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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Sting Interview on Legends With JBL

    P.S. You can read the whole interview at the source link or watch it on the WWE Network. The Taker portions only are posted below:

    Sting thanks JBL for the great introduction, and jokes some people may not be happy that he let a lot of dream matches pass by due to coming to the WWE so late. JBL says that came from the hardcore fans and not the boys. He then says that everyone from Gotch to Hogan to Flair has someone that doesn’t like them. He did some research before the interview and Arn Anderson told JBL that Sting is a tremendous person, and JBL says only other person he knows that has that much universal respect and admiration is The Undertaker.

    Now to the Hall of Fame where Sting shocked the world by announcing his retirement. JBL says that he knows deep down that Sting still wants the match with The Undertaker. Sting says if he gets the surgery than he knows his career is done, and JBL says that is why Sting hasn’t done the surgery yet.

    source: http://411mania.com/wrestling/411s-legends-with-jbl-sting-report/

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    • Curious? on August 21st, 2016 says:

      That’s one match that won’t live up to the hype. Sting is done even without the surgery. According to what Sting is saying, no Doc will clear him to do the match.

    • Anan on August 21st, 2016 says:


      So I guess you’re the expert on this right? Have you spoken to Sting and his doctors? Did they tell you he’s done even without the surgery? Because according to the man himself, what you say is not the case.

      As for not living up to the hype, funny how you say that before the match even happened. I disagree with you based on Taker’s obvious main event work rate and Sting proved in 2015 that even at his age, he can hang with a young man like Seth Rollins and his WM performance against HHH was great too.

    • Curious? on August 21st, 2016 says:

      Why yes I have spoken to Sting.(sarcasm)
      What? I can’t interpret Stings’ answers in the interview?! You take a shmucky tone with people when opinions don’t match your own.

      Expert? No, but I have dealt with lawsuits based on injury where the Plaintiff involved came back and wasn’t cleared medically. If you want to get technical, WWE isn’t going to allow Sting to compete since no doctor worth his weight in feces will clear him for fear of a lawsuit. We can thank Chris Benoit for the cautiousness of WWE going forward as it pertains to their talent’s health and availability. Plus Sting is retired. Good enough for you? Thanks.

    • Michael on August 21st, 2016 says:

      A better reference than Benoit would be the huge class action lawsuit going on against WWE by former stars going on right now.. I’m not an “expert” on this but going by his answers to Layfields’ questions I believe that Sting won’t be back. Call me wrong or what have you, It’s just an opinion.

      The Dream match, will it live up to the hype and the amount of time building it up? I don’t think so. These Dream matches rarely do live up to expectation. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a good match. If it does happen then great. If not, Sting is retired and I have nothing but respect and appreciation for what he did during his time in wrestling.

    • Anan on August 22nd, 2016 says:


      I don’t care less whether we agree or not. I’ve had plenty disagreements in my life and on this website over many issues. It’s one thing to interpret something or give an opinion. It’s another thing to talk as if you know something for sure. Based on the way you chose to express yourself using the following words in the following order:

      “That’s one match that won’t live up to the hype. Sting is done even without the surgery. According to what Sting is saying, no Doc will clear him to do the match.”

      It comes off as if you know that. That was what I took exception to. If you wanted to interpret something, “I don’t think his doctors will clear him, therefore I feel Sting’s finished as WWE won’t clear him.” would have been a better way of interpreting that. It’s interpreting without coming off as a know it all expert.

      Doctors may not clear Sting. But does Sting HAVE to listen to his doctors? He should. But wrestlers/athletes are not known for doing that. Even after all his back problems and surgeries, Hogan’s STILL talking about one more match. Foley retired in 2000. 2004, he started wrestling again. How many times has Flair came out of retirement? Austin and Edge are the only ones who have yet to come out of retirement. HBK’s stated his doctors told him not to wrestle anymore, that he couldn’t after he back went out in 1998 which caused his original retirement. But he came back in 2002 and was active till 2010 despite what his doctors told him. As for WWE clearing Sting, WWE will do whatever they have to do to make money and if asked why they cleared Sting, they’ll make something up to cover up that truth. Look at Brock Lesnar. WWE sees him as a money generator as he sells tickets. Despite failing a drug test, WWE still had him competing at Summerslam because (1) It’s one of the top billed matches and (2) To draw money. Just about anyone else, including all current champions would have been suspended as WWE does not view them as much of a ticket seller as they feel Lesnar is. Look at Roman Reigns. He was headed for a triple threat at Battleground, which he ended up working, but was nowhere for the build as he was serving his suspension. Had it been Lesnar, he’d have been exempt like he was for Summerslam. There’s always exemptions in WWE. They just don’t make it publicly known. If they see money in Sting wrestling again, they will clear him. Taker didn’t look healthy at WM27. How could he be as he was still recovering from surgery? Yet he competed there because WWE allowed him to as they saw money in a Taker match happening at WM.


