(s) of matches, etc. He wants people to get their time invested and monies spent worth it regardless of the end result of the match. Why? because it’s best for business.

      And Etienne, I wouldn’t reply to Yousif. He’s gonna believe what he believes regardless of what he’s told. He believes Taker vs Lesnar should happen and end when Taker gets a clean win over The Beast despite the obvious that HIAC was the end of that rivalry and both have moved on to other things. Taker moved on to The Wyatts and is now off. Lesnar’s been off since HIAC. When both return, new feuds will be waiting for them. So leave him be with his opinion.

      And to your point of Taker making those decisions, his role in WWE has changed, now more than ever. Being in WWE 25 years, he knows he had his time. Now his time is to elevate the future talents so get their time, their moment to shine in the spotlight. Taker’s a veteran and that is the role of a veteran. Taker’s wins now are not for career accomplishment purposes like his win over Hogan at Survivor Series was to give an example. His wins are for the sake of giving fans a feel good moment. But of you give that to them constantly by giving Taker win after win, it’s spoiling fans and not elevating the future so it’s a lose-lose scenario. And Taker, win or lose possess the ability to elevate his opponent.

    • yousif on December 3rd, 2015 says:

      I am sorry if I am being emotional here ..
      We might disagree on some points but we are all taker fans and we defiantly agree that he is the best ever..

      . giving next generation a chance can be in a better way ..in my opinion
      With a respectful defeat at least or the winner showing respect to him not showing middle finger!! or at least any explaimiation after his lost like the age difference factor.etc. And not jumping to meaningless repeated fued with Wyatts with same result again.
      the way it happened loudly says (brock is BIGGER AND STRONGER than taker). Think of what the rock did for hogan. Taker did for Shawn. Shawn did for flair .. even the rock against cena ended up reapectfuly 1/1 now can any one explain this ? Why a part time legend wrestle like the the rock needed a respecful defeat 1/1 ? Why not just loose like taker ? Its good for the business and gives a chance for next generation right?. But nooo .. its the pride and his name .. and i agree on what the rock did .. Thats what i mean by respectful lost. A fued should end like that.
      .. they way it happened . It doesn’t look like the end of the fued to me. If it is ..
      It sux …

      And i will never ever watch wwe again when taker stops wretling
      I am just following taker now. As I said before I am 34 .. following taker through his entire career since day 1. And being a fan
      Taker was looking good even after loosing to brock 21/1
      Why again!!! Why they did this !!why making it worst!
      If some people are explaining this as benefits for the business then even business will be affected by this . As we all know taker still got main event level match or matches at wrestlemania.. probably against John cena!
      Now this match in the biggest wrestle mania ever is not affected by the way taker lost against brock?!!
      Some will say this lost will not have any affect ??? Yaaa because takers legacy is so big and achievement are so many so WWE wants squeeze that now for money?!!
      And does that mean I shall wait for another passing torche moment now!! Unforgently I see that coming too