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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Kurt Angle On Earning Undertaker’s Respect. Breaking The Streak, More

    The following are highlights from the Kurt Angle Q&A:

    A fan (wrestler Styxx who will be headlining Triple M’s St Georges Day Mayhem event in 2016) then asked about The Undertaker being known as a locker room leader, and if Kurt remembers a point when suddenly the younger guys on the roster would come to him for advice. Kurt replied “absolutely, yes,” about a year and a half into his WWE run he started to earn the respect of the locker room more and as he did the younger guys, who would start to ask for his advice on certain things. He said one of the key factors in that was earning the Undertaker’s respect and as soon as he did that, other people followed pretty quickly.

    Kurt was then asked how much truth there is to the rumor that he was supposed to end the Undertaker’s streak and he answered, “no it was never really going to happen.” He said that Undertaker did personally talk to him about having a Wrestlemania match with him when Angle was the WWE Champion and his initial thought was, “well, Vince doesn’t want you to lose but he also doesn’t want you to win the belt so what would we do?” to which Taker replied, “well, you would beat me”. He said that it was pretty inspiring to be considered by the Undertaker to end the streak, but he always knew that Vince would never go for it. He said that they did discuss it with Vince, but that it was immediately shot down and never brought up again.

    Kurt then said that he had felt sorry for the Undertaker at that time because even though he had the streak, he had never really had that “WrestleMania moment” that everyone wants as he was always paired with green guys like Giant Gonzales. He said he understood why, because everyone knew that Taker could take someone who was green and still get a good match out of them, but at the same time he really wanted to be able to give him that five star match as until then, all of the matches in the streak had been 2 to 3 star matches at best. He said that he was honored to know that Undertaker felt that Angle could give him that 5 star WrestleMania moment match and that is was a shame it never happened. He did also say that he was very pleased for Undertaker when he finally had that match with HBK and told the audience that if you haven’t seen that match, then you should.

    source: WrestlingINC

    A lot of individuals from the industry say if you can get over in New York and MSG, you’ll get over anywhere. To me, that’s equivalent to earning Taker’s respect in that if you earn his respect, you made it to WWE and are “over” in the locker room.

    He’s spoken about Taker asking him to break The Streak. I respect Taker for allowing his streak to be broken by Angle. I wish the match happened, but it didn’t and I believe that is because Vince did not want Angle to end The Streak. But Taker telling Angle he’d beat him means Taker was okay if it was broken. So those who are still upset about it need to get over it.

    Yeah I wasn’t supportive at all of Taker vs Gonzalez, Bundy at WM. But like Angle said, Taker could get something out of them. I don’t know if saying getting a good match out of those two is accurate. But Taker get out whatever he could given their limitations. I don’t agree with Angle saying Taker didn’t get his WM Moment. A moment and a match are two different things, first of all. Taker had IMO more than one WM Moment by that point with squashing a legend in Snuka and extending The Streak every year. Secondly, by WM22, Taker had gotten a good match at WM12 against Diesel in one of the better big man vs big man matches and a year prior to WM22 at WM21 against Randy Orton.

    Post Discussion
    • yousif on December 10th, 2015 says:

      I am not upset that the streak is broken as much as I am upset of undertaker failing badly against brock In this storyline
      Made him look so weak after all this !

      That’s why I am upset

    • yousif on December 10th, 2015 says:

      Anyway I am still hoping and waiting for take vs brock 4

    • Keke mac on December 10th, 2015 says:

      Much love for Kurt angle he asked the phenomenon a suggestion and he answered it with respect

    • yousif on December 10th, 2015 says:

      Kurt angle is my second best wrestler after taker
      He is a true performer

    • yousif on December 14th, 2015 says:

      still ,, want taker vs brock 4
      no matter what >>!!!!!

      and a clean win
      breaking the streak is not a problem for me , i am fine with it
      the probelm undertaker loosign again and again against brock badly

    • Anan on December 15th, 2015 says:


      “that would be very sad indeed for Taker fans like me.”

