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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    RUMOR: Why Taker Was Not Part of The Draft

    The WWE Draft has changed the landscape of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world for good, but two quintessential names of the business; Triple H and The Undertaker were conspicuous by their absence in the midst of all proceedings, and surely enough, the WWE Universe has been wondering what’s cooking behind the scenes.

    According to reports, The Undertaker was indeed approached by backstage officials, who wanted the Deadman’s involvement in the Draft. Taker stuck to his stand that’s he’s done with wrestling and told them to keep him out of the scheme of things. In spite of his disapproval, WWE had the power to use his name in the Draft as he is still signed with the WWE, which would not have made any sense as The Phenom’s in-ring future still hangs in the balance.

    Moving on to a storied foe of his, Triple H too was supposed to be part of the Draft but just like in the case of The Undertaker, he was not involved in it due to the very same reason – an ambiguous in-ring future. The promising buzz that’s doing the rounds is that The Cerebral Assasin is contemplating on working a match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando against an undecided opponent.There is no word on who the WWE Superstar is who would go toe to toe against the King Of Kings, but the common belief is that it would be a promising new talent who deserves a rub off the former WWE World Champion.

    source: Sports Keeda

    I think the real reason why Taker and HHH weren’t part of the draft is bc they hardly ever wrestle. During The Authority angle, HHH was on TV every week. Following WM32, that’s changed. Lesnar’s appearances and matches are more common than HHH’s. And out of everyone on the roster, including Vince, Taker’s appearances are the rarest of them. Plus not having him works for his character as it leaves a layer of mystery and I also think that is why he was left out. Also, The Draft was done this time bc there’s a lot of fresh talent in WWE so extending the brand with each show having its own roster creates more room for them raising the chances of them getting TV time. Aside from John Cena, Lesnar and Rhyno, every other talent who was drafted has been a fresh name in WWE which proves The Draft was done this time to put the focus on them.

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    • Venezuelantaker on August 10th, 2016 says:

      There are some wrestling sites that we should really stay away from: SportsKeeda, WhatCulture and Inquisitr

    • rarara123 on August 10th, 2016 says:

      Totally agree with Venezuelantaker.

    • Michael on August 10th, 2016 says:

      Ermmm….. Why would they Draft Triple H when his role on TV is him being the Chief Operating Officer? He can appear on either show in that role. He doesn’t have to adhere to a specific Brand.

      Taker being a free agent was already explained by Jerry Lawler the week before the Draft on Smackdown. He appears sparingly at best. All of the theories listed in the above articles sounds like more internet blah blah blah. Like Venezuelantaker said maybe we should stay away from the click bait wrestling sites.

    • Anan on August 10th, 2016 says:


      If you really feel that way, stay away from those sites. Content from those sites aren’t posted here to be taken seriously. The rest of the internet does that plentiful and does it very well. Why they are posted here is for humor bc that’s exactly what these rumors are – humor – as they report it like they know what they talk about, yet don’t state any source. They say “sources” or “as the report goes” or some vague thing like that. Taker’s off TV most of the year, appearing as a rare special attraction when the need arises. So while he’s low-key, I think some humor on the site’s great, even if it derives from dumbfounded rumors. If this site was as inactive as Taker’s WWE appearances are, God only knows what that’ll result in LOL!


      Agreed about HHH. As it currently stands though, his TV role doesn’t matter right now because when was he on TV since WM32? If he was on TV or when if ever he does return to TV, you’re right that his COO role allows him to be on both shows. I can see builds going through both shows as they did so during 2005 for the cross promotional matches between RAW’s HBK vs SD’s Kurt Angle as well as RAW’s Randy Orton vs SD’s Undertaker. Same for Taker’s matches with HBK at WM25 & WM26 as well as WM27 against HHH. WM20 had builds for matches going through both shows for Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar and Taker vs Kane also so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for maybe Survivor Series or possibly more likely next year’s Royal Rumble and WM33.

