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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Major Undertaker Update Regarding His Future

    Mark Petrick posted a link to this report in a previous thread. I posted the report below. I found this laughable so thanks Mark.

    On a night that could potentially alter the entire landscape of WWE moving forward, the Undertaker may have stolen the headlines right out from under the Roman Reigns/AJ Styles feud and the McMahon family drama. Vince McMahon is in the process of deciding whether his son Shane or daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple H will assume complete power of Monday Night RAW, but the Undertaker recently told Vince some news that is bigger than any storyline currently in the fire.

    The Undertaker and Shane McMahon were booked in a feud that had the most implications riding on their match that took place in Dallas at WrestleMania. Vince declared that if the Undertaker was defeated, he’d never be able to compete at a WrestleMania again. The Deadman won, which offered the impression that we’d be seeing The Phenom next year in Orlando, at least.

    However, at the conclusion of the Hell in a Cell match inside AT&T Stadium, the Undertaker removed his gloves and left them at ringside, a symbolic gesture suggesting that the combat athlete has retired. It was also reported that the Undertaker was telling people that he was finished at the WrestleMania after-party. The latter apparently has happened on at least one other occasion, but 2016 is the first time that information was leaked to the public, forcing fans and reporters alike to speculate on his future.

    Because the Undertaker has declared retirement in the past, this year’s declaration was largely ignored. But according to a report from Daily Wrestling News, the Undertaker has told Vince McMahon that he is in fact, retired. Vince has obviously been able to persuade the Deadman to change his mind in the past, but this time is not as certain to yield a similar outcome. The Undertaker told the Chairman that he never wants to wrestle again and Vince apparently is more convinced than ever.

    Like he’s done in the past, Vince will allow for a good amount of time to pass before making another sales pitch to his “instrument of destruction.” And though Vince is more convinced than he’s ever been in the past, many WWE officials believe that the boss will change his mind and help steer the Undertaker back to the ring for at least one more match. It’s been reported that Mr. McMahon envisions a monumental match-up for WrestleMania 33 pitting the Undertaker up against John Cena. The Deadman and Roman Reigns were the two rumored opponents for Cena at this year’s marquee event, but injury derailed any chance of an official match either way.

    Vince is hoping a Cena/Undertaker match can co-headline next year in Orlando alongside The Rock and Brock Lesnar in what would certainly be a major attraction. The Undertaker doing the favors for Cena in his final match has been discussed for years, but according to this report, the Undertaker has never wanted the fanfare of a farewell tour or retirement match similar to how WWE booked Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels.

    The Undertaker has certainly earned the right to go out on his terms, but the company would be doing a disservice if they didn’t capitalize on his swan song. And while his angle with Shane McMahon certainly teased the idea of a retirement, it’s likely they would have booked it a lot differently if that was in fact his final act. Jim Ross recently said that it was highly unlikely that the Undertaker would retire based on that thinking.

    “I think that when he does retire, unless there is complete insanity [that] has engulfed the world of sports entertainment, that it will be the biggest news of the year, the last match for ‘The Deadman’. And I think that last match for ‘The Deadman’ will be at a WrestleMania. When that will happen, I don’t know. [WrestleMania] 33? I don’t know. [WrestleMania] 34? Who knows?”

    But now? This report throws the entire situation for a huge loop. The Undertaker has certainly done it all, but retiring before WWE has a chance to create a suitable send-off, and before his fans have a chance to say their proper goodbyes would be highway robbery.

    source: Inquisitor

    I don’t find this report credible at all. To me, it seems like a re-wording and an expanded version of the Dave Meltzer report. These reports centering on Undertaker’s future have been a constant for over 10 years now. I first noticed it in 1999. Every year, the flood of these reports gets bigger and bigger and if the masses aren’t drowning in that flood yet, they soon will if this continues and it probably will till he retires.

    Here’s the thing: Part of the stipulations of the WM32 match were that, in Vince’s own words, ” if The Undertaker loses, this WM be The Undertaker’s last.” He didn’t say whether it’d be his last match or his last WM. But if Taker could not defeat a non-wrestler in a match that favors Taker at an event that favors him (as he has currently only lost one match at WM in his 24 year history there), would he really have any right or reason to compete anymore? That’s clearly a storyline question. In reality, Taker has the right to do what he wants. But from a storyline standpoint, if he lost to Shane, then he’s not the feared threat that he was prior to that HIAC match. If WM32 was going to be his last match, why have him win when you consider the stipulation Vince placed on him if he lost? It’s illogical. If WM32 was going to be his last, then either having him lose so the stipulation placed on him would make sense or not place the stipulation on him and just have him win, leaving people to guess and wonder on his future afterwards.

