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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    WWE’s Hottest 4 Free Agents

    More than just a mere mention. I take it as a sign as Taker is not done. People made too big a deal of the gloves removal, spinning it around as a sign of retirement.

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    • yousif on September 3rd, 2016 says:

      Undertaker is not retiring we all agreed on that .. already…
      But gloves removing act remains unexplained ..

    • Daniel Iolair on September 3rd, 2016 says:

      If I may interject: I most certainly agree that Taker is not done yet. I can see how many would think it was the Undertaker finally saying he was done. Not with wrestling, however. It’s much more symbolic in the respect that he was done with being the agent of destruction for Vince. It was him saying, “You see, this is what I do. I now have finished what you wanted done in this match, and now I absolve myself of my act at your (Vince’s) so called behest. I’m done with this family feud.”
      Essentially, he was washing his hands of the situation. The Undertaker said several times that Shane’s blood was on Vince’s hands–come what may from the Hell In A Cell match at Wrestlemania. He had his gloved hand around Vince’s throat saying, “You know what I do…”. He also mentioned his hands to Shane by saying, “I have these.” He emphasized his gloved fists in relation to the kind of match both of them were going into once the Undertaker shuts the cage door behind him. No escape.
      So, my kennings tells me that it was a merciless brawl to destroy and punish Shane at the hands of the Undertaker. It’s an, I’m done with being Vince’s instrument of destruction since, “no one controls me.”

    • Anan on September 3rd, 2016 says:


      We as in people on this site. When I said people underneath the video, it was referring to the general wrestling public, some of which are not on this site. There’s still thoughts in people’s minds that he is retired and that the gloves removal was a sign to tell us all that he is done. However I find that illogical because if WM32 was Taker’s last WM, then why did he on RAW 6 days prior say WM32 would not be his last WM. He said that because it was not scheduled to be. He left WM32, maybe not as healthy as he was at WM31, but he left HIAC on his own feet, concussion free, so better than WM30. All this considered, the gloves removal did not IMO symbolize retirement. People are who are thinking it is are just spinning out yet another unconfirmed Taker’s last WM match and he’s now retired story.

      Have you thought of the possibility that the glove removals remain unexplained because there is nothing to explain? Could be something, sure. Then again, could mean nothing. Nothing significant anyway. I’m not ruling that possibility out.

      With that said, however. Daniel Iolair’s theory sounds logical. Taker told Vince Shane’s blood would be on Vince, not on Taker. So removing the gloves could have symbolized that. Good, logical possible explanation, Daniel. I’ll take your logical theory over the thought of his gloves removal as a sign of retirement.

      It’s well documented Taker will do what he wants. So if he chooses to let his gloves removal remain unexplained, then it will be leaving people guessing as Taker always does.

      Switching gears here…..
      1. What roster do you (you being whoever reads this and cares to answer) think Taker will end up? Why?
      2. WHen do you think he’ll return?
      3. Who do you think will be his next opponent? Have a feeling Yousif will say Brock Lesnar LOL! But I’m looking for a more realistic answer. Doesn’t seem like WWE’s headed in the Taker/Lesnar IV direction.

      I say he’ll be on SD, returns sometime post-Royal Rumble to build for WM against his next opponent, John Cena unless something prevents the match from happening. However Cena’s schedule is visibly lighter now so that’ll reduce the chances of wrestling injury which increases the chances of the match happening at WM33 which is not that far off from now.

    • Thy Serpent on September 3rd, 2016 says:

      Actually, after what happened at SS, it could lead people to bring ‘Taker vs Brock up. Reason being, Shane would want to teach Brock a lesson for giving him an F5 and since no one from SD seems to be a legit threat to Brock, why not pick a free agent? And who better than The Undertaker? Just playing the Devil’s advocate.

    • Anan on September 5th, 2016 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      Appreciate and respect your opinion. However I disagree with it.

      No one fights Shane’s battles. Shane always fought his own. I don’t think he’ll stop now. Taker’s done doing the work for the McMahons. Besides after all Brock did to Taker in their recent feud, who’s gonna take Taker seriously as a threat to Brock? As much as I hate saying that, throughout the Taker-Lesnar build, in every Heyman promo, we’re gonna get constantly reminded of ho Lesnar broke The Streak and beat Taker at HIAC with Taker’s only win being tainted and marred with controversy. What more can WWE do with Taker vs Lesnar that has not already been done? How many more jobs to Lesnar will Taker have to do? Because every time they met, that’s essentially what’s happened. With new talent coming in now on a daily basis, I think WWE’s done rehashing past WWE feuds in favor of something a little more fresher. More importantly though, with his wife now having skin cancer, I don’t think he’s looking to return to WWE, which would take him away from his wife, at this time or anytime soon. I don’t expect to see Taker back till sometime next year to build to WM, all things considered.