      The lawsuit against WWE is from a bunch of ex-WWE wrestlers angry at WWE, trying to get money from their former employer. Even the attorney has had a bad history, trying to get money out of WWE according to Jim Ross.

      Taker vs Sting….people are saying it won’t live up to the hype before the match even happened. It’s laughable. How can one judge something prior to anything taking place? I don’t know that it’ll be a long build as you’re talking about two names who rarely show up on TV. The Sting/HHH build began at Survivor Series. Sting made less than a handful of appearances so most of the build was carried by HHH and Sting video packages. For his matches with Lesnar at Summerslam and HIAC, and Shane at WM32, how many nights was Taker present for those builds? Not many. For some of the build to the Lesnar matches, it was just Paul Heyman cutting a promo, no Taker or Lesnar. But Taker and Sting don’t have mouthpieces. What’s WWE gonna do? Build the build on video packages? People are gonna be sick of that wondering where the participants of the match are and why they’re not carrying the build. If WWE really wanted to, they would just have to announce the match and leave it at that as a match like this doesn’t really need a build to hype it. It’s a highly anticipated dream match which in itself is more than enough hype.

    • dhanish1979 on August 22nd, 2016 says:

      @Anan and gang:
      I just saw summerslam main event brock lesnar vs randy orton live on ten sports(thank you ten sports1 and HD) for your wonderful live coverage,
      where was i ,oh ok technical knock out at one of the grandest stage?anan slap me stupid but this is ridiculous,when brock went for f5 on shane mcmahon,i expected Godlberg or the undertaker to appear,you may wonder WHY the undertaker?yep he was seen with shane at bar justa couple of days back.
      Fin balor winning wwe universal champion,i dunno whether i should be cheerful,i did support him but seth was looking really strong.Overall summerslam was Good 7/10 except roman vs rusev,it was unfortunate

      Now regarding sting,the question will wwe ever clear sting to wrestle his last match against who ever that is ,i say big NO,it will live upto expectation as sting has enormous fans all around the world,whom does he fight against and who will job for him?wwe already screwed it and making him lose against triple h at first place,if triple h had lost that match,it wouldnt harm triple h reputation at all,there is speculation of great khali and if he ever returns then i say great khali and sting would be great match,that’s my IMO,Great khali did say the doors are always open for him at wwe.

    • Curious? on August 22nd, 2016 says:

      I can care less how my comment comes off to you. You still have a shmucky attitude about you, like how dare I come here and say a match with Taker won’t live up to the hype. You can fanboy it up about Taker vs. Sting all you want. It’s still not gonna live up to the hype. There’s 10 years of “this is the match that NEEDS to happen” type of hype. That’s a long time. When it does, IF it ever does, the comments afterward will be “ehhh it could have been better. We waited 10 years for that? It would have been better if it happened 10 years ago.” You don’t agree with that, I can care less. You can say what you want but I know I’ll be right considering the age, physical condition, and injury history of both guys. Does Sting have to listen to the Doctors? No. But WWE will.

    • Michael on August 22nd, 2016 says:

      I don’t think it’s laughable to say Taker/Sting wouldn’t live up to the hype. All of the years Flair/Hogan was a dream match, it didn’t live up to the hype because of Hogan. I feel the match we’re talking about won’t live up to the hype. It’s what my gut is telling me. I never said it won’t be a good match, but it won’t be the be all end all of wrestling matches, which is what they’re hyped to be.

    • rarara123 on August 22nd, 2016 says:

      In my opinion, Sting VS The Undertaker would still live up to the hype and imagine how much WWE would earn if the match would happen in the future because this ultimate dream match is still on demand. Also, during Sting’s interview with JBL session about having one more match with The Undertaker was just a part of mind games that have been played by WWE. Who knows that the doctors are secretly having him clear to do a final match with Taker. I still believe that Sting VS The Undertaker will happen. Time will tell.

