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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    JR on Taker, Fastlane, and WM32

    One last thing on Fast Lane, will we see any Undertaker DNA on ths show as he’s expected to compete at Wrestlemania and could Fast Lane be his launching point to kick off that storyline?

    source: JrsBarBQ


    There has been much speculation regarding The Undertaker’s WrestleMania opponent. Names like John Cena and Braun Strowman were floated, before a report last week said it wouldn’t be an active wrestler. Either way, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross doesn’t think it’ll be Undertaker’s last.

    “I can’t believe Undertaker or WWE would want his last match promoted with a whisper, so I have no belief that this will be the Undertaker’s last match. Unless there’s a press conference held and something big is made of it. You can’t be a promoter and not promote Undertaker’s last match without much fanfare or being aggressive with that information,” Ross said to Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri in an exclusive interview. “Guarantee someone will say Stone Cold did it at WrestleMania 19. He did, and in hindsight, it was a mistake.”

    Ross also mentioned a couple of names that he thought could have a good match with Undertaker, only to be harassed by Twitter users.

    “I thought that if you wanted Undertaker to have a good match, I suggested Luke Harper. I think Luke Harper would be fundamentally sound, have a good match, and have the threat of the Wyatts there. I mentioned that and got lambasted by a bunch of 14-year olds on Twitter saying ‘They had that match last November.’ Oh. Really? Startling news, a revolution. You’re a sage. They had the match in November? I’ll be damned. That kills that idea, because you certainly don’t want to have a match in April that you had in November,” said Ross.

    Another name Ross brought up was that of former WWE, WCW and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho.

    “Someone who could have a good match with Undertaker would be Chris Jericho, for example. Jericho can bump, talk, will have a sound match. They’re strong enough alpha males that they’ll want to have a bigger presence on the show that many will expect to see,” Ross said.

    source: WrestlingINC

    Taker at Fastlane? Possible, but I don’t see it. On paper, the Fastlane card is pretty good and should be a solid build to WM and give us a good view of the WM card. I see Taker’s return being saved for RAW whether that’s tomorrow night or sometime after. We’ll have to wait and see on this as well as on who’ll face Taker at WM32.

    JR being harassed on Twitter for voicing his opinion(s) is just ridiculous and really shows how bad people can be. It also specifically illustrates further the disrespect of current wrestling fans. I suggested Luke Harper and Jericho myself. Luke Harper is good for his size and facing Taker will elevate his career. Whether WWE capitalizes on that elevation or wastes it is another story entirely. Taker vs Jericho, a dream match since Jericho arrived in WWE in 1999, has not had that big main event program despite that fact that both have been wrestling in the same company since 1999. That’s almost 20 years now. With injuries to top or future top talent – Cena, Orton, Rollins, Cesaro – all who’d be good opponents IMO for Taker, this is probably the best time for Taker vs Jericho. Yes, it’d be a great time for Taker vs Sting as well, but we don’t know how recovered Sting is for his injury and surgery and don’t know if he wants to wrestle anymore. I’d say wait on Sting though the window on his match with Taker isn’t wide open. Wait on Cena to be back to normal. And book Taker vs Jericho for this year. Wouldn’t mind Goldberg being Taker’s opponent, but in terms of match quality, Taker vs Jericho’s better and Jaericho’s a better opponent in terms of safety as well. I don’t want to have another concussion for Taker. Concussions end careers (Daniel Bryan.) Taker deserves to end his career on his own terms, not forcibly due to some kind of injury.

    Retirement….I’m with JR on that one. Taker may not want a retirement match or ceremony and may not want anything regarding him being so heavily promoted. Jericho recently said he didn’t want a retirement match and he and Taker are from the same generation. It doesn’t and IMO probably shouldn’t be a press conference (wouldn’t fit Taker’s character), but a strong promoted retirement match is good for business. Taker’s not your normal typical average everyday ordinary wrestler. He’s got a one of a kind character. So how do you promote a retirement match for such a larger than life character? IMO, on TV and on The Network or have him inducted into the HOF the night before his retirement match. I would not induct him before he retires as having him on camera to deliver an induction speech would take away some of his character as induction speeches are not done in character. Plus it’d make the outcome of his last match too predictable. You could promote it without making the end result predictable by promoting it on TV and The Network.