    Post Discussion
    • Khaled on May 3rd, 2016 says:

      Sadly, this time the story is true.
      I’ve got my reliable resources whom never discussed Taker’s retirement in a serious manner except NOW.
      Taker really kept his retirement a secret from Vince and the company
      He walked into AT&T Stadium with the intention of that being his last match ever.
      He was completely against the “Big Send-off” concept to avoid pressure, high expectations and overwhelming atmosphere.
      He actually did tell everyone backstage that he is done
      That was the only reason that he took off his gloves in the ring and left them as a sign of a “Final Goodbye”
      The fact that he might actually change his mind by the end of 2016 and Vince manages to convince him for an official retirement match is still possible since his retirement is still hidden and not an official matter.
      I pray that he really does give us the proper chance to say goodbye
      His carrer is way too legendary to go into the HOF next year just like that out of the blue!

    • Mark Petrick on May 3rd, 2016 says:

      To Anan And Khaled:

      You’re welcome Anan. Like I told karentaker, I don’t believe it at all either. Until Undertaker says he is retiring, then all of this nonsense is crap.

    • yousif on May 4th, 2016 says:

      No please . Not this way ..

    • yousif on May 4th, 2016 says:

      But does this explaining the absence of taker in UK tour ?

    • Anan on May 4th, 2016 says:


      Only Taker knows why he got pulled off the tour and despite Khaled and his so called “reliable resources which he hasn’t stated specifically who those sources are,

      I believe Taker’s lingering back issues played a part in him getting pulled from the UK tour. As for WM32 being his last match, I don’t believe it. If it is, so be it. But Shane is not anywhere close to being an ideal final opponent for Taker. I believe Taker will be at WM33 to have the match WWE intended for this year against John Cena provided Cena doesn’t miss WM again. Taker will be there even if he has to limp during his entrance which he has done before for the record.


      There’s enough reporters out there spreading crap. You don’t have to add to it. So why are you? You claim to have “reliable resources” but fail to state who or what those resources are which pretty much means your entire comment is a complete pile of crap.

    • Shehzad on May 4th, 2016 says:

      Not this way Deadman, you are a legend. I was15 (back in 2004) when I first saw the Undertaker at GAB 2004 , since then I have huge love & respect for him, The Undertaker deserves farewell more then anybody else and his fans too.

    • BamBam on May 4th, 2016 says:

      Fans point of view: Fans deserves a farewell match /retirement speech/sendoff thats includes possibly losing /wining against john cena of all people.

      My point of view: I cringe at the thought of taker tap out /pinned by john cena at wm 33 the guy which have been on top of wwe for 10 years+.Im beginning to understand the rumors every year of taker saying its his last match against shane. Why should it be cena the superhero character?
      Taker already did the biggest put over match in history against brock lesnar at wm30 who mops the floor /beat the living poop of cena’s body summerslam 2014.
      Im so relieved that taker won against shane at HIAC if that was his very last match.. i take it. Taker could hardly walk at wm28,29,30.Even though he looks kinda healthy now , i coulndt ask him to put his body on the line again and again.The stuff that he did in 25++ years is brutal.His wife and kids must be so worried that their dad is gonna get bet up in the ring again .Did you ever see michelle mccool pix after the match at wm30?
      Bottom line is its taker decision.If he called it a career im more than okay with it.Thank You!!

    • Anan on May 4th, 2016 says:


      Wow. That’s the first time I heard anyone talk about Taker’s GAB 2004 “match” which it wasn’t really much of a match as Heyman kept interrupting by talking to Taker. Don’t know how Heyman or Paul Bearer felt about it. But The Dudley Boyz stated their dislike for it and stated they feel Taker did too. I wasn’t too fond of it myself though I appreciate everyone’s hard work efforts in doing it and getting through it with professionalism.