      Okay I get most of that comment is from your point of view and you’re entitled to it. But for Taker fans implies just that, Taker fans. I’m a longtime Taker fan. Maybe I’m a longer Taker fan than you. Then again, maybe not. It doesn’t matter because either way, I do not share your opinion.

      Why people get so caught up on one loss….it’s a little ridiculous. First, it’s not like Taker’s never defeated Brock. He pinned him twice on TV so he has defeated him. Yes Lesnar defeated a less than 100% Taker at WM30 and a healthier Taker at HIAC. But rather than see the big picture, people are getting caught up in those losses. Lesnar defeating Taker is part of a grand plan. And that plan is some young talent defeating Lesnar, the man who ended The Streak. This is an example of Taker putting over yet another young talent.

      After such a long illustrious career decorated with wins over every top name in WWE of the 90’s and beyond till he met Lesnar on PPV, people are caught up with Taker not being able to defeat one of many top names which Taker has defeated. Austin, Rock, HBK, HHH, Kurt Angle, Kane, Bret Hart, Flair, Hogan, Cena, etc, all legendary names, multi-champions, current or future HOF’ers, Taker’s beat them all cleanly. SO he hasn’t defeated Lesnar on PPV cleanly? Big deal! It’s not like he’s never beat him before. He has, just not on PPV.

      You all can want Taker vs Lesnar all you want. Not happening. HIAC was it. Summerslam should have been it. Time for both to move on.

    • Piyush on December 15th, 2015 says:

      @ Anan

      Its not about having Taker vs Lesnar again or even about Taker losing at Wrestlemania. Its about Taker not getting something that he desperately wanted. i.e. beating Brock. Taker has been beaten a numerous times by a number of superstars over the years but what really stood out was Taker’s ability to come back and establish his supremacy, which has not happened in this case.

      The second thing you talk about is The Grand Plan and The Bigger Picture. Even that doesn’t seem to be justified. Because Brock was already an established name in this business long before and is still in his prime. If you say that some younger talent would benefit someday by defeating Brock, then such a day is still years away if not decades. Because Brock is still unbeatable and younger talents are no match for him at the moment.

      If the Grand plan was really the case then some younger talent should have been allowed to directly defeat the Undertaker given that the Phenom was not in the best of shape. That would have been huge and would have sky rocketed the reputation of that talent, giving the much needed “superstar” to the business for years to come. On one hand you would have had the Beast and the other hand you would have had a new talent who has broken the Undertakers streak. Their clashes would have been looked forward to for many many years.

    • Thy Serpent on December 16th, 2015 says:

      Some very good and valid points being discussed here. Ending the streak had its pros and cons. WWE decided to look at the pros and end it. I am with the folks who think the streak shouldn’t have ended and also with them regarding ‘Taker deserving a clean win over Brock. Does it put a botch on his legacy? I think so (even Paul Heyman does 😉 ). Especially since the feud was being projected as such – That Brock was one opponent, ‘Taker couldn’t beat. There might be other wrestlers over whom ‘Taker doesn’t have a victory, but they were never projected as unstoppable, especially unstoppable by him. ‘Taker vs Brock at WM 32? I don’t know. I don’t think I would want to see it mainly because there are other opponents I’d like to see him face. Even though I didn’t like the way the ‘Taker / Brock feud ended, I’m glad it’s done cos I was sick of seeing ‘Taker losing to Brock again and again.

      P.S. Just to make it clear, I was referring to ‘Taker not getting a clean win by pin fall or submission in a singles match with Brock on PPVs or shows like Raw, Smackdown etc.

    • Thy Serpent on December 22nd, 2015 says:

      If Paul Heyman’s speech after collecting the Slammy award is any indication, I don’t think we will see another Brock vs Undertaker. He didn’t brag about how Brock beat The Undertaker. Instead, he acknowledged and tipped his hat to The Undertaker for being the only one who was man enough to face Brock. Yes, anything can happen. I am just taking this at face value.