    • Big B on August 22nd, 2016 says:

      Will Taker/Sting live up to the hype? Maybe, or maybe not. I want to see it happen before I hop on either side of that. The bigger question is will it even happen? Sting’s retired. Maybe. Taker? All we get is theories and rumors on him. Maybe when we get the real 411 on The Deadman we’ll find out if the match will happen.

    • Bad Ass Taker on August 22nd, 2016 says:

      I couldn’t agree more with rarara123. The demand is still high as usual.

    • yousif on August 26th, 2016 says:

      I am not intrested in taker vs sting if it’s the last match for both ..
      As I said before . I respect sting. But he don’t deserve to share the last match moment with the undertaker on WWE stage .

    • Dead Angel on August 31st, 2016 says:

      Ask yourselves this question, If WWE isn’t gonna let Daniel Bryan wrestle due to his neck issues then why would they let Sting wrestle with his? Sting has spinal stenosis like Edge did. He said it himself. He also said WWE isn’t gonna let him wrestle because of that. We can clamour for a Taker v. Sting encounter but I doubt it ever happens as stenosis doesn’t clear up. It gets worse.

    • Anan on September 1st, 2016 says:

      @Dead Angel:

      Because you brought him up, WWE’s not gonna clear Bryan, not now even if they could and they wanted to, not with this concussion lawsuit they have going against them. This does not in any way,shape or form, include Sting. Sting didn’t retire from a concussion and is just too damn classy and professional to file a lawsuit against WWE. Sting and JBL both stated the reason Sting’s put off surgery is because of the possibility of having the one more match he wants against Taker. If you are less than 100%, Taker’s probably one of the best opponents you can have as Taker has a well documented history of being safe and protecting his opponents. He’s not as stiff as a Goldberg or a Brock Lesnar. For that matter neither is Sting. Who thought HBK would be back following his back injury where doctors according to HBK advised him not to compete again? Did he listen? No. He came back and had a great run that lasted till 2010. Hulk Hogan, despite all his back problems, is still saying he wants “one more match.” Yes I know these are different names than Sting and their situations are different from his. I’m not saying the match is definitely going to happen. Just saying I don’t believe the doors are completely closed on yet either. The one factor that’s prevented the match from happening….Vince Mcmahon. Nevermind Sting not coming to WWE sooner. While that would have increased the chances of it happening, doesn’t mean it would have. Vince is against it now. Who’s to say he wouldn’t be against it in the past? Taker faced the likes of Orton, Batista, Edge, HBK, HHH, Punk, Lesnar, Wyatt, Shane. If any of those were gonna be replaced by Sting, my guess is Lesnar, Wyatt or Shane. Lesnar’s replacement would have meant The Streak’s still alive because I don’t think WWE would have Sting break it. Taker vs Sting, WM31, on one hand would have worked as Sting’s debut match is against his dream opponent. On the other hand, storyline wise it may not have worked which may be an debatable topic. WM32, I’d have preferred Taker vs Sting over Taker vs Shane. Nothing at all against Shane. But if WM332 wa gonna be Sting’s last bout, not that it was ever officially confirmed to be, then his dream opponent would have been the most fitting. Wyatt in an interview stated he “has to work with Sting before he dies” which told me WWE were working on having that match prior to Sting’s NOC injury which forced his retirement into reality sooner.

      Only the above was a reply to you, Dead Angel.

      Regarding Taker…I still say provided nothing prevents the match from happening, WM33’s gonna have Taker vs Cena. I don’t know if we’ll see Taker back before that. Survivor Series being his anniversary show is always a non-WM possibility. But with WWE’s serious focus on the new era, I would not expect a Taker match or PPV appearance before WM. JR believes Taker’s got a select handful of bouts left. Cena’s definitely one of them. But he’s just one of a “select handful” which could mean anywhere from 1-5 matches. I cannot realistically tell how many matches he really has left or who WWE has scheduled for his final set of opponents. Hard to do that for a man who aside from WM is never seen or heard from as far as WWE business goes. But here’s my current list which can change:
      1. Cena. The obvious one.
      2. Goldberg. Not much interest here. At this point Taker’s probably one serious injury away from a forced retirement. I don’t want Goldberg’s unsafe ring work ending another career like he did Bret’s. However Goldberg’s namedropped Taker in his latest batch of interviews which tells me it is possible…..
      3. Roman Reigns. Not really interested in it. But he’s been using Taker’s lingo by saying he ring’s his yard, calling himself the big dog. That may be WWE’s way of a slow set up to a match between the current self proclaimed big dog of the yard and the man who has been that for many years now in Taker.
      The last 2 are dream bouts for now:
      Jericho. I wanna see Taker vs Rock and Angle too. But if the dream bouts, at least from a veteran’s perspective, Jericho’s the most likeliest vet to face Taker because Angle’s not in WWE, Rock isn’t either. Jericho still works on a part-time basis. This latest run has lasted longer than I originally thought it would.
      4. Finn Balor
      5. Shinsuke Nakamura