      You’re going in a different direction. Of course it’s up to Taker. Or at least it should be. I stated that if WM32 was it for him, so be it. Forget about the fans for a minute because they got more than enough Taker. Over 25 years worth. Although Taker deserves a retirement match and sendoff, he may not want either of that. Jericho stated he didn’t want the one last match or retirement and just wants to quietly retire into the sunset. NOC vs Seth Rollins turned out to be Sting’s last match, but I don’t think it was intended to be so he didn’t get a retirement match because NOC turned out to be his last due to injuries he sustained in that match and doctors telling him no more matches. A retirement match, a sendoff, both involve a lot of attention and the brightest of all spotlights. Taker’s not a spotlight attention kind of guy never really has been. HHH, Cena, both came to WWE after Taker. Yet they have had more spotlight and more attention in their careers than Taker. Flair didn’t spend as much time in WWE as Taker, yet still got the most epic sendoff.

      As far as losing his last match, if he has one, going out on a loss is the old school way and was the norm is Taker’s era so I believe he may request to lose. If I were putting it together, I’d personally have him win. I’d have him go out on top with a win by winning and retiring as the WWE World Champion in the closing match of WM against John Cena.

    • john peeler on May 4th, 2016 says:

      I think that the undertaker will come back at wrestlemania 33 next year to face john cena hopefully for the world title that would be a awesome to go out does anybody agree.

    • dhanish1979 on May 4th, 2016 says:

      If john cena vs roman reigns doesnt happen this year then i can safely say it will be headliner at Wrestlemania 33,in that case the undertaker will face either 1.Chris jericho 2.braun strowman 3. brock lesnar
      Regarding the rock vs brock lesnar,i dont see this happening the rock keeps signing movies.he looks good in movies now.

    • Black Rose on May 4th, 2016 says:

      Wrestlemania 35 will be the last one , trust me 😉

    • Anan on May 4th, 2016 says:

      @Black Rose:

      Trust you? Why? How do you know that WM35 will be his last? Have you talked to him? Did he tell you that?


      Cena vs Reigns can wait unlike Cena vs Taker. I think WWE will have Taker vs Cena ASAP at WM33 and have Cena vs Reigns as a Summerslam headliner or at WM34.

      Taker vs Lesnar…done, not happening anymore. Taker vs Strowman was rejected by fans prompting WWE to change WM32 plans so what makes you think the same effect will not result should WWE book Taker vs Strowman for WM again? Taker vs Jericho would work, but it’d make a good Summerslam encounter too and Taker working Summerslam isn’t totally out of the question as evidenced last year.

      @john peeler:

      I basically stated that in my previous comment so yes I agree. However Taker doesn’t need anymore Titles. He never needed them. I think he would want the World Title match to feature today’s talents who’ll carry WWE into the future as his own legacy’s already set as it is.

    • Bob on May 5th, 2016 says:

      If things are true about him saying this was his last match maybe he wants to go out with a win everyone saying he comes from a generation that loses when they retire are just saying the obvious maybe the win loss matters to him maybe the streak mattered and that’s why he kept his intentions a secret cause he wanted to retire a winner . I respect that undertaker don’t owe us anything. If anything he’s staying true to his character.. Would like him to choke slam Vince though

    • yousif on May 5th, 2016 says:

      We dont know what’s going on takers mind .
      retiring as a winner matters or not ?. Well I don’t think so . A win over Shane is nothing by the way .
      I still consider taker lost his last match!! Which was against brock lesnar HIAC..!!!

      Taker came from a generation where they use to loose Thier last matches ? Well not his generation only . This is on going thing excluding trish stratus case .

      I agree with you . we will see taker again . But I don’t think this news came out of nothing. There must be something going on.
      Takers absence on UK tour gives an indicator.
      Taker is a part time wrestler not usual wrestler on the roster who got some issue and missed the tour . Adding and announcing a part timer name on the tour means there was a specific plan for him after WM which is cancelled because there is something really going on.
      Removing and leaving his gloves was his own act not planned by ww and it has something to do with his absence on the tour.
      Funny excuses coming out to explain his absence on Internet … like terrorism in Europe..etc looked fake and another indicator that something is going on between taker and wwe .

