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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    JR Answers Taker Questions

    In his latest batch of Q&A’s on his website, JR answered a good portion of Taker questions.

    the tennessee stud Asks:
    JR, with Mark Calaway at or near the end of his career, do you think the WWE should consider “recasting” the role of the Undertaker? Since they own the name and likeness, couldn’t UT be recast like James Bond gets recast every now and again, or Superman gets recast? Would fans accept an “Undertaker 2.0”, “Millennium Undertaker”, “New Undertaker” or something similar?
    J.R.’s Answer:
    It’s certainly possible but it isn’t something that I would normally do and nor would likely do it here either.

    TakerMania Asks:
    Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa. What factors would you say contributed to Undertakers’ success in the WWE. Its 25-plus years later and Taker still gets good reactions whenever he returns. His longevity is incredible and I hope the WWE will give him a one of a kind send-off.
    J.R.’s Answer:
    Taker has been an Ironman who exudes consistency, a high skill set, and has been in main event storylines for decades which helps build his legacy and reputation. Undertaker is arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time based on tenure and productivity over the years.

    KITANA74 Asks:
    Hello Good Ol J .R. How are you? I just signed up on your website. great stuu! My question is this. Do you ever plan to have Legendary Undertaker on one of your podcasts reral soon if ever??? thanks for your time. Take care. bye Love Jennifer
    J.R.’s Answer:
    Undertaker has a standing invitation to appear on the Ross Report podcast and we are hopeful that some day that dream can become a reality.

    robg1987 Asks:
    JR, one of my favorite matches from the early 2000’s, was a match you called. It was the Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy in a ladder match. Undertaker beat the crap out of Hardy for most of the match, with Hardy coming oh so close to winning the WWE title. At the end of it all the Undertaker paid respect to Hardy in a loss, who didn’t quit and kept fighting despite getting his ass kicked. I feel like a similar template should have been used for the Ambrose/Lesnar match, just to be honest that match has turned out to be an utter failure from a “booking” POV. Ambrose could have been made in a loss but instead we got a Brock Lesnar showcase match for 13 minutes, then Ambrose moves onto Jericho like nothing happened It is no wonder viewership continues to decline when lack of logic continues to be displayed on such a consistent basis.
    J.R.’s Answer:
    Comparing Taker’s TV persona and Lesnar’s TV persona isn’t apples to apples. Plus, Jeff Hardy vs Taker on RAW doesn’t compare to Lesnar vs. Ambrose at Wrestlemania 32 in multiple ways. Both matches had different story tellers and were on different stages with different storylines.

    undertaker4ever Asks:
    Hey JR You keep saying Taker deserves a highly promoted sendoff unlike any other talent in WWE. How would you book Taker’s retirement? Where would you have his final match? Who would you have as his final opponent? Would you have him win or lose his final match?
    J.R.’s Answer:
    Booking a Taker farewell match would be easy but it would depend on when and the lay of the land at the time but it would be a dream match scenario if possible at Wrestlemania without question.

    johnt Asks:
    Now that we’ve had multiple weeks of Shane “running” Raw, may I ask…what was the point of the Shane/Undertaker Wrestlemania match? There’s no consequence to Shane losing. In fact he’s been rewarded for losing because he gets what he wanted anyway. The point of adding that stipulation the Wrestlemania match was what then?
    J.R.’s Answer:
    Don’t have an answer for you…sorry. It’s obviously not that big an issue to WWE or they wouldn’t have forsaken their top Wrestlemania stipulation after 24 hours. Dave Meltzer and I address this matter on this week’s Ross Report Podcast.

    source: JRsBarBQ

    I don’t agree with “Undertaker 2.0.” First, it won’t be anywhere near as successful as THE Undertaker. In today’s reality era, how “Undertaker-ish” can one be? The closest thing to Undertaker today is Bray Wyatt. But he’s nowhere near Taker. Taker’s supernatural and has a mystique about hm that can’t be duplicated. Bray is not supernatural. He’s just a normal guy that’s creepy at times and cuts riddle-like promos. He’s part of a family while Taker was more of a loner. Bray does out of character interviews. Taker did less than a handful of those in his 25 years in WWE and his longest interviews were during his ABA days which was just an exaggerated TV version of his real life self rather than a supernatural character. Undertaker 2.0 is essentially a remake/reboot in a sense and those often do not work. It would tarnish the character’s legacy that Taker’s worked damn hard to build, only for the character to go away because the 2nd guy couldn’t do jack with it.