      If Shane wants a free agent, there’s plenty of talent already on NXT that he could call up to SD. All things considered, Samoa Joe’s the logical choice. He lost the NXT Title. While he might get a rematch, I don’t know if they’ll end Nakamura’s reign so soon and if Joe loses the rematch, then the writing’s on the wall. As we’ve seen, losing a title is usually a sign that a talent’s call up is near. Losing a rematch makes that call up even sooner. Bayley’s a great example, She lost the Women’s title to Asuka, then lost the rematch, then debuted on the post-SSlam RAW which was the next RAW after TakeOver: Brooklyn II. Who’s to say Joe won’t face Lesnar at WM33? And if not Joe, then I think Shane himself will take the match against Lesnar unless Goldberg returns and we get Goldberg-Brock Lesnar II which honestly I don’t really want to see. That has for me nothing to do with age or anything except I rather not rehash 2004 even though he second time might be an actual match unlike the first time. With all this constant new talent, I rather see Lesnar finally do to job and put a talent over, something Goldberg goes not need nor will he benefit from it. Shane vs Lesnar is also a loss because either Shane who lost to Taker beats the man who broke The Streak which means nothing or Lesnar once again wins.

      At least with Joe or another talent from the new talent pool that’s believable enough to be a threat and beat Lesnar, there is a win should Lesnar put the talent over.

    • Thy Serpent on September 5th, 2016 says:

      Agree with you on all counts regarding ‘Taker vs Lesnar, Goldberg vs Lesnar and Lesnar losing to the next big guy in WWE. They’ll probably keep him unpinned / unbeaten until they feel the time is right for him to put over someone. My earlier post was to indicate a possible reason for some people making a point as to why ‘Taker vs Lesnar IV may happen. They may have their hopes up. Nothing wrong with it . Everyone’s free to hope for any match. I personally see a ‘Taker vs Cena happening at WM33. I too believe ‘Taker will return some time next year. I’d be surprised if he made an appearance before that.

    • Anan on September 5th, 2016 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      “My earlier post was to indicate a possible reason for some people making a point as to why ‘Taker vs Lesnar IV may happen. They may have their hopes up. Nothing wrong with it . Everyone’s free to hope for any match.”

      True. Nothing wrong with hope. It’s just some people tend to take that hope much too fire and venture into the mindset of “it will happen” which then changes their comments from “I hope it’ll happen” to “It will happen.” I was one of those people though not with Taker vs Lesnar.

      “They’ll probably keep him unpinned / unbeaten until they feel the time is right for him to put over someone.”

      Yeah. That’s predictable by this point. I think the argument and problem people have with this is the guy Lenar is. We all know his history. He got the biggest push at the time, walked out, came back some years later to WWE as a part-timer who gets top billing holding full time talent back, comes for the big money, collects it, leaves and views WWE as a job while the full time talent, some anyway, view WWE as their life. In other words, Lesnar gets more than he deserves. He failed a drug test, still closed out SSlam with a win. I understand people’s frustration with that. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some frustration and/or tension within WWE over that. I’d understand WWE’s booking of Lesnar if it was done with someone else. The booking being done with Lesnar specifically is what I don’t understand. Yes he’s a top draw attraction. But someone who just comes for money isn’t reliable. Breaking The Streak was a rub he doesn’t need nor deserve. It’s done so can’t change it. WM9’s viewed as the one blemish in The Streak as the win was attained via DQ, not pin. In some ways, I’d view WM30 as the 2nd blemish in The Streak because of who ended it. I view Lesnar’s win as a tainted victory because he attained it over a concussioned Taker.

    • Shehzad on September 10th, 2016 says:

      What is the role of hot agent?

    • Thy Serpent on September 11th, 2016 says:

      Saw a website report about a possible fatal 4 way at WM 33 between The Undertaker, Sting, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. I have mixed feelings about such a match.