      What I can conclude and only assume . Taker really wants to retire and wwe is convincing him not to ..so there is nothing offical and as I said I agree with @anan. We will see him perhaps for the last time
      against who? . I know @anan will not agree but I still think there is no one who can give taker a better last match than Brock lesnar. Takers last 2 years is all related to brock. Rest are like exhibitions not even real well planned matches.
      Taker being with brock in the ring gives me the real taker i know i love i like . It looks like it’s not PG and we are back in time it a Great feeling.
      This is my Personal thought if not happening we can’t do anything about it . Only hope a respected match and sent off.
      Cena vs taker is good for money making only!

      On this stiuation i am remembering one thing taker said in his DVD back in 2001 the DVD was about his career and life and Sara his 2nd wife in it too.
      He was asked about retirement.
      And he answered
      (The day when I will get the signal from the fans that this is the time . Then only its the time)
      After 15 years may be he got that signal!

    • dhanish1979 on May 5th, 2016 says:

      @Black rose:
      it doesn’t make sense taker staying upto Wm35 which could indicate 26-1 or what ever,just like you i have my own theory and that is wm34 should be the last 25-1,quarter of century wins,personally i think next year WM34 should be his last 24-1(taker’s very own 25 years of wrestlemania)

      @Anan: we had couple of argument in brock lesnar/the undertaker issue,when one had watched randy vs jogn cena for 120 times,bret vs owen and hulk hogan vs randy for ton of times,Live Audience will not have objection to watch brock vs taker again at next year WM33 if vince changes his mind because he too knows his natural force of destruction has no clean win on brock lesnar.We are in May now lets see what happens.

      @yousif:You are not the only one who wants to see taker vs brock,i can show you many wwe facebook fans who are dying for one last match,infact they still beg for it on vince FB,it depends how admin forwards the request.

      (My mood changes quite often now i expect the undertaker to face chris jericho at WM 33 or any ppv.wwe has done good job by pushing y2j as heel which is better than seth rollins heel)

    • Anan on May 5th, 2016 says:

      I find it quite laughable people are still going on about Taker/Lesnar. Unless Vince changes his mind and ruins things, HIAC was their final encounter. They can wrestle a million times with Taker getting all the wins, but that is no substitute for Lesnar breaking The Streak. That was the biggest loss in Taker’s career and no win over Lesnar will erase that loss. But it is a loss that took place long after Taker’s legacy and career was permanently validated.

      If Taker retired Brock Lesnar, then the dividends may pay off so to speak. But I do not see Taker retiring anyone except himself. This isn’t about the fans. Lesnar broke The Streak so he can be elevated and won HIAC to further that elevation so whoever does beat him will get a boost to their careers, a boost Taker does not need. Some people just never learn to accept that and move on. WM30, HIAC, Taker lost and it’s in the past. Get over it. Sending requests via FB means nothing because WWE does not listen to fan requests. I’ve had many requests ignored as they never relied to any f mine. And I tired both email and Twitter.

    • yousif on May 5th, 2016 says:

      Taker vs brock is a match to watch and enjoy ..
      @dhanish . I want to talk about myself only not others . As some people finds discussing take vs brock laughable too like @anan .. 🙂
      So every is free to think the way he wants ..i respect everyone’s thought .. and I hope they respect mine too .. i am explaining why I want what I want .. it’s not like I can’t get over taker loosing and crying over it.

      Anyway this article is not about taker vs brock ..
      It’s about the possibility if we can see him wrestle again or not ..and I already talked about this topic .
      Thank you all

    • yousif on May 5th, 2016 says:

      So everyone Is free*

    • Gareth Thyer on May 5th, 2016 says:

      This is my take on the whole thing..

      I was at WM32, met Taker that weekend plus many other superstars at the hotel in Dallas. On the Thursday before WM, I was at the bar in the hotel talking with Tim White who is a close friend of Takers plus who was with him at Axxess too.

      He said Taker has been telling colleagues and staff that WM32 will be his last match, and that he didn’t want the usual big send off. He also said that he has said that before but believes there is more truth to it this time because he flew in family and friends who were sat opposite me at Mania.

      I could go on and tell you more but I don’t want to bore you all.

      In my opinion, I do believe that the plan was for him to finish up at Mania 32 if it was the big Cena match but I think he got caught up with everything and stuck by his word but I do believe he’ll come back

    • Jess on May 6th, 2016 says:

      Perhaps Taker just likes to tease us, I do believe he’s going to come back next year and wrestle Cena. Which would be an instant classic.