    Post Discussion
    • G on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Ignoring the fact that Shane has no chin, I reckon he has hit the gym, no gut, solid looking chest, suit jacket tight around biceps…. could be interesting match, but meh, I won’t be watching

    • Jess on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Yousif…Brock v Taker is not happening so cut it out already.

      Also Anan, I don’t think there will be any kind of interference or someone in Shane’s corner during match. I believe it will just be the 2 men.

    • Mike b on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Ahh so Brock running over dean and triple h running Roman like making Brock and triple like beats I guess. Soo Vince should of had these two face each other enstead whatever

    • Mark Petrick on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      To Yousif:

      The feud is already done with Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

      To Anan:

      I’m still worried about Undertaker getting screwed or something, like you said. Hopefully nothing happens and we go from there.

    • Thy Serpent on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      I too am concerned about a possible screwjob giving ‘Taker his second Mania loss. If that is the case, by the time WM32 is over, Undertaker would have lost to only 2 people at WM . Brock and the other……Shane? At least losing to Brock was believable. Since this is about getting control of RAW, WWE might have Shane win? On the other hand, there is also a possibility of The Undertaker beating all odds to come out on top. WWE can’t be that dumb to make him lose to Shane, interference or not, can they? What if he does beat ‘Taker? Is it going to be Brock vs Shane because Brock was the only other guy to beat ‘Taker at WM? In one of the threads, someone had this to say, “Personally i would rather see Undertaker v the entire Creative Team.. Coz they all deserves an ass kicking tbh” Funny comment, but I thought that was true. This match up only strengthens that. I may be speaking too soon, but it definitely wasn’t worth the wait.

    • Mark Petrick on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      To Thy Serpent:

      We will find out, at Wrestlemania 32. I can’t confirm anything but I would think, the Undertaker will do a taped promo or be Live, Next Monday Night on Raw to get this feud started with Shane McMahon.

    • dhanish1979 on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      @mark petrick @jess
      i know you guys will never prefer brock vs taker but brock lesnar contract will come to end at WM 33 unless wwe continues the contract,,wwe is planning to shift few nxt superstars to raw in this year,
      you all remember rock vs john cena “once in a lifetime”,the what happens next year?i can give one best example between john cena vs randy orton?oh what the heck i can give several other superstars,again i am with yousif andi still expect brock vs taker to happen next year.

      @Anan and others:i think shane will appoint some one like john cena,sting or even goldberg to face the undertaker at HIAC.
      Ok we are still in feb,things can change dramatically next week and over the next weeks so.i mean shane will come out and tell vince that he will not fight the undertaker because he too owns the undertaker contract and it will be the undertaker vs vince at HIAC,this makes vince go mad and calls out (john cena,y2j or even sting) to face the undertaker by force and if they refuse to face the undertaker they are fired.so this results in the undertaker with shane vs vince choice

    • yousif on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      once the undertaker retires i am done watching wrestling

      enogh is enough ,, they turned thing i loved most in my life (wrestling) enjoyed and grew up watching it .. into meaningless boring predictable show ,, why !!!!!

      i was so happy to see edge and christian ,, entrence at fastlane , i love them ..
      i thought i am going to see something from old days ,, but the segment went too and bad looked unscripted ,
      so there is no hope to get better with names , , because the problem is not with names and wrestlers , the problem is with creative team and the companys strategy itself.

      y2j dudlies edge christian rick flair .. these big names cant add any entertainment to wwe , not becasue they are done , its because there is no proper plan and segments and storline for any1,

      brock vs taker fued gave me the feeling that wwe is still alive .. and i really dont know why some of you are consideing they will never face eachother again ,, actually there are very few choices for both of them to face ..
      so facing eachother during brocks contract is something very normal , and not a big issue , its not a movie which has an offical end ,,so whats the probelm .. this is wrestling , fued end and then starts again after sometime unless the contract expires .

      i am so upset to know taker is going to face shane ! but still happy to see shane back , hoping he can be involved in adding some thing new to the current situation as we all know he was against teh PG ratiing thing.