    • Anan on September 11th, 2016 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      Better chance of Taker vs Sting, Goldberg vs Lesnar or Taker vs Goldberg. Out of those 3, since we’re talking WM33 specifically, I’d say Goldberg vs Lesnar is most likely as I’m of the firm belief that’s where Taker will face Cena. At this point, Taker vs Cena may have entered now or never status as Cena’s schedule has been noticeably lighter and we don’t know how many more Taker’s got in him. If WM33 is really Big SHow’s last, I think Taker will somehow make it to WM34 provided he’s healthy because I don’t believe he’d want two talents, one being himself having last WM matches at the same WM as one last match would take attention away from another, that probably being his last match taking attention from Show’s and I don’t think he’d want that being the pro he is, plus he’s been Show’s mentor. I doubt the mentor would want attention taken away from his pupil.

      At this point, it’s clear WWE’s done with Taker and Lesnar in the same ring. With the new era comes an abundance of fresh new to WWE talent and more constantly coming, some of which are currently in NXT who’ll get their eventual main roster calls ups. What this does is present WWE with options to prevent rehashes of something once done such as Taker vs Lesnar.

      It’s unclear if Goldberg will even return to WWE at all and if it did, his capacity would be unknown till it’s officially announced. His return does not have to mean a match. It could just be a Legends deal that includes a HOF induction. If that were done, it’d be for fans’ sake. If WWE really wanted to induct him, they would have mad an effort to do so, the best time being 2011 as WM was in WCW territory, Atlanta, GA. Goldberg’s bashed WWE repeatedly till his 2K17 appearance so any WWE return would be lucky for him. If someone bashed my company, I wouldn’t wanna associate myself with them unless apologies were made and fences were mended. Then again his bashing could all just be a work to lead up to something. After all, Lesnar bashed WWE after walking out, said he’d rip Taker’s arm off and beat him with it, then returned to WWE and went on to end The Streak.

      No one knows Taker’s official status though my feelings are WM33 against John Cena are next for him with his return coinciding with beginning to build to that match which really should have fittingly happened at WM30.

      Sting’s retired. I don’t know if WWE will clear him. Considering his condition, I’m not even at 50% as I write this that he will be cleared. Even if he were, I think they’d utilize him to elevate future talent by having him in the ring with them over facing Taker because let’s face it. WWE had more than once chance at having Taker vs Sting. WM31 and Summerslam 2015. And had the injury at NOC not happened, WM32 also would have been an option. Preferred that over Taker vS Shane. Nothing against the Taker/Shane match. But the build was a last minute out of nowhere deal and it centered on Taker being Vince’s puppet despite Taker claiming otherwise as Taker was Vince’s chosen opponent for Shane. The match delivered for what it was (intended to be) so not knocking it.

      Regarding Taker vs Sting, it may be done, not happening in WWE. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen anywhere. I’m not saying it will. In fact I doubt it knowing Taker’s loyalty to WWE. But bare with me here for a second. After Taker’s retired from wrestling in WWE, who’s to say some indie or Japan promotion won’t want Taker vs Sting? If anything Sting can probably talk Taker into it. As highly unlikely as this scenario is, all things considered, the unlikely-ness doesn’t make it impossible. As fitting as WM or even Summerslam is, I rather have it anywhere than nowhere and my inner fan obsession with the match is what’s creates all these unlikely to happen scenarios. But a fan can dream. There’s still dreams of Taker-Lesnar IV after all.

    • Thy Serpent on September 14th, 2016 says:

      @ Anan. I agree. I’d treat that fatal 4 way match as a rumour/speculation. I’d rather see ‘Taker face Cena for Wm 33 considering Sting cannot wrestle. Many people are speculating a Goldberg return and I also did read about Goldberg wanting to face ‘Taker though I feel a Goldberg return, if it happens will be against Lesnar with Lesnar getting the win. Taker vs Cena will be a better match than a ‘Taker vs Goldberg. About ‘Taker appearing at WM34, I am not sure. Maybe, ‘Taker’s last match may not be a Wrestlemania match. If the streak was intact, then it was possible since he may have wanted his last match to be the one where the streak ends and a new talent is put over. But now that it is broken, it probably gives him the freedom to have his last match at any PPV. I think breaking the streak was a decision made in haste. McMahon was probably not sure if ‘Taker would be able to wrestle another match, forget make another WM appearance. But since he returned and is in better shape than expected, he still continues to make the appearance at WM as that’s where he has his best record. I believe this year will pass quietly without any appearance by ‘Taker which will give rise to constant rumours, speculations, discussions etc. One way it is good as it keeps the suspense, plus gives rise to good discussions/ debates.