    • Anan on May 6th, 2016 says:

      @Gareth Thyer:

      Taker’s stated before in the past that (insert match here) would be his last. I’ve had this belief for quite some time now and that belief is that I believe in Taker’s own mind, he is already retired and that changes when he’s performing wrestling or even promos from retired to still active. I also think Taker’s wanted to retire, but has been talked into by Vince or whoever into continuing because whoever convinced him sees the benefits of The Undertaker to WWE. He IS star power and after all these years, still THE BIGGEST DRAW they have. People will buy tickets to attend shows just to see him or to Axxess or whatever signing just to meet the man. Although the convincing obviously cannot go on forever as he’s going to hang em up one day, so far the convincing has worked if that is what has kept him around.

      John Cena….i do agree with that. Had Taker/Cena happened this year, I don’t think it’d have been HIAC or any stips as a match of that magnitude wouldn’t need anything else slapped onto it to sell it. Taker vs Cena is all that’s needed on the bill to sell it. It was originally planned for this year and part of why that was may have been to have Taker wrestle what may have been intended to be his last match. But Cena no wrestling may have been a blessing and curse. A curse because it may mean Taker competes in another match which isn’t good for his already weared and teared body. It’s a blessing for fans and for business. No I don’t think Taker wants the sendoff, but despite that, I agree with JR on how WWE should handle Taker’s retirement.
      Taker may want to go out on his back and honestly if The Streak which even those in the industry state it shouldn’t have ended, was going to end, Taker losing his first WM in his final WWE match would have been the perfect time. But whatever, it’s done already. I think Taker would want to lose, but WWE should have him win and his match deserves to close out the show no matter what. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.


      Just my personal opinion here. I don’t know about instant classic. That may be stretching it a bit. That’s not a knock on Cena. Cena’s one if, if not the hardest worker in WWE, in and out of the ring. Instant classic to/for me would be Taker vs Kurt Angle, Taker vs Jericho, and yes Taker vs Sting. If Taker’s already had his last match or if WM33 is his final match against Cena, those three are not happening. Yes I know Sting’s retired and by the tim Angle gets to WWE, if he ever has another match there, Taker may be done by then. But Jericho could have happened, probably this year and it should have despite the great match that was AJ Styles vs Jericho.

      I agree with you though on the teasing. Taker likes to keep people guessing. He’s always done that. It’s the old school way of protecting future plans from being revealed. I remember back in 2003, there was a report that surfaced as a “rumor” that suggested Taker would return to The Deadman gimmick by losing the Buried Alive match at Survivor Series, then be off TV for a while and return at WM20 as The Deadman. Taker did an interview stating he’s happy as the ABA and had no interest in going backwards. Despite plans being finalized which mean he knew what would happen, he gave that reply to whoever interviewed him, I think it was the Ottowa Sun, in order to protect future plans from getting out ahead of time.

    • Keke mac on May 8th, 2016 says:

      Aww man

    • Dead Angel on May 8th, 2016 says:

      My opinion is Taker is still signed to the terms specific dates and perks of his deal with WWE. We can question the whys whats ifs and buts. I don’t believe he gets talked into coming back. He comes back because he agreed to it when he signed the dotted line on his deal.

    • Anan on May 8th, 2016 says:

      @Dead Angel:

      Have you considered the possibility that as it relates to be talked into continuing his active career, that means he’s been talked into re-signing his contract or signing an extension? He obviously has perks. I’ve heard it time and time again – “wrestle more or retire.” He’s earned whatever perks he has and has more than earned the right to use them. Who wouldn’t? Lesnar has his own perks, none of which I feel he’s earned. But WWE’s high enough on him and see him as the draw he is to give him those perks to keep him around as long as possible. Fr those reasons, it’s good for business despite my disagreement with him getting those perks.