    Arguably the greatest of all time? It’s open to interpretation. Any greatest of all time list is different and based on different factors. Doesn’t matter what number he’s on or the factors involved, no list of all time greats is complete without Taker.

    I’d most certainly welcome Taker on JR’s podcast. I want Taker to do Austin, JR and Jericho’s podcasts. But then again, not too many either. Podcasts are getting overdone if they aren’t already are.

    Comparing Taker to Lesnar is just flat out stupidity. They’re different in so many ways on and off screen.

    Love JR’s answer to the Taker send of question. If it’s a dream match, then the only ones really left are Jericho, Kurt Angle, and maybe to a lesser extent, Cena. Maybe Rock & Goldberg too. Here is how I see it from most likely to least likely:
    1. John Cena – Why he’s most likely….pretty obvious.
    2. Jericho – Part-timer. But still on top of his game. Anyone who says otherwise don’t know anything about anything that has to do with pro wrestling. The Jericho/AJ Styles series and the TV bouts with Sami Zayn should be proof of that.
    3. Rock – He’s at #3 because he still appears for WWE, albeit very rarely. But that’s more than Angle and Goldberg, currently who aren’t even signed with WWE yet.
    4. Kurt Angle – I Feel he has one more match in WW left at least. I feel WWE will use that match wisely to put a young talent over. If his recent run in TNA is any indication, he may even want it that way.
    5. Goldberg – He’s only here because he talks about being “open” to one more match.
    6. Sting – He’s on the list because he keeps saying he wants the match. He’s at #6 though because he’s currently retired. He came out of retirement before….but he’s older now.

    Taker/Shane may have been pointless now (only from Shane’s stipulation though) with Shane now running RAW. But I don’t see it that way. As per the stips, had Shane won, he’d permanently run RAW (unless he ever gave up the position.) His currently running RAW is temporary though because he did not win the match.

    Amazing on a talent who’s rarely ever seen is so talked/asked about as much as Taker is.

    Post Discussion
    • Venezuelantaker on April 20th, 2016 says:

      There is only one thing that is making me hesitate about Taker’s retirement (Which, up until recently I would say he was not retiring): Michelle Mccool has started to post more pictures of Mark than usual. Before they used to be rare and you could barely see him and you didn’t get to see his face. Now is a free for all…

    • john peeler on April 20th, 2016 says:

      I think that the best send off for the undertaker is for him to win the royal rumble and face john cena for the world title next year at wrestlemania 33 and win and retire as the world heavyweight champion now that would be so great and awesome you can’t get no better send off than that for sure I am sure that everyone will agree with me on that one .

    • dhanish1979 on April 21st, 2016 says:

      off topic :
      chyna passed away,only female who won intercontinental title and also fought against the undertaker in a triple threat match.I bet taker will be shocked.

    • Anan on April 21st, 2016 says:


      Does that really mean anything? His wife’s been posting pics off him constantly since they got together which was either before or after she got a Twitter. Yet he hasn’t retired yet. If that factored into his retirement, he already would have retired by now. I think Taker’s retirement depends upon his body. He loves it which is why he still continues. But his body won’t allow him to do it forever no matter how much he loves it. Twitter pics or not, when his body says no more, he’ll stop. That is what I believe.