      Other dream bouts for Taker I’d like to see: AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Ambrose, Rollins, Ziggler, KO, Joe (he may be unsafe), Kane (once if ever he’s THE Monster Kane, masked or not doesn’t matter to me), Daniel Bryan Sting.

    • Dead Angel on September 1st, 2016 says:

      Sting’s still not gonna be cleared by WWE. Stenosis is no joke and won’t get anything but worse as time goes by.
      Daniel Bryan’s neck played just as much a role in his retirement as Stings’ did. How many times was it brought up by Bryans’ wife that the main thing is she didn’t want him to live his life crippled? It was brought up numerous times.
      Don’t try to negate that fact.
      The rest of what you said, whatever. We don’t even know if Taker is even active or retired now either.

    • Anan on September 1st, 2016 says:

      @Dead Angel:

      Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not negating anything.

      “We don’t even know if Taker is even active or retired now either.”

      We don’t. But I tend to agree with JR. He actually has communication with Taker from time to time. The good news is if Taker is truly done, WWE can book Cena vs Reigns or whoever. But I’m sure they want Taker vs Cena. Depends on Taker though. As long as he is under contract however he is guaranteed to one match per year if what is being read is true.

    • Dead Angel on September 2nd, 2016 says:

      I wouldn’t dream of putting words in your mouth since you already say so much and tend to ramble on and on.

    • Michael on September 2nd, 2016 says:

      Jim Ross has his opinions on it. We all do. I did some research on news sites that reported it. I didn’t look up the Dave Meltzer unnamed source sites though. I looked for reputable news sites like CNN CBS and the like.

      I read all of the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against WWE are suing due to concussion related symptoms and issues. It’s being compared in general to the NFL Alumni suit against the NFL from last year. The NFL paid out a lot of money in the settlement. If the WWE Alumni have a good case then the WWE could be paying out quite a bit of money since concussions in sports are still a hot topic. Just some thoughts on my part.

    • Thy Serpent on September 2nd, 2016 says:

      At least on paper, it looks like Sting is done, sadly, due to injury. WWE messed up. If they didn’t make a ‘Taker vs Sting at WM, they had another chance. But no, they made him feud with Rollins. I can’t fathom why Vince didn’t want a ‘Taker vs Sting match when it was known to be a dream match. Anyway, not all dreams come true. If, by some twist of fate or a miracle if that’s what one could call it, Sting does get to wrestle ‘Taker, then I’d be more than happy. I’m still having a little bit of hope, because, there have been instances of wrestlers returning when “Doctors advised them not to”. Will wait and watch.

    • Anan on September 2nd, 2016 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      Seems so. He probably is. He just didn’t wanna say it. He wants to play the old school leave people guessing game as he comes from an era where unlike now such a thing was the norm. This is the same guy who announced his retirement at the HOF, yet denied retirement rumors just weeks prior when TMZ and other outlets asked him about it. I actually respect that about him because in today’s world, it’s easier to not leave people guessing.


      That’s WWE’s problem, not mine. If they have to pay, then they will. They have the money to so if the court says they have to pay, then aren’t stupid enough to fight the court. You really didn’t have to read and research. Just analyze the names of ex-WWE talent who are suing the company. Some, if not all of them are angry for some reason with WWE and are using concussions to sue them as a way of “getting revenge” for not getting what they feel WWE owed them. Some of them are WWE HOF’ers too by the way. Not every ex-WWE talent is suing them either. So while the issue, that being concussion is legit, I doubt the lawsuit is, a;; things considered.