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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    WM32 Results: Taker vs Shane

    – We get a video package for the next match as Hell In a Cell is lowered around the ring.

    Hell In a Cell: Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker

    Shane McMahon makes his way out to a pop and he’s joined by his three songs. They’re wearing Shane O’Mac jerseys too. They head to the ring together as confetti and fake money drops. Shane stops to hand them over the barrier to family. He gets a good luck kiss from his wife before entering the Cell. The lights go out and The Undertaker’s grand entrance begins. Taker stops at the Cell and takes his gear off to a pop. Taker stares Shane down as he enters the Cell and shuts the door. If Shane wins, he gets control of RAW and Taker will never wrestle at another WrestleMania.

    Shane bounces around the ring to size Taker up. Taker wants to fight. Shane ducks a right and hits body shots in the corner. Shane backs off and Taker comes back ready to fight. Shane is still moving round the ring. He tries for a punch and a kick. Taker with a knee to the gut and a right hand that drops Shane. Taker takes Shane to the corner now. Shane fights back but Taker’s blows are bigger. Taker tosses Shane out to the floor. They come back in and Shane hits left and rights into the corner. Taker drops him with one strike and then stomps. Taker whips Shane into the corner and drops him for Snake Eyes. Shane comes right back with a flying elbow but Taker sits right back up and Shane is down.

    Taker stomps and kicks Shane to the floor, then sends him into the steel. Shane ends up back in the ring while Taker takes the steel steps apart. They end up back on the floor and Taker rocks Shane after another shot into the steel. Taker positions Shane on the apron and hits the signature apron leg drop. Taker brings it back in the ring and goes for Last Ride. He nails it and covers but Shane kicks out at 2. Taker brings half of the steel steps in the ring. Taker goes over but Shane pulls him in a triangle choke. Taker starts fading and foaming a the mouth but the hold is broken. Shane keeps up the fight on Taker but he grabs him out of nowhere for a chokeslam on top of the steps. Taker with a 2 count on top of the steps.

    Taker goes for an elbow on the steps but Shane moves. Shane sits on the steps and tells Taker to bring it as Taker stands up. Taker moves towards him and Shane suckers him in, dropping him face first into the steps with a DDT. Shane with a 2 count. Shane stands on the half of the steel steps and hits an elbow for a 2 count in the ring. Taker sits up beside Shane on the mat. They trade shots and Taker locks him in the Hell’s Gate submission. Shane fights and won’t give up but he starts fading. He slips out and applies a leg submission. Shane turns it into a Sharpshooter in the middle of the Cell. Taker kicks out of the hold and sends Shane to the mat. Taker barely sits up in the corner as Shane pounds on him. Shane barely has anything left like Taker. He goes under the ring and brings a trash can in. Shane stomps away on Taker in the corner. Shane places the trash can on Taker and punches him some more. Fans cheer as Shane goes to the top and leaps across the ring, kicking the trash can into Taker’s chest with a big Coast 2 Coast. Fans chant “holy sh##” as Taker is face down. Shane crawls over, moves the trash can out of the way and covers for a 2 count as fans chant “you still got it” at him.

    Shane goes under the ring and has bolt cutters hidden. Shane cuts bolts on the Cell as fans pop. Taker comes over and they brawl trading shots on the floor. Taker drives Shane into the Cell wall and they crash through it because Shane cut the bolts. The panel falls on top of the German announce table. Fans chant “this is awesome” again. Taker grabs Shane by his shirt and slams him several times into the Cell panel. Taker takes the main announce table apart and throws the top at Shane. Taker with a big boot to the head. Taker takes the Spanish announce table apart now. He nails Shane with a monitor to the head. Taker hits Shane with another monitor and sends him ribs first into the barrier. They go on the other side of the barrier in the crowd and Taker knocks Shane on top of a platform that’s as high as the barrier. Taker stands on top of it and stands over Shane as fans pop. Taker cuts his own throat and picks Shane up. He scoops Shane for a Tombstone but Shane slides out and applies a sleeper hold on top of this platform. Taker starts fading but stands back up and jumps off the platform, crashing Shane and himself through the Spanish announce table. Taker lands himself on top of Shane but it looks like Shane is getting up first. Shane crawls over to a toolbox and nails Taker in the face with it.

    Taker gets up and Shane nails him with the toolbox again. This time it comes open and empties out. Taker falls on top of the announce table and Shane sits on the floor for a breather. Fans see where Taker is and they start popping. Shane also sees what’s up and he gets to his feet. Shane decks Taker with a monitor while he’s laid flat on top of the announce table. Shane starts climbing the Cell and makes it to the top. Fans chant “please don’t jump” as he lays flat and looks down at Taker. Shane stands up and looks down for a minute before leaping off the Cell, crashing through just the table as Taker moves. Shane is laid out flat as Cole and JBL call for medics. Taker sits up against the barrier and is shocked. The crowd is quiet for a minute. They pop as Shane shows signs of life.

    Taker gets up and Shane makes it to his knees. Shane tells him to bring it and Taker scoops him for a Tombstone. Taker brings it back in the ring. Shane ends up on his knees and Taker grabs his face, nailing a Tombstone piledriver for the win.

