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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Will We Have Taker vs Jericho At Summerslam?

    Maybe it’s just me. But I’m really thinking that Jericho may be ready to challenge Taker. On RAW tonight, Jericho had a Highlight Reel with Sami Zayn and KO. Sami Zayn vs KO II at Battleground is set. Jericho ended the segment by saying their match won’t be as big as what he does at Battleground. Does this mean he’ll challenge Taker to a match or some face to face confrontation which would set up a potential match forSummerslam? Now of course that could always mean something else. But Taker’s Summerslam match last year began at Battleground when he cost Lesnar the WHC, then the rematch built up as being “too big for Wrestlemania” was made official the following night on RAW after Taker cut a promo.

    Taker vs Jericho would be great. I already knew Jericho could still work. But for all the doubters, his 2016 run proved them wrong by now. Taker. of course as anyone on this site (should) know can still get it done. Match of the night candidate for sure. Fans were robbed of some dream matches. This is really the only one left when you consider 90’s talent. With Taker having no feud currently and Jericho being done with Ambrose meaning he’s free, Summerslam’s a great time for this as neither are getting any younger.

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    • dhanish1979 on June 28th, 2016 says:

      sorry ANAN my take is the undertaker could face y2j at WM 33 unless john cena or brock lesnar issue topples.
      Again its too early to predict anything now because of draft.

    • rarara123 on June 28th, 2016 says:

      I totally agree with dhanish1979.

    • john peeler on June 28th, 2016 says:

      undertaker vs chris jerisho at summerslam would be great but I would like to see them face eachother at wrestlemania 33 instead that would be the perfect time does anybody agree I hope so .

    • Keke mac on June 29th, 2016 says:

      This is awesome

    • Anan on June 29th, 2016 says:


      Wasn’t really making a prediction. As the title accurately suggests, I was asking a question. There’s a difference.

      I think the ship’s sailed on Taker vs Jericho at a WM. Since 2005, Jericho’s WM focus has been on elevating young talent. WM21, he was in the MITB ladder match, while alongside veterans, included a young talent in the MVP of the match, Shelton Benjamin. WM24, same match, where there were other veterans, but young talents were present in the match too. WM29 should make my point more evident than anything because of who his opponent was that night, the i-ring debut of Fandango. WM32, he fought AJ Styles, a veteran but new to WWE. WM25 and WM26 were the only exceptions to this. If WWE really wanted Taker vs Jericho at WM, it really should have been this year. AJ Styles could have fought someone else, maybe even won. Maybe one of the Wyatt Fam members so they didn’t have to be fed to Rock and Cena, or be added to Ambrose vs Lesnar making it a 3-Way No Holds Barred match, leaving Jericho to take Shane’s place as Taker’s opponent in what would have been with all due respect to Shane a better match. But WWE decided to extend the AJ/Jericho rivalry farther than it needed to go as great as it was. Then again, maybe WWE did what they did because Jericho declined the Taker match. Yeah I know, who’d turn down facing Taker at WM, right? But Jericho doesn’t need the rub that comes from facing taker and Taker’s not a young talent which Jericho’s sole focus has been since 2004 now.

      I definitely think WWE’s saving Taker vs Cena for WM because that was the original plan this year. Whether that’s WM33 or not is anyone’s guess but I suspect that is so because while neither are getting any younger, Cena’s seemingly been more injury prone as time goes on. Everything he’s doing is catching up to him. WWE would be smart to do this sooner than later, if later’s still even an option anymore. In all honesty, really should have happened at WM30 though.

    • Anan on June 30th, 2016 says:

      I disagree with that. There’s a difference between wrestling matches and stunts. Taker and Jericho are what they are as it relates to having wrestling matches. You’ve seen their work. Many on this site have so I don’t need to explain how good they are. While he has wrestled, Shane’s more of a stuntman who is remembered for his stunts moreso than he is for his wrestling. His WM32 “match” with Taker was the usual Shane performance. It was great. However it’s a match mostly remembered and talked about as far as Shane goes by the stunt where he came off the top of the cell. Wrestling matches are not remembers for stunts for obvious reasons. Taker and Jericho will not have to be reckless with stunts like Shane was to give the people something to remember.

      That said, I think Taker/Jericho would be the better wrestling match.

    • yousif on June 30th, 2016 says:

      I still think .. Jericho is not the right person for a 1 on 1 clean match against taker .
      Jericho is weak and should be a definite win for taker unless cheating or outside interference.. which leads the feud to continue and I don’t taker is ready for a feud and series of matches with Jericho neither a clean win will be intresting for him or for the fans over weak Jericho comparing to taker

    • yousif on July 1st, 2016 says:

      Exactly that’s what I mean .
      Taker vs Jericho is not intresting to have a series of matches ..
      I don’t think taker need that for his career right now .
      WWE creative team don’t have the ability these days to build an intresting feud too .. so the storyline will be boring anyway just like every feud now .
      Taker vs Jericho will be a good match . That’s set.
      And taker should win .which in not intesting and a logical prediction. OR.. Jericho wins with outside interference which is also not intresting. To have a series of matches between them at this phase of takers career.
      Taker can have a series with brock . May be rock or cena . Not Jericho.