      @john peeler:

      From a fan’s perspective, yes that would be a great scenario. But from a business standpoint, it isn’t. Taker cares about business, always has. Taker comes from the era where going out on your back, losing was the norm. I don’t believe he will deviate from that. I also don’t think WWE will have John Cena lose to someone who is wrestling their last match, even if it is The Undertaker, at WM, especially in a World Title match. I am not sure if Taker himself would even want that. He’s never really needed Titles, certainly doesn’t now. There’s a lot of remembered names, some of them even in the HOF who’ve never held the World Title.Jake Roberts, Bossman, Mr. Perfect, Rikishi, Dusty Rhodes, Bossman, Sting, all HOF’ers, but never once had the WWE World Title. I know Sting & Dusty Rhodes have held the NWA & WCW World Titles, respectively. But we’re talking about the WWE Title here. If Taker is gonna win his last match, it should be with someone who WWE will have him win over, but also someone who can get the rub from facing him. Cena doesn’t really meet that because Cena losing is less than 50/50 at best, but he doesn’t need to win nor does he need the rub that one gets from having a match with Taker. On the other hand, he’s their top man till he no longer competes and Taker has always been Taker so in that essence, it’s still the biggest match WWE can have as it’s two top guys from different eras, one on one on the biggest stage and while I don’t think Cena really needs to close out WM anymore, Taker does even if it against Cena.


      From now on, please refrain from posting things like this here in the future. There’s a an RIP thread in the fan forums to discuss this.

    • Venezuelantaker on April 22nd, 2016 says:


      Like I said, we never had so many full pictures of him at once from her account. They were always cut. Only his chin, shoulders, back or even covered by a sheet.

    • dhanish1979 on April 22nd, 2016 says:

      @Anan : apologies,Couldnt resist the sad news

      Regarding match between undertaker vs jeff hardy,was there a story in it,i dont know good old JR said,BTW i saw the match,the undertaker lost for the sake of jeff hardy.

    • Anan on April 22nd, 2016 says:


      I still stand by my point. How long has full pictures of him been posted now? Before WM32, Summerslam last year, before WM31, before WM30? Yet he hasn’t retired yet.


      It’s understood. You did a good thing. Chyna’s passing should be acknowledged. It’s just a simple case of doing the right in the wrong place 🙂

      Taker/Jeff Hardy….yes there was a story. It was a TV-feud that didn’t carry onto PPV. Such was the case in 2013 when Taker had a mini-TV feud with The Shield that didn’t carry onto PPV. This is a full recap of the Taker/Jeff Hardy feud from 2002 (I don’t remember the dates, but it was a RAW Brand exclusive as this took place during the brand extension):
      – Jeff Hardy tells Matt Hardy that they’re not extreme, they are hypocrites and told Matt he will see where he is going with this. Jeff Hardy dropkicks Taker onto Tommy Dreamer’s vomit.

      – Taker cuts a promo saying he knows Jeff hardy’s extreme, lives for the moment, then asks of he’s willing to die in that same moment. The Hardyz come out and take Taker out with help from a ladder.

      – Taker defeats Matt Hardy.

      – Taker defeats Jeff Hardy. Jeff challenges Taker to a Ladder match for the Undisputed Title. Taker accepts. The following week…

      – Taker defeats Jeff Hardy in a memorable, still somewhat talked about Ladder match that made Jeff Hardy as a singles competitor. Jeff Hardy often credits this match for making him. Because Hardy came close and never quit coming back, Taker raised his arm. Hardy feel back down and Taker pointed to him saying “you’re one tough SOB.” But while Hardy kept his word, saying he’ll give it his all, Taker also kept his word saying by the time the night ends, Hardy won’t be able to stand up. And Hardy was laying on the mat as RAW ended.

    • yousif on April 23rd, 2016 says:

      Yesterday I watched taker Jeff again on YouTube.
      This match is one of the greatest match in history of raw .
      Back then everything was different in wrestling. When you go to watch matches from that Era and segments..you feel sorry for WWE for what wwe become now .