    • BamBam on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Whats up,guys.

      What is seriously wrong with vince???!You have taker on previous wm facing edge,hbk,hhh,punk and brock all big names to a non-wrestler shane mcmahon?!! wth??? I do respect shane for his work and contribution after the years, but this is undertaker for goodness sakes.

      Has Undertaker been demoted or something since 2014? The days of taker putting over opponents and having losses is over, he has done it all, established wrestlers new and old and had done the biggest put over job in histroy at wm30 against lesnar! Taker imo should never lose again in the remaining days/years he had left. He should also win his retirement match should it happen as his due BIG reward for the years he put in Its justified in countless ways and years!
      The thought and possibility of shane winning against deadman is worrying , i cannot find the word for it but despair is the closest word and worse still.Taker had big losses 2014 and 2015 and now this.Last two years is almost unbearable and i thought of stopping watching wrestling and taker altogether this year and gradually remove pro-wrestling in my system for good. I like it and need it with taker pin 123 ,victory pose and explosions as my last memory of the taker.Now its looking to get taken away too???
      Maybe taker should veto or walkout from wwe like stonecold ,punk…i dont care its not professional or not but this is over the limit..
      Whats wrong with vince? and the bad thing is what is wrong with fans. A lot of people(not on this site) claimed to tbe aker fans but loves to see him lose> what is this weird fetish??
      Taker is the only thing that kept me wacthing the show for years now ..but now i had grown tired and old after watching the dang show for 16 years..enough is enough. Just at least do one thing right vince!

    • Dark Kinght on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      May be Vince think the Legacy award will goes to Undertaker to praise The Undertaker’s Career in WWE. Whatever Vince did that will best for Business..

      Waiting for his return.

    • Mike b on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Roman only guy I don’t mind having put over taker. No one else but I do understand where your coming from. But if taker has to wrestle and lose then ther better be story that taker is force to wrestle Shane. Meaning Vince in the ring being humble about him self match he made then undertaker comes out tells Vince u don’t tell me who I will face. And basically throws it Vince’s face but then Vince turn things around some sort away forces taker wrestle or else kind of thing

    • Mark Petrick on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      To Dhanish1979:

      Like I said in one of my posts, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker will not be facing off anymore against each other. The time has passed and they both have moved on from it.

    • Mike b on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      To anon perhaps undertaker cones out when Shane and Vince arguing and taker says something like hell no to Vince u don’t tell me whom I’m gonna face and one way or another taker angles him self with Shane and Vince is force call some one else take on taker

    • Mike b on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Getting tired of wwe making Brock so untouchable that getting stupid, past two months with Roman and dean every time see them that Brock always has upper deck. Understand at the begging of this fued but keep it interesting that dean in this second month fued that dean character should start getting bit the upper hand like out smarting him time to time.. But I guess Vince does ever do that have some body upper cut on Brock that Vince shit pee in he’s pants so doesn’t look like dean get much of upper hand. So pretty much all these two month fued every time see Brock and dean that Brock f5 every which way on dean.. Mean one way sorta funny but get make people connect and care about this story dean needs get bit of upper hand..

    • ancientrites on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Sorry Folks,We think Shane O Mac Will Conquer The UnderTaker 22-2,Please Do Not Forget to Watch Our client Brock Lesnar Taking Out Dean,It’s Like Peeling Off Banana.