      I hope I was able to explain my point of view ..

    • yousif on July 1st, 2016 says:

      And I totally agree with anan on what he said about the difference between wrestling and stunts..
      . I am sure taker Jericho will be a good match. But I am against it for different reasons .
      taker don’t need it for now at alllllll
      My concern is what is good for taker only .
      I am not talking about what’s good for the business or what match will be good .. whatever I said Is my opinion about what taker and what should be best for him and what’s left in his career.

    • yousif on July 1st, 2016 says:

      I think taker and Foley performed great matches not only because of stunts .. Foley is a good wrestler too. In taker and Shane case . Taker took the whole control and helped Shane to perform well during the match..
      The match was designed to steal the spotlight by the one crazy .
      stunt by Shane. It’s not like the match surprisingly stole the show by great perfoemance like some matches did in the past like Austin vs Hitman.

      About Jericho . I respect what you think bro .. it’s like we don’t agree on this.. you have your Thoughts and I have mine ..
      You could be right . As well ..
      So I will not keep arguing on this .

      Intresting stories now ??? May be comparing to current storylines only. What we see now on TV. Is totally different than what we use to see..

      Thank you ..

    • Anan on July 1st, 2016 says:


      Jericho’s not weak. You don’t get the accolades he has gotten by being weak. He does what a heel is supposed to do. In the ring, he’s the best heel in WWE right now. The build will be great. Jericho’s a great talker and Taker’s as good as his character requires him to be. I’d love to see a Highlight Reel with Taker on a Smackdown as Taker hasn’t been on SD in years and if WWE are serious about treating both shows equally, RAW’s had Taker all to itself since 2011. From 2011 on, I think his only SD appearances were in 2013 against Dean Ambrose and in 2015 in a promo segment along with Kane interrupting The Wyatt Family. That’s it.

      No I did not say that. Of course it’s gonna be remembered. It’s still talked about. Shane may have his opinion on HIAC stealing the show. But he was in the match so he might be being biased. Match wise. no I don’t think it stole the show. I think the best pure wrestling match was a toss up being Aj/Jericho and the Women’s Championship 3-Way. Both delivered for me bell to bell so really difficult for me to say which was better. On a stunt level and a level of importance, Taker vs Shane stole it because those stakes were as high, higher than anything at that event. Shane’s off the top off the cell stunt was one of if not the spot of the night. I love Taker and think he’s got more left. But while he gave the usual Taker performance, he wasn’t moving the way he normally does. Seemed a bit sluggish. Had it been a normal match like his match with Bray Wyatt was, I think he would have had better movement. IMO, Taker should not be in anymore HIAC’s. Both Taker and WWE are at a point where neither can afford to have Taker’s career shortened by HIAC. For WWE, their shortening the career of a star power athlete which they don’t have an abundance of and for Taker, his career does not deserve to be shortened. HIAC’s also risk injury and his career doesn’t deserve to end forcibly by retirement due to injury like so many have.

    • yousif on July 1st, 2016 says:

      I don’t see taker loosing to Jericho in a clean match ..
      If it happened . It’s a disaster .
      That’s what I mean.
      About the stories . I mean a match like taker vs Jericho needs a story with it and backstage heat.
      And nowadays wwe is not able to come up with a good story for fued ..
      When I said there are some good ones . That’s only if we compare them to recent stories not like what is needed for taker and Jericho.
      For me the only good story and match making in these years was taker and brock . .but still it’s nothing comparing to Austin Hitman. Or Foley taker . Shawn taker . Rock Austin .
      In other words they need a Story like it was in past days.. to shape this kind of a match between taker as a big and strong wrestler and Jericho not so big and yes comparing to taker and due to match results in recent years he is weak and should be an easy win for taker .even if he is the best heel today .
      Clean win for Jericho over taker !! That was impossible even in his best days ..
      Taker don’t need a match against Jericho at this phase of his career.
      Having a good technical match will not ad anything for him .
      And it’s not a fact that this match is good for taker .
      That’s only an option which I disagree on

      Only few matches left no taker careers.

    • yousif on July 1st, 2016 says:

      That only an opnion*

    • yousif on July 1st, 2016 says:

      You really think those stories were good!!!
      Taker vs Shane . Meaningless story and the result was opposite of match outcome .it was announced if Shane looses he leave but he is running raw now after all this hype . That’s good? That’s a shame actually for the writers .

