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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Taker’s (at the time, 10-0) Wrestlemania Streak Discussed (from WWE Confidential, originally aired in 2003 prior to WM19)

    Taker’s comments here are why I’m not as angry/upset about The Streak ending as many still are. Another why I’m not as angry/upset about it is I believe Taker was on board with it because as Shawn Michaels stated, it wouldn’t have happened if Taker wasn’t with it, even if he had to eventually be convinced by Vince. There’s a rumor going around that Taker’s angry with Vince over WM32 and won’t return his calls. I believe that to be false because if it was going to be true, I feel the rumor would have been true around WM30 and 2014 would be the last time we ever saw Taker on WWE, which obviously it was not.

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    • yousif on June 24th, 2016 says:

      The rumors about taking being angry is because he was asked to loose his match against Shane not because of the streak.
      As we all know taker wrestled after wm30 . On 5 ppvs in 2 years and everything was fine
      That’s what the rumor says … nothing to do with the streak

      I personally think ending the streak is fine but
      What i didn’t like is the the way it was broken.
      And what happened after that

    • Anan on June 25th, 2016 says:

      Oh man. You’re still on this? You don’t get it. Apparently you never will. Ask anyone in the industry if wins/losses matter. THEY DO NOT. Look at everyone’s who respected, in the HOF, regarded as a legend or an icon. They have ALL lost many times, including multiple times at WM. Taker’s only lost ONCE at WM. If wins/losses mattered at all, those HOF’ers would not be HOF’ers. They are because losses did not factor in the decision to put them in the HOF. Why? Because losses do NOT matter. Fanboys like you think otherwise, but what you think is obviously false. The loss of The Streak has proven that no one’s unbeatable anywhere, including WM.

      During the build to WM30, Paul Heyman came out and asked Taker not to get in the ring with Lesnar at WM. Taker did and he lost. Now I know when the segment was being done, the plan was still for Taker to win and the decision to have Lesnar win wasn’t made till 4 hours prior to WM.

      Look at what Taker’s been through since The Streak became the sole focus on his WM matches. WM21, Orton took him to the limit. WM23 and WM24, Batista and Edge took him further. HBK and HHH pushed him even farther, to the point of where he didn’t walk out of WM27 and had a bruised back at WM28. During WM21, Michael Cole stated that all Taker’s been through might catch up to him one day. And at WM30, that seemed to be the case. By the time we got to WM30, The Steak was the focus on Taker’s WM matches. Taker killed himself for just one match just to keep The Streak alive. But in the end, he was his own worst opponent as putting the focus on The Streak is what ultimately defeated him. Had he not put the focus on The Streak like his opponents, maybe he’d have beaten Lesnar at WM. So yes, Taker’s comments was accurate. You’re a fanboy who’s still not over The Streak being broken and still have this Taker/Lesnar 4 fantasy which will remain a fantasy. Taker, who owned The Streak moved on, successfully competing at WM31 and 32. Get over it already Roy.

    • Anan on June 27th, 2016 says:

      If wins/losses means as much as you claim it does, why does a talent get cheered after their matches? Taker lost HIAC to the same guy he lost to at WM30. Instead of the fans booing and chanting retire at him, they gave him a standing ovation and chanted thank you Taker just like they did at WM30. It’s because they respect them. They respect him despite the fact that he lost because of the performance and effort he put forth. Performance, effort, work ethic, dedication, those traits mean something.

      A Title is sued to elevate a talent. HHH didn’t need another Title run. His run was used to elevate the man who’d beat him at WM32, Roman Reigns. You’re only as good as your opponent and you only get better by working with those more experienced. That is why Roman was better after WM than he was before, because he worked WM with HHH, worked after WM with AJ Styles. HHH and AJ are more experienced than Reigns.

      Taker would be the legend he is without titles. His title runs weren’t to elevate him. They were to elevate a talent or an angle. Why do you think Flair got involved at Survivor Series 91? He was feuding with Hogan. His involvement in that match with Taker, where he cost Hogan the title was done to further that feud. He got involved in the rematch for the same reason. The angle was played out at the 1992 Rumble where Flair won the vacant world title. If there was no Hogan/Flair feud or if WWE wanted to keep that feud separated from Taker/Hogan, they would not have had Flair interfere in their matches. 1997, Taker’s title run ended by Bret Hart and HBK, to start the Taker/HBK feud, but to also further the Taker/Paul Bearer angle. 1999, Taker’s title run beginning and ending had the Austin/McMahon feud all over it. 2002, Taker’s title run consisted of facing young talent in Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, ended by The Rock, who’d lose it to Lesnar. 2007 and 2008, Taker’s title runs were cut short. In storyline, his 2007 run was ended by Edge who cashed in MITB. In 2008, he was stripped. In reality, both title runs were cut short due to injury. In 2007, he suffered a torn bicep and he spent most of the year off TV. In 2008, the played out the vacant world title storyline and culminated it where Taker was banished from WWE after losing the TLC match to Edge to give him time off. In last title run, 2009-2010, ended by Jericho with an assist from HBK as a way of furthering the Taker/HBK, WM26 build as it allowed Taker to accept HBK’s challenge for a WM Rematch. As you can see, none of Taker’s reigns were designed to elevate him. Big stars don’t need elevation and he was already a big star, a main eventer ever since his 1990 debut.