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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Update on Taker vs Brock Lesnar

    As of Friday, people within WWE are expecting Brock Lesnar to return to television either the day or week after the Royal Rumble taking place on January 26, 2014. F4WOnline.com reported on Thursday that a match against The Undertaker is currently planned for WrestleMania XXX on April 6, 2014 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    source: F4WOnline.com

    This is posted in the Rumors section for a reason. Regarding Taker and WM30, but more importantly, especially regarding Lesnar’s WWE TV return, take as strictly that, a rumor for right now. I already gave my reasons for why I believe Taker will face Brock Lesnar at WM30 even though for the record, I also believe Lesnar doesn’t deserve it after the way he walked out and what he said about WWE and Taker afterwards elsewhere on the site many times so if you wanna know what I think, look around. It shouldn’t be hard to find because I don’t wanna repeat myself again unless I have no choice but to do so.


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    • Anan on December 28th, 2013 says:

      Off topic: Didn’t wanna post this above as it has nothing to do with the topic. But rumor has it Lesnar’s returning to UFC. Since it’s not part of the topic, I hope we can all stay away from this since it’s a rumor that doesn’t have a thing to do with Taker, WM, or WWE in general. Just wanted to pass it along though.

      As for the report, the earlier both return, the longer the build. The longer the build, the more anticipation. Don’t wanna speculate on Taker’s return. He’ll return when he wants to. As for Lesnar, I couldn’t care less about him.

    • Jessa on December 29th, 2013 says:

      This match will get a lot of hype- especially with the heat these two have with one another. After the confrontation at UFC people have been waiting for this! Plus with Takers streak already being a top draw, this has main event status written all over it. I agree brock doesn’t deserve to face taker again with his attitude, but we all know taker does what is best for business, and I do think this will be huge if it goes down! They are both such good strikers I’m sure it will be a brawl. Only thing that is a shame is if Brock returns to UFC… To me anyone who faces taker at WM should be a superstar who is dedicated to the business he loves, and someone who will carry the torch. Brock is clearly in it for the money.

    • John D on December 29th, 2013 says:

      In regards to Lesner returning to UFC, I fear that if those rumors are true, then this match might be a case of Goldberg vs. Lesner 2 all over again. Hopefully if they are true as well, then it will be proof that Taker will beat Brock.

    • Rarara123 on December 29th, 2013 says:

      No, please no, don’t make it happen WWE, seriously, please. Brock Lesnar just lost against Triple H at WrestleMania this year and sure as hell he’s gonna lost battling against The Undertaker next year’s WrestleMania. I’m not jumping to conclusions but I just don’t feel right at all for having him facing Taker at mania next year.

    • karentaker on December 29th, 2013 says:

      I for one don’t want to see Lesnar jumping the gun yet again to gain recognition he doesn’t deserve, at WM30 by facing Taker. He basically shit on everyone in and around WWE by walking out. What’s more he stabbed WWE and Taker in the back with his sick attitude. If Lesnar thinks he could beat Taker at WM30, he’s in for a major disappointment. Lesnar and Heyman both know what Taker is capable of. Taker hasn’t been seen since he was beaten down by the Shield, but, he hasn’t been sitting around just healing his wounds. I think Taker has been training and learning new moves, ultimately brewing up a huge storm. In which he will unleash it on Lesnar and Heyman, if they choose to challenge Taker at WM30. If Taker has a bone to pick with Heyman and Lesnar. I think it will end in a massacre for them both.

    • BillyofMaryland on December 29th, 2013 says:

      Well Taker in his words will “just have to make Lesnar famous.” I agree that its too early. I’d rather see Lesnar beat up Cena more than Undertaker vs. Lesnar 3-4 or whatever number match it’ll be after you consider the Biker Chain Match, and their classic HIAC war.

    • Anan on December 30th, 2013 says:


      You forget that Lesnar beat HHH in a Steel Cage at Extreme Rules and beat Punk in a No DQ match this past year so heading into a match with Taker, they booked him well.

      @John D:

      Do us all here a favor. Don’t ever compare an Undertaker match of any kind, even Taker vs Lesnar at WM30 to Goldberg vs Lesnar and say they’re gonna be the same. Taker will prevent another Goldberg/Lesnar type of bout from ever happening again, especially if Taker himself is involved in the match.