      Wyatt vs taker !!! Taker didn’t even showed up for this nonsense match making at wm . You know how great this story opportunity they had between these two ..but no ! They ruined it .
      The whole match was made for one scene which is taker rising and Wyatt geting shocked while walking like the horror movie the ring and this same scene repeated in Tag team match with Kane.
      When after loosing Wyatt family tried same lines again this at SS
      Saying we are the new fave of darkness .. bla bla bla and lost again!
      Boring …

      I can agree on triple h and sting only from all your examples given ..

      It’s not like you force your opnion on everyone my brother ..
      By saying it’s a fact.. it’s a fact .
      If its a fact and we can’t discuss it at all .. Then ratings should prove it at least..
      I respect what you think about stories and Jericho.. and as I said may be you right and I am wrong
      So.. you should respect my thoughts as well as I am respecting yours.
      At the end it’s not like we should agree . Or you will force your opnion..
      and ya . It’s not a fact

      Thank you

    • dhanish1979 on July 2nd, 2016 says:

      To Anan :oops sorry,my apologies,when ever taker debates pops up we all get emotionally charged up.I am still figuring out how you come up with all this idea.cheers though,i dont know some how i dont like jericho being baby face but now i like him being heel,the character looks positive and also when he insults live audience heheh…especially when he said he came to wwe to save himself from audience.

      indeed i thought shane vs taker match would be boring and stupid from vince but it stoled the show,come to think of it any match of the undertaker steals the show,for example one of the reason superstars like kevin owens wants to face taker so badly even by losing to taker,kevin owens will cement his position in wwe in high note and fame.

    • yousif on July 3rd, 2016 says:

      If taker is going to face any young wrestler
      I will love to see taker vs Roman only

      I have a question. I hope if you guys can answer me ..
      I can see undertakers wife posting his personal life pictures on social media .. which is officall account for her and she is also a former wrestler.
      My question is it allowed for the undertaker to share his personal life that way?
      I mean his character is different . We know he can’t show up on hall of fame ceremony or other offical places outside wwe out of his character .
      WWE Is so carefull about his character inside and outside WWE for years now .
      We don’t see him on wwe network on any talk show as a guest or any role in a movie or anything like that at all
      How come she is posting those pics?

    • dhanish1979 on July 3rd, 2016 says:

      if deadman has no problem while his wife is posting about him then i don’t see any wrong in it,it gives us some hint and news on the deadman himself,I think his wife is also works on taker physical fitness training and that’s one of the reason taker looks in good shape,remember stretching exercise to rey mysterio

    • yousif on July 3rd, 2016 says:

      Thanks for replaying
      I am not talking about taker is having problem or not ..
      I am talking about handling his character by WWE.
      What i mean is his personal life life sharing which is completly out of his character .
      Note. .WWE never announced takers marriage with Michelle on TV.

      I mean Talking about something not related to wrestling on talk shows like wrestlers doing now. or performing a different character role in a movie or something.
      Yes I know taker appeared in some ads but still he was talking wrestling and some how he was still the undertaker..
      What Michelle is posting is something completely different. She is posting romantic pics with comments below.

    • yousif on July 3rd, 2016 says:

      Regarding you comment on the idea of Roman vs taker .
      Dude . You named almost the whole roster .lol
      So basically you mean almost any match with any if name today is great if taker is a part of it.

    • yousif on July 3rd, 2016 says:

      Any big name today will be great**

    • eric on July 4th, 2016 says:

      I don’t care where it happens…JUST THAT IT HAPPENS!!!
      Legend v Legend
      I’m all in

    • antu on July 7th, 2016 says:

      i want a taker vs kane match at this year’s summerslam.they had a fued in 2010.wwe should renew that fued for the last time.and taker should beat kane now.

    • Anan on July 7th, 2016 says:

      Don’t tell me I don’t believe in Taker’s abilities. Do you really expect a beat up past 50 year old to move around so well in a 30 minute match? Because that is the reality. You’re a pointless debate/argument so I’m done with you. Disrespect me again and I’ll delete your comments bc while I respect people’s right to an opinion, I won’t stand for disrespect.

      I don’t think Taker vs Jericho should or will be a series of matches. Taker’s only NOC match was 2010. That PPV’s built around Championship matches, something Taker is by this point, above. I believe they’ll have one match with Taker winning cleanly. But if Jericho won that, then Taker will win the rematch if they have one and that’s the end of it.

      And what is with you and HIAC? Taker hasn’t shortened his career enough in HIAC? He’s shortened it more than enough. Slap any rating on it, but HIAC is the same, blood or no blood, PG or otherwise. Because regardless of blood or rating, it’s still a career shortening match. I’m still of the believe that WM28 should have been Taker’s last HIAC. But then WWE had to stick him in another one with Lesnar. Then again at WM32 against Shane. The one with Shane was done to draw interest for a match that was quickly at the last minute thrown together which fans and those in the industry like Bret Hart did not approve of.