      I think if Sting hadn’t retired, he’d be in the same position as Taker – active, but not part of the draft because Sting’s appearances were as rare if not rarer than Taker’s during his short lived WWE run.

      Regarding the sporadic appearances of Taker, same goes for Lesnar. Sure maybe he appears more than Taker does. But he’s still a part-timer, the only one along with Jericho who was drafted. All the other part-timers (Taker, HHH) were not. The thing is though while the part-timer Lesnar comes and goes, when the part-time Jericho is on WWE, he’s there every week from when his run begins to the night his run ends. Cena, I guess can be in the pat-timer category now because for whatever reasons, he doesn’t seem to be on a full schedule, at least for the time being. I guess WWE’s trying to lessen his work after 14 years so he’ll be around longer. It’s smart and he’s a ticket seller, which WWE has a short supply of. Hopefully they will change that by making Balor, Zayn, KO, Rollins, Ambrose, Ziggler, Cesaro, etc mean something by elevating them to that hot ticket seller status. Back to Cena…he was drafted and like Jericho, when he’s on WWE, he’s on every week (mostly.)

    • Paulo Rangel on August 11th, 2016 says:

      Unfortunately this site for the past few years likes to post crap stories/rumors from crappy sites just like the ones Venezuelantaker mentioned! Why? I really dont know!!!

    • Paulo Rangel on August 11th, 2016 says:


      With all due respect, is this a fan site about Taker or this is a humor site about Taker? On my feed news on facebook sometimes some “friends” post/share shit like “100 foot anaconda caught”, “how to pick up woman with a jedi mind trick”, etc….. That doesn’t mean i´m going to share it right or post it somewhere right?

    • Anan on August 11th, 2016 says:

      @Paulo Rangel:

      It’s a Taker fansite. But Taker’s so low-key now so it’s only around Mania that we get some credible news to post & discuss. But that’s less than a handful appearances in a 365 day year. What do you suggest we do on this site for the rest of the year? Nothing? Leave it inactive? Are you aware that time & money goes into keeping this site alive? That’s wasted if this site has no activity so something has got to be going on here and that is where the humorous rumors come in. Life’s miserable without laughter so gotta have something to laugh at right? I’m giving people something to laugh at by posting rumors. But some just take it too seriously and either believe it or get angry with it and the fact that it was even posted rather than doing what they should – laugh at it.

      If you feel differently, you should know no one’s forcing you on this site. Stay or leave. Your choice.

    • Paulo Rangel on August 11th, 2016 says:


      News on Taker are few!!! Yes it´s true but I´ve seen some 4/5 new (recent) photos of Taker in the last couple of months everywhere with the exception of his “FANSITE”. But, crappy rumors (sorry, humor stories) popped quite a few time in the last couple of months! IT´s curious.

      Another thing, i helped Dan built this site 12 years ago. You dont get to tell me ” Stay or leave. Your choice.”

      Paulo Rangel.

    • Paulo Rangel on August 12th, 2016 says:

      By the way i sent this email to the “owner” of this site on September 2015

      “Hi Jen!

      My name is Paulo Rangel and i´m from Azores, Portugal!!!

      Watching the site (phenomforever) since day one (2003 or 2004 if i´m not wrong) when it was run by Dan!!! Actually i helped Dan build Taker´s Bio (he had some bad bio about Taker back then. By the way!! I Still have the mails we exchanged so if you want proof, i have it)
      Me, as a Creature from the Night since 91, i have some cool videos (specially in HD and Shoots from Kayfabe and stuff) my question is!!!
      How can I Help? Can I Help You make this site even better?
      Best Regards from Azores!!!”


      Paulo Rangel.

    • Anan on August 12th, 2016 says:

      @Paulo Rangel:

      “You dont get to tell me ” Stay or leave. Your choice.”