    Winner: The Undertaker

    – After the match, Taker’s music hits and we see one of Shane’s sons at ringside looking concerned. We go to replays as the lights go out and Taker heads up the ramp. Referees are checking on Shane in the ring. Taker stops and looks back, smirking it looks like. Medical officials have made their way down now. The lights come up and we get more replays as they tend to Shane. Fans cheer as Shane is loaded up onto a board and placed on the back of a medical cart. They drive Shane up the ramp as fans cheer him and the announcers play up the seriousness of the situation. Shane gives a thumbs up to the crowd and they pop.

    source: AllWrestling.com

    It didn’t close the show as rumored, but the face vs face match delivered. Major props to Shane. This was better than I thought it’d be & no doubt, it exceeded people’s expectations. No interference, but it was a no holds barred affair. Shane as of now will not control RAW unless he sticks around after WM and finds another way. He’s a McMahon so if he wants to reach that goal, he will definitely find another way. And on top of that, Taker wins in his home state, securing his active future in WWE and more specifically, at WM.

    Post Discussion
    • john peeler on April 4th, 2016 says:

      I knew the undertaker was going to win 23-1 all the way shane is the newest victim of souls at wm now we got to have undertaker vs john cena at wrestlemania 33 next year does anybody agree.

    • Anan on April 4th, 2016 says:

      @john peeler:

      The fact that Taker vs Cena was originally planned for this year’s WM is prrof that the match is WM bound regardless of when it happens so I don’t care personally what WM the match happens. I’m more focused on hoping both are as healthy as they possibly are able to be for the big match and hope it’ll have a big build worthy of the top billed WM match and that the match delivers. All of that is more important than what WM it takes place at. But for the purposes of making up for not happening this year, next year’s WM33 is a possibility for it. Here’s the thing though. Cena’s gonna be around as he is a full-timer and Taker’s still got it, is healthy so I see him sticking around. Considering he’s a part-timer like Taker, I rather have WM33 have Taker vs Jericho (if not at Summerslam) and WM34 having Taker vs Cena.

    • Shehzad on April 4th, 2016 says:

      Incredible match, the Undertaker was almost in tears after he pinned Shane.

    • streak conqueror on April 4th, 2016 says:

      congratulations to all losers here,the undertaker won but the winner was shane o mac.The fact remains brock the true phenom lesnar remains unchallenged
      1.brock lesnar defeated the undertaker at no mercy 2002
      2.brock lesnar defeated the undertaker at no mercy 2003
      3.brock lesnar defeated the undertaker at wrestlemania 30
      4.brock lesnar defeated the undertaker at hell in a cell 2015
      5.the undertaker defeated our hero brock lesnar by submission but fail to pin 2015

    • Shehzad on April 4th, 2016 says:

      The Undertaker was in excellent condition at WM, after the match he also threw his gloves in the ring where shane was laying.

    • Thomas on April 4th, 2016 says:

      There wasn’t any interference as I thought, but what a match! It sure exceeded our expectations. But it’s no surprise that Taker always delivers and he did deliver tonight. There were some really cool spots and I must give a respect to Shane – his jump from the top of the cell shocked me!

    • yousif on April 4th, 2016 says:

      What a great evil smile that was by taker before leaving the stage
      WOW . It was my wrestlemania best scene this year.
      I don’t think he was in tears or anything . Yes he was shocked by the move . But he continued and did his work and left without checking on Shane as he did for Shawn before

    • Shehzad on April 4th, 2016 says:

      On yousif: He was, and also he took off his gloves and and tossed’m to shane for what?
      I’ve never seen Undertaker taking off his gloves and leaving them in the ring.

    • BamBam on April 4th, 2016 says:

      In mma ,leaving your gloves in the ring could mean that im having my last match/fight and also retirement.It could be that or a symbolic gesture for shane for putting takers career in jeopardy.
      I think retirement is the case for the deadman as for the gloves and appearing at HOF. Sting’s retired too.
      Well if that is last match of taker im okay with it. As for the possible cena match taker already faced him in 2004 as the undead deadman. Hes done it all ,nothing left to prove.Ending it all on the cell match could a be nice way to say goodbye. Money cant buy health and not an actual wealth

    • LemVonDoom on April 4th, 2016 says:

      I also saw him talking to someone in the audience when he was exiting the Cell. If I’m not mistaken, it looked like Michelle during that time when Shane was taking his sons to Linda. I saw someone that looked like Michelle and after that match, Taker was talking to someone in the same place.

    • Shehzad on April 4th, 2016 says:

      The Undertaker was really in great shape, i never thought that I would see him like that, he was like the Deadman of 2010-11.

    • dhanish1979 on April 4th, 2016 says:

      Off topic: I saw the whole show,the main event between triple h and roman reigns was terrible,no interference and no climax,there was no electricity, fire or rage from either side,it would been better the undertaker vs shane mcmahon closed the show,

      @ Anan and gang:think what ever you guys wanna think,the street match should have been between the undertaker and brock lesnar and hiacl between shane and dean ambrose,
      match between shane and taker:It was really nice and i expected shane to do some crazy stuff and he did,For some reason it was clear noticeable taker was selling those beatings from shane especially taker quickly moved away from announce table from getting elbowed.