      WWE were smart to let Jericho turn heel. As it relates to current heel wrestlers, Jericho’s the best they’ve got. Jericho is a true legit heel. 2016 has been Jericho’s best WWE run ever since the HBK feud in 2008. I love how he stays in heel character with his replies to fans on Twitter. Aside from maybe KO, every other heel would ditch their heel persona on Twitter which ruins their heel persona. It’s an entirely different topic to be mean to a fan in person when they approach you for autographs. That’s taking your heel character too far. On social media, I see nothing wrong with it.

      On the topic of Roman Reigns, don’t feel he’s earned a match against Taker. His Wellness violation has taken him farther from where he was regarding earning that right. Look I understand he made a mistake and owned up to it. I respect that. But it’s still a lowball move after the investment WWE put in him. If I were Reigns, I’d have just confessed to it, not wait till I was suspended for a violation.

      I love Kane. He’s a very underrated, yet valuable veteran. People bitch about his character’s direction rather than enjoy a ride that I don’t see being active for another 15 years. They claimed he’s better with the mask and being masked will make him a monster. He’s been with the mask since 2012 and since 2014, the mask’s been on and off. Yet he’s not “the monster” everyone wants him to be. In fact, he was more monster like in 2003 after unmasking (just by his facials alone) and in 2010 (sadistic in his feud with Taker) while he spent that year unmasked. Since 2012, masked or unmasked, he’s been a jobber and a joke that no one has any reason to be in fear of. So Taker vs Kane would not interest me. If they build Kane back up to be even half the monster than he used to be, then I’m for it. But this dual mask and corporate suit wearing personality Kane would be more viable in a role of putting and elevating the new faces over.

      As for young talent, Balor, Samoa Joe, Ziggler. Cesaro, KO, Swagger, Ambrose, AJ Styles and Rollins would be great. Unfortunately Cesaro’s still underutilized. Maybe not to the extent that he used to be. But WWE’s not taking him any farther. KO lost some of the momentum he had in his Cena feud and needs to regain that. Swagger’s talented but nowhere so he’s not gonna get a shot against Taker. Ziggler’s an underutilized diamond who has been getting the Christian treatment.
      Gonna add Sheamus and Del Rio here. Sheamus is a hard worker. But he lost the edge he had in 2009/2010 that were on full display in his feuds with Cena and HHH. Del Rio’s not where he was during his previous WWE run. I’m a fan of Ambrose and if that match he had with Taker in 2013 was any indication, he’ll have a great one with Taker. Joe’s a beast. The only concern I have with Joe and I’m not blaming him for this is I don’t want Taker to suffer a Tyson Kidd-like injury. Kidd’s young, but there’s speculation his injury will retire him and further speculation has it that Natayla’s leaving WWE to take care of him though she’s denied it. Taker is not young so if he suffered the same injury or something similar to what Kidd suffered, I suspect that’s it for him and his career should not end on an injury. For that matter, neither should Kidd’s because he’s just too talented. AJ Styles is really impressive with a great WWE run so far and I’d like to see The Phenomenal One vs The Phenom become a reality. Rollins’ momentum was derailed from an injury. He claims to be a better Seth Rollins since returning. I don’t know. I think like Cena, Rollins’ early return (perhaps too early) will eventually catch up to him in bad way. But his matches are some of the best and a match with Taker will probably be better than some of the ones he’s had in WWE. Finn Balor….hell of a talent. The Demon vs The Phenom souds real good to me. I do think Austin Aries could have a good one with Taker too. Do not be fooled by Austin’s size. Same goes for Sami Zayn. Taker vs Nakamura will be something really special. If Taker’s still active by a time a SSlam or a WM heads to Japan, Taker vs Nakamura should deservingly receive the top billing treatment.

    • yousif on July 9th, 2016 says:

      Rest in peace

    • dhanish1979 on July 10th, 2016 says:

      @Anan others,
      To my latest investigation from wrestlingnewsworld by richard gray,As per the undertaker’s contract he is scheduled to wrestle once in a year now that taker has already faced shane and if vince convince taker for one and better offer 😉 and taker agrees it will be taker vs john cena at summerslam,vince wants it this to happen at summerslam.
      Sorry guys i am sticking with this report,perhaps chris jericho vs taker at Wrestlemania 33,but i expect taker to face some other at Wm 33 ,myself and yousif know whom we want taker to fight 😉

    • yousif on July 11th, 2016 says:

      Taker vs brock again
      Became a dream match for me now ..

      I don’t want to see taker vs Jericho at all
      Not SS . not WM
      Not interested

      Taker vs cena is great idea for marketing and pulling audience as much as possible to WWE .
      two huge named for everyone even non wrestling fans .
      All I hope is we don’t see a match just for that reason!!.