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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    John Cena, Edge and Sting on Taker vs Shane

    As a fan, what match are you most looking forward to?

    John Cena: Shane-Undertaker because of what’s at stakeā€”the stakes are what determines how important a match is. Yes, we all want to be champion, but Shane returning after a seven year absence to only have one match and if he loses, he’s gone. If he wins, things change drastically. If he beats the Undertaker I can confidently say that’s probably the last time we are going to see the Undertaker because if the Undertaker is as good as he says he is, for him to lose to someone coming off a seven year sabbatical, maybe you’ve lost a step kid. Maybe its time to move aside.

    source: Complex Magazine

    WWE Hall of Famer Edge spoke to WWE’s website and gave his prediction for the Hell In a Cell match between The Undertaker and Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 tomorrow:

    “This match is the toughest to call. I know personally what The Deadman can do at ‘Mania, which is to say, something no one else can do. Shane is a maniac, in a good way. For the sake of the industry, I want Shane to win. But he’s rollin’ snake eyes. Never bet against The Undertaker.”

    source: WWE.com

    Sting says he’s most looking forward to seeing Hell In a Cell with Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker because of his interest in Taker and everything that’s at stake. Sting says he’s ready for some swerves on Sunday. You can see a video of Sting’s interview below:

    source: Youtube.com/WWE

    While Vince said this WM would be Taker’s last if he lost, he didn’t say it’d be his last match. He simply said “Taker’s last” so that is left open to interpretation and the question of whether that loss would be Taker’s last match or just his last WM. I am of the opinion that WWE wants to have Taker vs John Cena, originally planned for this year’s WM, to take place at a future WM, perhaps next year in Orlando. If that is true, this will not be Taker’s last WM meaning he will win. On the other hand, it is possible Taker may have told WWE that this will be it for him meaning that he would lose.

    Edge is correct is saying this is the toughest one to call. It could go either way. It is probably the most unpredictable match on the card. But as Edge stated, never bet against Taker, especially at WM.

    I agree with Sting. I just hope the swerve doesn’t result in a Taker loss at a Texas WM. I just cannot see Taker having his 2nd WM loss in his home state and to Shane Mcmahon. If that happened, it’d be worse that Lesnar breaking The Streak because unlike Shane, at least Lesnar’s an actual athlete while Shane’s a stuntman.

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    • danja20101 on April 3rd, 2016 says:

      i personally think this is takers way of going out being “the deadman” he cant have a send of like normal wrestlers i hope its not but i think this will be the last we see of taker

    • Anan on April 3rd, 2016 says:

      Taker may not want a retirement ceremony and maybe WWE won’t give him one because of that. But that doesn’t mean they won’t promote the hell out of his retirement. It’s just smart business. WWE’s not stupid. They know Taker’s value to WWE and know promoting his retirement will generate a guaranteed immediate ticket sellout.

      Taker’s retirement match, of he gets one, I suspect would get a pretty big build. Taker vs Shane doesn’t seem to me to be that big build to warrant Taker’s final match nor does a stuntman is Shane warrant being Taker’s final opponent. If Taker took on Cena at WM32, I could see WM32 being Taker’s last more than I currently do. But if it is, so be it. I tend to agree with JR who feels it is not.

    • BamBam on April 3rd, 2016 says:

      I agree , Taker losing to shane is almost an insult since he is a non-wrestler,like vince,donald trump or other celebs. I would rather have fandango or heath slater to be taker than an executive of the company.But hey taker did lose to vince in 2003 in a buried alive match right? How much more can he insult the deadman and his fans. Anybody with a little piece of brain should book taker as the winner if you are the promoter/booker. All of this for a stupid power struggle storyline thats not even worth it.

    • Anan on April 3rd, 2016 says:

      The power struggle deal would make all the sense in the world if it was Shane vs Vince or because Shane’s not where he was in the ring and Vince is past his non trained wrestler prime, Vince picking a representative, even if he had to force someone to compete on his behalf against a representative of Shane. Kinda like how The Battle of the Billionaires from WM23 where both sides had their own stipulations (loser would be shaved bald) and representative (Lashley for Chump, Umaga for Vince.) It’s simple, If Shane’s representative wins, he controls RAW. If his representative doesn’t win, he does not control RAW.

      While Taker being anyone’s representative, much less Vince’s even though he refers to Taker as his personal instrument of destruction doesn’t fit the man or the character, fact is any Taker match at WM is better than none. If the NOC injury to Sting didn’t happen, with WWE out of options for Taker, they may have done Taker vs Sting, even if Vince had to forcibly approve of a match he reportedly had no interest in because of the injuries to Taker’s possible list of opponents. Or they could have finished AJ vs Jericho leaving Jericho free for Taker. Either match would have been better than Taker/Shane in terms of build and would not need to be a HIAC or have any stipulations to create interest.

      But it’s too late for that now. It is what it is, like it or not. I do think Taker/Shane will be better than we all think.

    • BamBam on April 3rd, 2016 says:


      I agree again
      Cant believe that they missed the boat on Taker/Jericho since the match itself could be insane.Remember jericho pinned taker 2010? Taker story could be another revenge.

      I dont think taker like ceremonies when he retires out/in character.I think hes like steve austin,Austin dont have any ceremony post wm 19. I dont like it either since ceremony is sad and almost pathetic . He’s not the guy that crave sympathy anyway.Taker could do stuff like austin did a random chokeslam tombstone to some dude then leave.Eventually stop appearing altogether
      Yes, hope thats all we have.Hope for the best.

    • Anan on April 4th, 2016 says:


      In some form or fashion, I believe Taker will always be a part of the WWE family. He’s a permanent member of that family and has been for a long time now. Retirement will not change that. Yes I too could see Taker making one-ff appearances for a chokeslam or tombstone here and there after retiring. Some RAW or SD special episode like an anniversary edition or an Old School themed episode could see such a thing taking place. He could also make avdertised or surprise appearances at live events or off-air segments. He could do more WWE Network stuff. He can appear at Axxess or Comic Cons on behal of WWE.

      I can see a documentary set released on his career. I just hope it’s a career retrospective documentary unlike the Sting one. I also hope it’s of appropriate length. The Dudleyz’ and Scott Hall’s sets are less than 2hrs. Not long enough for such long careers such as theirs.

      “I dont think taker like ceremonies when he retires out/in character.”

      His WWE on screen character could have something to do with him not wanting a ceremony. But I think it’s more important than just that. I do not believe Taker would want the attention/spotlight that comes with having a ceremony as he would rather the spotlight be on today’s talents for them to shine bright in. Taker’s never been a spotlight guy.

    • yousif on April 4th, 2016 says:

      I think taker will not be in any of WWE network programs after retirement.
      And I wish that too
      I don’t want to see him in any of their shows other than wrestling show.
      I will always prefer to see him in Hollywood movies rather than this.. and I belive taker will be a great actor is special roles.

      The question is .. will he ever break his character and live normally? Or taker will always be the undertaker his whole life ? Even after retirement