      Taker vs Lesnar has already gotten a lot of hype. The hype will only grow from here till the match happens whenever that is. I say whenever that is because even though I feel it’ll happen at WM30 and many feel the same, that doesn’t mean it will as it hasn’t been confirmed. Knowing WWE ,they can easily go in another direction if they want to.

    • etienne on December 30th, 2013 says:

      I don’t know about any one else but I for one would love to brick and taker go at it in one of takers specialty matches… Casket, buried alive, inferno, maybe even last man standing…. I would say hic but its been done to recently. This all is just my opinion btw… I know people will say that these matches maybe too violent for these two, but I think they could have a great epic match even if they water it down…
      I also have to agree with Anan on the fact that Lesnar doesn’t deserve this match… But the fact is people do wanna see it….. But me and Annan both know it should be taker and sting.

    • Fish on December 30th, 2013 says:

      Not saying these rumors are true, but if they end up happening, then we will be seeing Taker sooner than I expected. I personally would like to see a match between Lesnar and Taker. But in Lesnar’s previous matches in the past couple of years, he has been demonstrating a very UFC-like wrestling performance. What I mean is that he’s a lot more aggressive than he used to be back in the early 2000’s. Because of this, Lesnar might have to go “easy” on Taker, considering Taker’s health and how easy it is for Taker to get injured.

      Undertaker is a fantastic wrestler, yes. But there is no doubt that at this point in his career, he is very injury prone. So Lesnar might have to change his aggressive attitude for the sake of Taker. Regardless, it will be one hell of a match if these 2 guys end up locking horns at WM. I can’t wait to see what happens after the Royal Rumble.

    • Anan on December 30th, 2013 says:


      I don’t think anyone has to take it “easy” on Taker. Taker doesn’t want anyone to hold back. He said so himself. In 2003, he did an interview where he said he doesn’t want anyone to hold back for the sake of protecting him because that isn’t what he’s about. He’s proven he can take more punishment than anyone. If it was a case of taking it “easy”, he would have retired by now. He wants that aggressive challenge from his opponents. Watch WM27 and WM28 for proof. In both matches, HHH nearly killed Taker with a multiple chair shots. at WM27, Taker was so beat up, he was carted out. Obviously that was done to set up WM28, where HBK tried to stop the match for Taker’s sake. Taker told him not to. In both matches, he kept telling HHH to come on, bring it.

      More so at WM than anywhere else because as everyone in the company, including Taker will tell you that’s where you lay it out all on the line because that’s their Superbowl. It’s their biggest payday. It’s not a “take it easy” line of work. Taker knows that. If he can’t perform at the level he wants to perform at, he’d retire. Sometimes Taker can do things that aren’t or shouldn’t be expected of him so in that specific sense, the only person Taker needs protection from may very well be himself. But he doesn’t need it and I doubt he’d want it from anyone else. If you need protection from someone at WM, where your job is lay it all on the line for the biggest payday of the year, you’re in the wrong business.

      I get that he can get injured. But anyone can. This is an injury prone business. Injuries can happen anytime to anyone. Who on the WWE roster hasn’t been out with an injury? Look at Bray Wyatt. He debuted sometime this past year. Less than a year later, he’s already injured which is why he hasn’t seen much action lately.

      The 6 man tag match where Taker and Team Hell No went against The Shield, that was done to lighten Taker’s work in the ring. During his 2009/2010 Title run, he wrestled in short singles matches or was in a multi-man match like triple threat, fatal 4 way. In the Elimination Chamber 2010 match, he was the last guy to be freed from the pod to enter the match. All this was done to lighten his work so he wouldn’t have to do much. In that respect, protection works.

      If Taker or WWE were in fear of Taker’s health, I doubt they’d even consider this match with Brock. They know what they’re doing man. Have faith in them.