      And when I said talked into continuing, it doesn’t mean or have to mean Vince or whoever says to him “Hey Taker, I think you should continue. We still need you here.” He could have been talked into it just based on how he was critiqued. He questions himself. After every performance, he goes to the back and asks whoever he asks about how his performance was. Based on their answers, if they’re positive, that he’s still got enough to continue. If they were negative, maybe he’d have thought more seriously about retiring. JR’s said it more than once and I agree than Taker will retire when he can no longer maintain the performance standard he has set for himself, which based on his performances, are obviously very high, very main event/HOF level. He still maintains that. Despite his physical issues, he often has the performance of the night. Sometimes that can partly be because of his opponents. Wrestling HBK, HHH and talents like that, you’re in good company in the ring. As the saying goes, you’re only as good as your opponent. But Taker’s done his fair share, sometimes more than his fair share of the work load. And when all combatants put in their share, it’s a good match. When one does all the work like in Taker vs Gonzalez where Taker did all the work, the results are obviously not good.

      But no one here knows. We’re all speculating. If he wrestles again, great for fans, great for business. If not, so be it. He’s had a long, successful career. I’m happy for him either way because either way, he’s not forced into anything. So many talents are forced back in by the greed or need and desire of money because they didn’t save or just want more. Others are forced to retire due to whatever circumstances, usually some kind of injury or medical issue (Daniel Bryan.) Taker will retire or won’r retire (yet) on his own terms, even after over 25 years of active competition. That in itself is an accomplishment, especially considering what his body’s been through in all that time. By now, most would have probably retired after going through half of what he’s physically been through. In that sense, he’s the perfect one to portray Taker, a character who comes back from anything. In all his years, what hasn’t he come back from?

    • Chris Rivera on May 8th, 2016 says:

      So, a couple of things. First off, I’ve been visiting this site for a long time. Back when taker was on smackdown on a regular basis and id come here for spoilers as i didnt have access to tv at all, only internet at my high school. In that time i never saw posts that had a title that wasnt misleading as most do regarding updates on anything undertaker. Posting misleading titles just to bash the report defeats the entire purpose of the article. Its obvious that its just a read it and click post for views. This wasnt the way this site ran not very long ago. Yea, theres obviously less to post now from is inactivity but why cater to posts like these where your robbing viewers with the same take on the same story of retirment with your bash thats practicaly copied and pasted on here. Why not have articles remembering and celebrating his carrer? And why not bring more logical measures about takers end career. The gloves obviously meant something and the tour pull following this is more likely to be retirement hint than coincidence logicaly. Additionaly, why does eveyone assume he’ll retire big? Hes a lowkey guy that doesnt want that kind of attention. A silent departure should always be seen as more likely then a party sendoff. In fact, the latter is the farfetched scenario. No intelligence in the posts anymore. Very dissapointing and unoriginal. Bye phenomforever.

    • Mike b on May 9th, 2016 says:

      Boy you guys share love to argue about takers retirement lol.. As the good old burferd t. Justice in smocky in the Bandit say, I’ll say his one more time jouner.. Taker is pretty much retire at last wrestlemania.. Least in he’s mind and body and soul.. For now…’if iffy taker does wrestle one more match at wrestlemania next year it’ll be by Vince’s proposal contract and has to be enough for taker come back.. Like cena or who know the rock for all we care lol. Some thing lime that taker just mite interest him coming back.. But for now I think is retire for now unless Vince can convince him of worthy deal.. Which Vince usual can so I also think taker come back next year

    • Mike b on May 9th, 2016 says:

      Also folks taker doesn’t need two wrestle any more.. Taker can still show up whenever he wants to make whatever public sorta fueds or something.. Taker can bring back biker image and run smack down for all I care .. Point is folks there’s so so so so much more left faker to do then just wrestle.. I think after full retires he has next chapter waiting which be in and outs helping wwe appearances… So so much more taker can go with he’s charater.. Start another club he can lead like the wyattes lol.. just saying

    • Mike b on May 9th, 2016 says:

      Guess what bugs me u guys all keep talking same thing Brock v taker and he’s retirement stuff.. Old stuff and I have given u go more different stuff talk about which is more convening then same o crap.. Yea u guys can laugh like my theory’s are b.s but I still think taker can be Around and do hell lot more stuff with he’s taker charater.. Plenty…. U guys talk same stuff but I gave u guys new ideas talk about more more convening… What u think anaon

    • Dead Angel on May 10th, 2016 says:

      An answer to your question on top of your post, nope.