      Hey man, chill out. You helped build this site? Great job! Should’ve said something about that in your first comment about that instead of talking about facebook and anaconda nonsense because I didn’t know you helped him. Just because an instructor is training someone, it doesn’t give him the instructor to call his student out just because he may not agree with what the student’s doing or why or how he’s doing it. Calls outs don’t help. They just create unnecessary tension. Just because you helped Dan out 12 years ago, doesn’t give you the right to call me out now 12 years later and question me on why I do what I do like I’m doing something bad.

      The reason I stated stay your lave, your choice is because it looks like you’re allowing yourself to be engaged in something you don’t like – rumors being posted. So you helped build this site 12 years ago. Great. But it’s in the past. Why bring your past into your present if you don’t like what’s being done?

      Regarding helping this site out, if I was the owner, I’d welcome it, especially if it’s someone who helped build this site. Speed Demon who’s a MOD on the fan forums section contacted the owner to inquire about helping on the main site. He’s real good so I hope he gets the shot. But I have not heard any updates on that for several months now. You sent an email September 2015 and considering you haven’t been granted the rights by the owner to help out yet, you’re in the same boat he is. If it’s rumors you wanna stay from, suggest you visit the forums. It’s not that rumors aren’t posted there. However, there’s original content, usually non-Taker content there for you to engage in. Won’t harm you to take a look.

      Apparently rumors are taken more seriously on this site. Don’t say it’s because that’s what usually posted because it doesn’t matter. People pay attention and take seriously what they want. They have that right. Just because rumors are posted more doesn’t mean people have to engage and take them as seriously as they do. I posted a great project (it’s the latest post that was put here) and how many comments has it gotten? Zero. Yet look at how many comments the rumors get. That should really tell you something. Yet I posted that same project on the forums section and it has gotten a comment. I’m talking about http://phenomforever.com/?p=2814

      And by the way to anyone wondering, no I don’t know where the other parts of that project are. Part 1’s a magnificent tribute to Taker whether it was designed to be a tribute or not.

    • Speed Demon on August 12th, 2016 says:

      Like Anan said, this is a website that is everything Taker, and that includes rumors relating to Taker! I don’t understand why people feel the need to whine about something so trivial. Some people take things way too seriously and need to lighten up. Jeez.

    • dhanish1979 on August 12th, 2016 says:

      @Anan and gang:
      the undertaker along with brock lesnar,triple h,tamina snuka,rybak–>sorry he is done,austin aries,bayley,luke harper,nikke bella are not drafted yet may be wwe preserving the undertaker for special attraction,i still don’t agree whether there was heat exchange between vince and taker although rumor says so.
      One of my earlier comments i did predict taker will not appear at summerslam but survivors series is possibilities,i am shooting for undertaker vs john cena at survivors or taker and kane vs new day,fingers crossed.

      @Yousif:Don’t worry there is still chance of the undertaker reignite against brock lesnar at next year royal rumble to build for WM 33,if you are saying the undertaker vs john cena,when i see cena fans it time for that belt surely wwe will want to make big and better place at WM perhaps tallying the rick flair’s record 16 time world champion.

    • Anan on August 12th, 2016 says:


      Taker & Kane vs New Day? Can you elaborate on why you want that? Regarding the possibility of that happening, I think there’s a better chance Hulk Hogan wins the WWE Title at Survivor Series over Taker & Kane vs New Day. New Day’s one of the hottest acts in WWE comprised of three young hungry up and coming full time talents who’ve been red hot since around this time last year. What would it do to their momentum if they faced Taker & Kane? Same thing that happened to The Wyatts at last year’s Survivor Series – their momentum would be significantly derailed which is bad for business. Cena’s different as he’s already a proven valuable asset to WWE with 14 years in the company, on top since 2005. Taker vs Cena, too big to happen anywhere else but WM so I see WWE saving that for WM33.