      As much as I’d like Taker to face Lesnar in one of the following matches as you suggested, let me analyze why I don’t think they’ll work:
      Casket – This match hasn’t been seen at all to my knowledge since Survivor Series 2009. I don’t remember if WWE went PG at that time. But the only WM this match happened was at WM22 when WWE was not PG. The only reason they even had a casket match that year was because Taker’s opponent was Mark Henry. They needed to do something to create some interest in the match. They barely had any build to WM that year so having the casket match was done to kind of amp up people’s interest a little bit. COnsidering how anticipated Taker vs Lesnar is, does it really need a casket match to draw interest? Nope.
      buried alive – The last time this was seen was at Bragging Rights. Yes, WWE was PG then. Unless a Buried Alive match is as hardcore as the one from 1996 or if it is done to blow off a rivalry, I don’t like it. Buried ALive matches should be like career stipulations to me in that after the match, the rivalry’s over for good just like if a wrestler loses, their wrestling career is done. The career stipulation has lost its appeal for me because aside from HBK (so far), everyone that I know of that lost a career match still went on to compete. I don’t want Buried Alive to lost its appeal for me. So Taker vs Lesnar, Buried Alive, I don’t favor it.
      inferno – I na PG era? No way will WWE consider this. The Ring Of Fire variation can be done, but it happened at Summerslam so I wouldn’t want it at WM less than a year later.
      last man standing – Daniel Bryan-esque NO! here because Taker’s WM matches, aside from WM9 have always had decisive wins. By that, I mean he’s won by pin or submission. In a LMS match, you need to beat down your opponent to where he can’t answer a 10 count. Not really fitting for a Taker match at a WM.

      However since Taker’s won by submission twice so far at WM and with Lesnar’s use of the Kimura Lock, I’m all in for a submissions match pitting Taker’s Hell’s Gate vs Brock Lesnar’s Kimura Lock. WWE.com did a comparison of these holds back in May of 2012. WWE.com doesn’t ave it anymore, but thanks to WrestlingInc, I found it:

      WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the Kimura Lock submission hold that Brock Lesnar has used on John Cena and Triple H since returning to WWE in April. They wrote:
      “It’s no surprise Brock is utilizing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu maneuver to wreak havoc in his return to WWE. The former UFC heavyweight champion studied under Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts Erik Paulson and Greg Nelson as part of his training in the world of mixed martial arts. However, Lesnar never actually got a chance to showcase that devastating Kimura Lock in any of his UFC bouts. Using the submission to inflict bodily harm on his opponents is fresh, frightening territory for the behemoth.”

      They also compare the hold to The Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate modified gogoplata submission. They added that Superstars have two choices in Hell’s Gate – tap out or pass out, but with Lesnar’s Kimura Lock, there is no choice. WWE wrote:

      “The difference with Lesnar’s Kimura Lock? There is no choice. Brock is not satisfied with making his foes tap or pass out; he wants to put them out of commission for good. If he’s already left Cena in a sling and Triple H with a fractured arm, what makes us think he’ll show mercy on anyone else who stands in his way?”

    • Anan on December 30th, 2013 says:


      Apparently both Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are returning to RAW tonight.

      According to the spoiler reports, the following will air on the first Smackdown of 2014:
      Renee Young is backstage with Big E Langston. He talks about Brock Lesnar attacking Mark Henry. Apparently Henry challenged Lesnar on RAW.

      Regarding the rumors, F4WOnline says, Regarding Brock Lesnar possibly doing a UFC fight, word is that his deal with WWE is exclusive to them and doesn’t expire until WrestleMania 31 in 2015. People in the know can’t believe that Vince McMahon would allow Lesnar to sign a deal with WWE that would allow him to do a UFC fight at the same time.

      JR also talks about the Lesnar/UFC rumors:
      “Oh, yeah…no Brock Lesnar at #UFC168 contrary to the rumor of the week online and elsewhere. I wrote about this situation in my last blog (Saturday) which you can access here on the site. Why would anyone leave the protected, show biz world of WWE where Brock’s working a part time gig for BIG money to risk his health and legacy to step back into the Octagon? Again, if I’m Lesnar I’m taking all of the WWE money that I can count (and saving it) plus I’d even be willing to work more RAW TV dates to better promote and monetize the reason that WWE hired Lesnar in the first place, to sell PPV’s.

      The question is can Brock or WWE ever fully monetize their arrangement to the fullest extent with Lesnar only working a handful of dates a year? I’ve got mixed emotions regarding that one but for each party’s sake, I hope that they do.