    • Ray on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Shave v Taker…. What is in it for the Undertaker? What is his characters motivation going into WM32 against Shane? I can think of three scenarios with this story line

      A) Undertaker comes out on Raw, says a few things, it turns into a Winner becomes Raw GM match

      B) Shane convinces Undertaker to lay down in the ring in exchange for a tittle shot (might work with the heel turn)

      C) This is all we see as per usual with the creative team

    • eric on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      I think their is more to come….either Shane gets someone in his spot or Undertaker refuses and Vince picks his opponent.
      …and no way will this be Takers last ride.

    • eric on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      maybe Taker refuses….causing Vince to flip the script….if Taker wins,Shane gets raw….if he loses…”you’re fired”…..and your opponent is…the entire Wyatt family…or Sting…or Cena….bottom line….stay tuned.

    • eric on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      who knows….maybe Undertaker adds his own stipulation….if he wins…he gets a title shot…..or a match with Sting…..or another match later that night….no way is this the finished match……we heard from shane…we heard from vince….now we need to hear from the deadman.

    • BamBam on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      Why does ppl still in love with bitch “the douche” lesntardo in phenomforever.com? Lol get your own fan site and post there. This is Takers fansite baby!

    • dariom on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      What about taker complete destroying shane at mania then let shane suddenly pin him then vince complete freaking out and challenge shane for extreme rules himself or shane vs hhh

    • yousif on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      The way I see it .
      Taker will come out and don’t show any interest in the match and then vince change the match to takers retirement if he loses.
      So this way the match will be intresting. .
      Not predictable ..

    • eric on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      if Shane wins he gets control
      if Vince wins he gets the lock box
      but what’s Taker get????
      I’m telling ya,there is more to come….we need to hear from The Phenom!!!
      Again…..NO WAY is this his last ride….

    • Anan on February 23rd, 2016 says:

      I’m seeing a lot of, no offense, strange ideas here LOL. That includes my concern of Shane defeating Taker. But we’ve seen those Mcmahon odds many times. As great as they are, Rock, Austin, even HBK weren’t able to overcome them. If anyone can, it is undeniably Taker.


      You mean to tell me Shane will commit suicide by facing Taker in HIAC on his own? Sure he competed in matches alone. But (1) He was a face which currently he is, but that can change and (2) He was younger then and is older now. What you say can happen. I personally don’t see it though. I see Shane turning heel during the build or at some point during the match itself and he’ll have help. HIAC was originally designed to keep the combatants inside and everyone else out. But it hasn’t always been that way.

      @Thy Serpent:

      The creative team, bookers, writers deserve to be out of WWE and replaced with people of knowledge of WWE/pro wrestling knowledge, even experience, and a plus would be if they were fans of the product as we’ve get a fan’s perspective as part of those behind the scenes roles which would result in a better product. Vince needs to go too. I respect what he’s done and his undying work ethic. But I’m now convinced he’s out of touch. I saw Austin’s podcast with HHH and loved HHH’s ideas. I know a lot of times giving wrestlers creative control isn’t good. If anything, WCW’s proof of that. But then again, Sting proved when he was given that in WCW that it can be good. He didn’t step per anyone to get himself over. He was barely part of the shows, just hung out in the rafters for a year. I’m anxious to see the results if which I’m sure will be good if Taker ha control over himself in terms of his matches. Who would he pick to face, how good and how much attention would the build be, etc. I’m positive it’ll be better than Vince’s plans. And I’m not knocking Vince. But at least from a writing, booking, creative standpoint and NXT’s the proof that those responsibilities should be given to HHH. I read Foley’s son and daughter will join WWE with behind the scenes roles though I’m not sure exactly what those roles are. But I think Noelle was going to be an interviewer, which would leave the talented Renee Young……

      Freddie Prinze was great on the writing team. If he’s open to returning, they should bring him back. Russo who volunteered to help WWE out, yeah I know he’s controversial in many opinions and not liked by many, but when he worked for WWE, the product was better. They should rehire him.


      Sting or Goldberg? IMO, not a snowball’s chance in hell. Sting;s only WM appearance this year in when the HOF Class of 2016 appear. Plus he won’t sellout to Vince. Goldberg has a still unimproved relationship with WWE so unless than changes, he won’t be at the show at all. If he is, I don’t see him selling out either and certainly not in front of his son. He’s stated he’d have one more match so his son could see him wrestle.