    • Anan on September 15th, 2016 says:

      @Thy Serpent:

      I agree that with The Streak broken, it gives Taker the freedom to have his last match anywhere and the decision to break it was hasty. Though I have bene of the belief that the freedom for Taker’s last match to be anywhere was already there even before The Streak was broken. Not saying you’re wrong on that. But the way I always saw it was Taker retiring elsewhere so as to not ever lose at WM meaning The Streak stayed intact. If Taker did lose at WM, then the world, myself included thought that was his final match. There’s a wide belief though that he won’t lose at WM again. This could easily become reality by WWE who also made the breaking of The Streak a reality which no one thought would happen either. I agree with JR on why it was broken. JR feels it was done for WWE Network purposes. That does make sense to me when you consider the timing. WM30 was where The Streak ended, but it was the first WM to be broadcast on The Network which aired shortly after The Network launched that same year a mere few weeks prior to the event. I figured with the concussion, The Streak ending, the Thank You Taker chants and Twitter talk, the announcers giving him a standing ovation, etc, that everyone thought Taker was done so they subscribed on The Network to relive his career which increased Network profit/business. And I think that was WWE’s thought process by breaking The Streak there at WM30 when they could have broken it before or after WM30 of they wanted to. It’s no coincidence that it happened at WM30.

      Going back to Taker’s last match, I thought that if not WM, then a SSeries would be it as that’s where he debuted in WWE. However with SSlam being the event that it is now, even AUstin calls it the Wrestlemania of the Summer, then SSlam in terms of status and quality would work too. SSeries just isn’t the same quality PPV it was when Taker debuted. It just doesn’t stand out so much anymore as it is missing the only thing that made it so unique back then – the emphasis on survival. While Taker deserves to end his career at WM, WM doesn’t need Taker’s last match to sell the event. SSlam could use it. SSeries desperately needs it. Then again maybe Taker won’t have a one last match. Jericho stated he doesn’t want one and just wants to quietly ride off like AUstin and Rock did. Taker, not one to seek out the spotlight, may want the same as Jericho and may end up getting it. It does fit his character.

      I wouldn’t have anything against Taker vs Goldberg except for Goldberg’s stiffness in the ring which ended Bret Hart’s career and Taker doesn’t deserve to be forced into retirement, certainly not due to an unsafe worker that Goldberg has the reputation of being. I’m not saying it’s true necessarily. But with what happened to Bret…..

      “I believe this year will pass quietly without any appearance by ‘Taker which will give rise to constant rumours, speculations, discussions etc. One way it is good as it keeps the suspense, plus gives rise to good discussions/ debates.”

      Regarding that point of yours, that also fits his character too. While Taker’s return being promoted is good for business as people know when to expect so they tune in increasing viewership/ratings, an unpromoted return, not only fits his character, but creates a bigger pop as it’s a surprise. Of course I ‘m only talking about TV returns. Live event appearances which aren’t televised (unless it’s seen on The Network like Beast In The East and Live From MSG were) can always happen. How many times have we seen the likes of Bret Hart, HBK, Rock, Austin, Jericho, HHH, etc over the years make one night only special surprise appearances at live events? Who’s to say Taker won’t even after his in ring career is over? Who’s to say Taker’s televised returns won’t happen after his in ring career ends on special episodes like old School RAW or SD or RAW/SD Anniversary for a cameo chokeslam or whatever it is he ends up doing?

    • Jelvin A Rivas on September 16th, 2016 says:

      I think it’s going to be a fatal 4 ways match between The Undertaker Sting Goldberg and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33

    • Anan on September 16th, 2016 says:


      I’m curious as to what exactly makes you think that the Fatal 4 Way will happen? Just bc it’s reported doesn’t mean anything. WWE’s probably begun planning WM33. Doubt they’re close to finalizing those plans since WM33 is still sometime away and so many things can happen between now and then. For example, injuries which forced WWE to change their WM32 plans. Knowing WWE, they would have changed their plans countless times between now and WM33. They may even change plans with last second/last minute decisions during the event itself.