      Truthfully I do not see Taker appearing at Survivor Series. Taker probably has a handful of select matches if that many left if not just one. AT this point I think WWE plays it safe from here on out by saving him as a WM attraction. Last year WWE wanted to sellout Summerslam so they reignited Taker vs Lesnar to accomplish that goal and seeing the ticket sales that rivalry drew, they stretched it out by ending it at HIAC. Taker’s Survivor Series appearance & match was in conjunction with the celebration of his 25th year in WWE. Prior to that his last appearance at the event was 2009. With WWE’s current focus on the new era with talents like the NXT calls ups, I say they won’t have Taker at the November PPV this year. If I’m wrong, i’ll be glad bc I’d love to see him back before WM despite not seeing it happen. Beginning this year, Kane’s Tv appearances have been noticeably rarer. He’s not injured, I don’t think. He’s hardly if ever missed any ring time due to injury throughout his career. SO his rare TV appearances as of late just further prove WWE’s sole focus is on the new era. Plus Kane’s apparently preparing himself to become mayor of Tennessee which he can’t do if he’s wrestling. I’ll miss Kane. But if that’s what makes him happy, I hope he gets the opportunity and it turns out successful.

      Regarding the Draft, here’s my theory on why your mentions were not part of it:
      Ryback – missed it because he was on a leave of absence because of a disagreement and shortly after the draft, he is now released from WWE.
      AUstin Aries & Bayley – Austin Aries is still new to NXT so they wouldn’t have drafted him. Bayley’s Battleground appearance turned out to currently be a one tile main roster appearance. Speculation has it she’ll be called up this year, December. Some were expecting her to be part of the draft. I’m glad she wasn’t considering she’s headed for an NXT Women’s Championship match at Takeover with Asuka. I don’t think Asuka’s losing the gold this soon. But had Bayley been drafted, the outcome of Bayley/Asuka II would have been as predictable as most of Taker’s WM matches. And I think WWE’s waiting on her call up till at least after her feud with Asuka’s over. Personally I’m hoping her call up is RAW the night after Summerslam or at the Summerslam event itself. I can easily see something happening in Sasha/Charlotte II prompting Bayley to make the save. Then again, this could be done on RAW the next night too or Bayley could debut on RAW as someone’s mystery opponent. I hope WM33 has a Women’s Title Fatal 4 Way between Bayley vs Sasha vs Charlotte vs Becky.
      Luke Harper – missed it because he’s injured.
      Nikki Bella – missed it because her in ring future is in question.

      Brock Lesnar was part of the draft and was drafted to I believe RAW. Paul Heyman was not drafted because his contract ran out by the time the draft took place. I’m glad he wasn’t part of it because without Heyman, Lesnar is not what WWE has built him up to be. Lesnar’s strength remains in being a silent beast while Heyman delivers verbally. When Lesnar talks, out goes the Beast and in comes the farmboy because even when he tries hard to come off as intense when he talks, he’s not an intense talker. He just doesn’t do it for me as a talker. Considering Heyman’s joining him on RAW and Summerslam next week, I suspect Heyman’s contract with WWE has been worked out by now.

    • yousif on August 12th, 2016 says:

      So .. this article is saying taker wasn’t part of the draft because he don’t want to wrestle anymore and he is done!.

      It’s very easy to create a news (romour) about the undertaker ..
      And its very difficult to know how true it is .
      Becaue the man is far from being inteactive with media and fans. …etc.

      What I believe is that there is no smoke without fire .. I am not saying The undertaker wants to retire or he already is. and all the things we heared are true .but indeed there are some issues with his remaining career. (Removing gloves at WM must be for a reason)
      But this has nothing to do with taker not being part of the draft . I agree with @anan on the reasons he explained of taker not being a part. Even though if taker is planning to be there for another 5 years making rare appearances he should not be part of the draft.

      all we have to do now is ignore these news and wait see .

    • Shehzad on August 15th, 2016 says:

      I personally only want to see The Undertaker in a farewell ceremony, his fans really deserve that!
      On Rumors!! I think rumors are not bad, I always enjoy reading.