      I’ll simply put it out there and end my part of this conversation once I’ve finished my comment. He is signed to the terms of his deal. His last deal was a multi year deal with specific dates and perks. He signed it in 2012. He’s honouring it. He wouldn’t be appearing if he wasn’t. Who’s speculating? Is WWE not a publicly traded organization? Are talent signings not publicly stated in quarterly stockholders meetings with WWE Corporate and Vince? It’s common knowledge. No contract no appearance. The liability would be WWEs if he got injured and was not signed to a deal. Anyone who has a good internet connection, and owns WWE stock can find out the individual performers contract lengths and salaries.

      @ Mike b:
      Who’s laughing at your theories mate? I’m not.
      I agree. The endless retirement talk is old news.

    • sexy sandra on May 12th, 2016 says:

      Shane talked alot about bringing the needed change but it looks like he is the one who is talking it down to the ground …even more
      RAW is waste of time and boring now

      please save WWE

    • Jess on May 14th, 2016 says:

      What product are you watching???

    • DamionMac on May 14th, 2016 says:

      Regardless about what the Undertaker chooses, the fans will be 100% behind him.

    • john peeler on May 15th, 2016 says:

      I think that the undertaker will be back next year at wrestlemania 33 does anybody agree.

    • sexy sandra on May 15th, 2016 says:

      hey jess
      I prefer to watch Lita VS Trish on network rather than watching bullshit roman VS styles for title

      I hope undertaker retires and never comback on this show this is not his place anymore
      only bunch of loosers with no talents are fooling around now and good for nothing old man vince is using the name he created (Undertaaker) in his worst days of the company without respecting what he did for him in the past, when all others were spiting in his face and leaving to WCW he was there to save his ass.
      in return the SOB made the undertaker look weak and destroyed his legandary streak for no reason just for the shock factor he needed for the ratings of super flop show.

      I want WWE to be dirty again it was so much fun

    • Anan on May 15th, 2016 says:


      The REAL fans, yes, who care about the man behind the man we have seen on TV for over 25 years. There’s some “fans”, the fake ones who are never satisfied. They’ll never be happy because they’ll never be satisfied. They’re not real fans to me.

      @john peeler:

      Currently I’m 50/50 on whether i agree with you or not. On one hand, he’s got a family. On the other hand,
      it’s possible that he himself wants to continue. He’s stated that as long as he’s hanging in there with the current talent, why should he retire?

      I think if there’s a worthy challenge set for WM33 in John Cena, who I feel would be the most likely opponent, then he could come back. If Cena doesn’t compete next year, then maybe he won’t. If I were WWE, I’d keep Cena safe for next year by having him work a limited schedule, something Cena’s never really done yet aside from missing out because of injury. Working a limited schedule reduces the risk of injury meaning his chances of wrestling at WM33 would increase.

      I think Cena’s likely opponent #1, with Reigns currently at #2. Whether Taker faces both of them or just one remains to be seen. Whether he faces both of them, one of them, or none of them, I’m happy with what Taker has provided me with so whether he competes again or retires,, I support his decision. He should be allowed to decide and do things on his own terms.

      I also agree the retirement talk is old. Despite that, the speculation’s going to continue as long as he competes, especially around WM time, until he retires because The Wrestling Observer and those sites will be around to post the rumors which plant the seeds of speculation.

    • Jess on May 15th, 2016 says:

      Sexy Sandra, well if it’s so boring, why are you here on a fansite and talking shit about the product? Go watch some crazy shit like Lucha Underground.

      AJ v Roman is bullshit!? Um, this feud has bought out the best in both men and their segments continue to be the most watched on YouTube.

    • Carlo on May 16th, 2016 says:

      Finn Balor and Triple H vs Bray Wyatt and Taker…Could it be possible?!!

    • Anan on May 16th, 2016 says:


      Ignore Sandra. Obviously you are right. I haven’t seen LU yet. But they’re active so good for them. They have talents there who are working, doing what they love. Chavo & that egotistical John Morrison are there, Ivalliese. Morrison had success in WWE. Chavo did too, but was underutilized also. Iveliesse never got a chance. So LU’s a great platform for them.

      AJ vs Roman….I’m gonna semi-disagree with you. I don’t think the feud brought the best out of both men. AJ may be new to WWE, but he’s an accomplished, well tested veteran nonetheless. His matches in NJPW, did you did the one agains tnakamura at Wrestle Kingdom, brought out the best in AJ. In TNA, Kurt Angle, Sting, the 3-Way with Christopher Daniels & Samoa Joe brought out the best in AJ, In WWE, I believe Chris Jericho brought out the best in him. AJ vs Jericho, I feel should have ended at FastLane. But it was a great series of matches and ended up being one of the best wrestling matches of the night at WM, the other being the Women’s Title 3-Way.