      “Has Undertaker been demoted or something since 2014? The days of taker putting over opponents and having losses is over, he has done it all, established wrestlers new and old and had done the biggest put over job in histroy at wm30 against lesnar! Taker imo should never lose again in the remaining days/years he had left. He should also win his retirement match should it happen as his due BIG reward for the years he put in Its justified in countless ways and years!”

      I agree that he should if for no other reason than for the sake of the fans win his retirement match. But talent from his generation put their opponent on their way out. Austin lost to Rock. Sting in TNA lost to Magnus, and to HHH and Seth Rollins in WWE in what are currently his final matches. Jericho usually loses as does Kane. Rock lost what is currently his last match to Cena. I don’t think I need to go further for you to see the facts. A pro like Taker, I can see him actually requesting to lose, especially depending on his opponent which he may also request a specific name. If I were running things, I’d give hm the right to choose his opponents from here on out and whether he wins or not and decide the finish.

      But his days of putting talent over aren’t done. When he started he was put over. Now he’s doing what was done for him. And he puts talent over whether he wins or not, but he doesn’t need wins anymore to validate his career. He can lose every match he has from here on out and it won’t devalue anything though I see him winning when it makes sense like defeating Shane at WM.

      @Mike b:

      Don’t see Taker doing that. He’s not one to turn challenges down. He did face Vince and had a great rivalry with the son in law, HHH. Now it’s time for the prodigal son, Shane to face The Deadman’s wrath. That’s one way of looking at it.


      Regarding your A, B, and C…

      A) Taker as RAW GM? Would that fit his Deadman character and his current part-time status? Nope. So not happening.

      B) Taker laying down? NEVER did it before, he won’t do it at WM. And think about where WM’s held this year, Texas. You really think he’s gonna have his first laying down in Texas? That’ll be a bigger riot than The Streak breaking.


      Taker adding his own stip? Possible. It won’t be a Title shot though. Taker is too professional and old school to be Champion, but not show up like Rock or Brock when they were Champions. He will do the full Champions’ schedule. He’s a part-timer for a reason. He doesn’t need and probably doesn’t want the full-time schedule and I think WWE views him as a good for business brand, but also an attraction used when needed, not always. This and the fact that he doesn’t need Titles will prevent him from winning or even receiving a Title shot. The only way I can see him getting another one is his retirement match being for the World Title, something I don’t see happening either.

      I don’t see Taker saying if he wins, he’ll get Sting. Nowadays (aside from WM23, WM24, and WM28), Taker doesn’t seek challenges, just accepts whatever challenges are presented to him.

      To be clear, as of now, the control stip only applies to Shane. And it;s for control of RAW, not WWE. There’s more to WWE than just RAW despite what Vince stated in a scripted TV show promo.

      Yes, Shane did very well. But his best days IMO are probably behind him. Plus he’s older now and his last singles match was against Orton at NWO 2009 if I remember correctly. His last ever match was part of a 6 man tag at Backlash 2009 where he teamed with HHH and Batista and Legacy. So he’s definitely got some ring rust. As a face, he was content with having matches alone and his matches against Kane in 2003 are proof of that. But as a heel, had help. Summerslam 1999, Backlash 2000 are proof of that.

      I agree with the heel turn point. Taker’s heel days are over. He hasn’t been one since 1999 and most of his career, he’s been a face. Now, he’s too beloved by the fans to be turned now and WWE realizes that which is why they haven’t turned him. If they did turn him, the effect would be the same as Sting’s heel turn in WCW. The fans would still cheer and WWE would turn him back to a face right away just like that like WCW had to end up doing with Sting.


      Don’t see that strange booking a reality.

    • eric on February 24th, 2016 says:

      I’m just saying I don’t believe it is a straight up Shane v Taker match….There is one more person we haven’t heard from yet…The Deadman himself.