    • yousif on April 4th, 2016 says:

      @bambam and @shezad
      If in MMA leaving gloves means he will retire then it’s clear removing cloves wasn’t for what you actually think .
      Taker is still there I think for 2 more Manias I guess.

      I can understand why u want Taker vs Brock in a street fight but belive me this wrestlemania wasnt totally the right time.
      I have a feeling Brock vs Taker will be takers last or may be for both.

      But I don’t understand why you think shane should go against dean!!.

      Thanks @anan for the article and comment.

      Here are some of my points for this year’s WM

      I think triple have vs Roman was a very good match. But ended as predicted without any interference or surprises
      Triple h was greeeaaat.

      I think dean amro performed very bad against Brock. Very limited ability for this guy . I think he is over rated . There are many out there much better than him.
      Brock was just OK.
      The only logical Opponent who can battle Brock is Taker.
      As he it seems he is beating everyone easily. But it’s not the time.
      Even Roman was easy for him last year. He beated the he’ll out of him.

      The rock Cena. And Austin Shawn Mick segments .. looked so fake and prescripted to me .
      Each and every action they did. Looked like a stage drama show not WWE show
      Like now it’s your turn come Do your thing . Now you .. now you. Lights camera action ..etc
      . I didn’t like ..this is not the way I am use too as a fan for so many years now!
      I was acepcting much better from them .

      Undertaker is in great shape although he looks old . And I belive Taker got the ability to wrestler faster than he did . And he did that for the match to help shane the non wrestler .!

      Thank you all

    • Shehzad on April 4th, 2016 says:

      I don’t know what you guys think about different matches, but the atmosphere of AT&T stadium was phenomenal & spectacular, what a fantastic place to host Wrestlemania!

    • Mike b on April 4th, 2016 says:

      Cool taker won, just sucks sting retire cause of he’s injury.. We all wanted sting/taker but we all can blame Vince..

    • Etienne on April 4th, 2016 says:

      Well I have to say the match did deliver, and there were a couple times where I thought Shane may actually win… But I didn’t expect there to be any way they would let Taker lose considering his inevitable match with (cena music intro)….. John (needs to chabge) Cena…. Still would have preferred Sting, but with him announcing retirement , it kinda dampens that…. But u never know.

    • dhanish1979 on April 4th, 2016 says:

      OFF TOPIC:
      @yousif:i dont know shane and dean looks more of street fighters sort of,
      taker looked old but had he tanned up bit more he would look bit younger,as i said zillions times taker will shoot for “25-1” i,e by the grace of God if he stays healthy.
      According to rajah.com and sportskeeda news:brock will be ending his contract next year,most probably brock facing the undertaker or the batista at next year WM33 but the main headline will be john cena vs roman reigns for wwe title.never know how true this will be.

    • VenezuelanTaker on April 4th, 2016 says:

      I didn’t take kindly Shane kicking out of the Last Ride.

    • VenezuelanTaker on April 4th, 2016 says:

      The other thing I didn’t like is the winning 3 count. I swear, the crowd was dead.

    • Dead Angel on April 4th, 2016 says:

      @Streak Conquererererer:
      You crack me up. You do know that wins and losses in pro wrestling are predetermined right? The “our client” thing is funny as you know you have no connection to Brock just as the rest of us who visit have no connection to Brock either.

    • yousif on April 4th, 2016 says:

      What is rajah.com
      Never heard about it

    • karentaker on April 4th, 2016 says:

      @ yousif

      Rajah.com is an US wrestling website. I look at all the time. They are pretty good when it comes to news about all wrestling promotions.

    • Anan on April 5th, 2016 says:

      @Dead Angel:

      It’d be a good idea to ignore that Streak Conqueror troll. You and others that are replying to him is just fueling him more to post.


      I don’t like it, but finisher kickouts are the norm. Even on TV matches. If or when Taker faces Cena, Super Cena will kick out of the Last Ride, Chokeslam, Tombstone, escape Hell’s Gate the first time.

      Shane kicking out of the Last Ride isn’t that big of a deal since that is not Taker’s main finisher. How many tombstones did Brock Lesnar kick out from? That is Taker’s main finisher. Glad it put Shane away. Imagine of it didn’t, that’d be worse.

    • Jess on April 5th, 2016 says:

      Apparently Taker has told people backstage after his match that the match was his final match. I’d take this with a grain of salt though. He has also been spotted backstage.

    • Anan on April 5th, 2016 says:


      I just posted the report. I agree and am also taking that as a rumor.

    • eric on April 5th, 2016 says:

      match delievered for me!!!!
      can not wait for the deadman’s return!!!!!

    • Dead Angel on April 6th, 2016 says:

      Ignoring Streak Conquerererer would take the fun out of my 5 minute visits to the site. I actually like the guy. The crap he writes is entertaining.