      As far as Reigns, AJ brought out the best in Roman Reigns. I guess Brock Lesnar did that last year at WM and the feud with Bray Wyatt brought out something in Reigns. But AJ really took that bringing out to another level. The AJ/Reigns match at Payback is the match Reigns should have had at WM from a match quality standpoint. The match with HHH at WM went on longer than it should have and just exposed more flaws in Reigns, not good for a World Title match that’s closing out a big event like WM. Reigns won because he’s WWE’s investment but it’s clear that at WM, HHH carried the match and AJ did the same at Payback. Reigns had a better performance at Payback than he dd at WM, but in both instances, did put in some effort. So even though AJ & HHH carried the matches, they didn’t do the entire workload.


      Anything’s possible. When Taker became the ABA, who thought he’d become The Deadman again? Who thought Taker pics would be posted on Twitter as often as they are? Who thought Taker would still not be 100% retired by time we got to WM32? Who ever thought Sting would actually have matches in WWE? probably not many, if anyone. And yet, they all happened. Taker’s WM matches have had him work solo in his matches. I know WM19 was set to have him team with an unproven rookie, but that is why Nathan Jones was removed from the match he never should have been placed in to begin with, If Taker’s gonna have a tag match at WM, the only fitting partner for him would be Kane. Besides, WM28 was designed to be the last time Taker and HHH fought each other. I rather have Taker vs Jericho, Cena or Finn Balor, one on one. That’s me though.

    • Jess on May 16th, 2016 says:

      Anan, I have never watched NJPW at all but I have heard many good things about the company. Lucha Underground, the show is good but it continues to get awful ratings.

    • Carlo on May 16th, 2016 says:


      If that exchange on twitter b/w Wyatt and Balor is to hint something serious, I hope we get to see the potential tag team match with Triple H and Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker this year at Summerslam or Surivivor Series.

      It will: a) Be interesting to feature 4 of the coolest superstars

      b) Elevate both Balor and Wyatt for their futures

      c) Cuts the work in half for veterans Triple H and Taker

      You’re right in that WM 28 was most likely the final time for Taker and Triple H to meet. If not Triple H to wrestle in the potential tag match, I hope it might be another superstar like Neville or Stardust, or someone who gives off the cartoony spark.

    • Anan on May 16th, 2016 says:


      I’m totally down for the match happening at a live event or something if Taker ever does one again or some WWE Network special like a MSG or Japan show. But tag team matches on PPV’s for Taker are very, very rare, more rare than his single PPV matches. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just means chances of it aren’t high.

      The thing about Twitter exchanges between talent is it’s done to spark interest and crate talk amongst fans. The Balor/Wyatt exchange was successful there as it created interest in you and created talk that has turned into a discussion between you and I.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing The Wyatt Family and the Balor Club joining forces as one big stable consisting of the Club and Family members with the storyline goal of taking over and revamping the system in WWE and starting on that goal by attempting to rid WWE of Taker. Then Kane gets in the mix and we have The BOD vs Balor & Wyatt at a Survivor Series, or Balor & The Wyatts against Taker, Kane and 3 others in an elimination tag.

    • sexy sandra on May 17th, 2016 says:

      hey jess
      This is Undertaker fan site not WWE fan site WWE can kiss my ass.
      why should i watch lucha underground ? anyone talks shit about current wwe product you guys try to stop them this way only
      hey Anan ratings proves what iam saying is right we all love the dirty days i am talking about that was wrestling this is shit
      so keep your mouth shut its better for you actually and igonre me thats the best thing you can do

    • Jess on May 17th, 2016 says:

      Then you can kindly piss off because we don’t need your negativity. Stop shitting over the product when it’s the best it’s been since the end of 2015. Unfortunately you won’t get the “dirty days” back because it’s PG, go cry to WWE and contact them on your website and cry to them how much you hate the product.

    • sexy sandra on May 17th, 2016 says:

      freedom of speech baby . anywhere anytime anyway
      igonre me its the best thing you can do too