      Paul Heyman is a marvelous representative for Lesnar but no one, not even WWE’s most talented talker, can carry the entire load with the PPV customers that only see Lesnar a handful of times a year.

      Lesnar is not the Undertaker and Brock doesn’t have ‘The Streak’ going for him at WrestleMania. Big difference.”

      I could not agree with JR more. If I were Brock, I’d get a lot of money for working a part-time schedule that includes only 3 PPV matches, one of which is WM which the biggest payday of the year. My health would also not be in such a high risk since WWE’s showbiz while UFC is as real as real can get. And while I’m off the road/not on WWE’s schedule, I can spend the rest pf the year in seclusion from society on my farm, hunting and whatever it is I wanna do. Bottom line: I wouldn’t change anything.

    • Kelly S on December 30th, 2013 says:

      The only way I’d want to see Taker Vs Lesner is if it was truly a No Holds Barred match! Then Taker could do to Lesner what I’m sure he’s wanted to for years! I’d much rather the spot went to someone like Jericho, Heath Slater or any of the younger guys who could do with the experience.

    • Fish on December 30th, 2013 says:


      Nice. I wasn’t expecting Brock to come back so soon. So if the Taker vs Lesnar match is still going to happen at WM 30, then perhaps WWE is trying to make Brock look more dominant by having a short feud with Henry, and possibly Big E Langston and destroying them. This is how I see it, if they are trying to build Brock Lesnar up to face Taker at WM 30. Can’t wait for RAW tonight.

    • Anan on December 30th, 2013 says:

      @Kelly S:
      There’s certainly more deserving opponents for Taker than Brock. But in your words, “any of the younger guys who could do with the experience.”, Heath Slater is not one of them. He got his push during the Nexus days as far as I’m concerned and where is he now? A match with Taker, it’d be a squash like Snuka and Roberts back at WM7 and WM8, respectively. Jericho would be a much more suitable opponent. But Jericho doesn’t really need the rub that comes with facing Taker. Jericho’s a part-time, coming and going talent who’s more focused now on elevating future talent. If you want proof, watch WM29. He was Fandango’s debut match and let Fandango beat him. The next night on RAW, Fandango was the most over guy in the company and for a while, there was a Fandango craze with everyone doing his dance. Even now, some are still doing it. This is how I see it:

      Deserving talents: Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Sting, I’m gonna add Daniel Bryan and The Shield members, especially Ambrose to the list because he’s a great wrestler and was reportedly praised by Taker. I emphasize the word, reportedly.

      Inevitable opponents: John Cena, I fee like Sting and possibly Kane are inevitable too. Whether they truly happen or not remains to be seen. Out of the three, I see Cena being the most likely option.

      Young talents who can use “the rub”: Sheamus, Del Rio, The Wyatt Family members.


      Now people are gonna speculate Taker’s returning tonight or at The Rumble. At the earliest possible date, I see Taker returning the night after The Rumble or in February the night after The Elimination Chamber PPV. Yes, I agree that they’re probably trying to make Brock look like a more dominant threat to The Streak by having him take out big guys like Henry & Big E. He already beat HHH in a Cage and Punk in a No DQ match so that’s dominant enough. But the fact that they’re continuing to make him look like a threat tells me WWE have made up their mind and are going with Taker vs Lesnar. Knowing WWE, they can always change course sometime between now and the actual build to WM which will officially begin the night after the Chamber PPV.

      As I said WWE can always go in a new direction if they choose. It seems they might have based on Lesnar’s promo tonight. Unless Lesnar gets the Title shot at The Chamber PPV, it appears for now that he’ll get the shot at WM leaving Taker to face…..remains to be seen. But IMO, the only other viable contender for WM30 is Cena. Reports say WWE is planning or was planning for a Hulk Hogan/John Cena tag team match. I agree with Jr in saying that if he’s gonna do anything, Hogan just appearing for the crowd is enough. He doesn’t need to be in a match nor should he with his back condition. He will be very, very limited in the ring and it’ll just tarnish his legacy more if he ever wrestled again. The fans that grew up watching him wanna remember what they saw, not what they’d see if he had another match which is tarnishing his legacy more. The new fans can easily hit up Youtube to see Hogan’s prime days if they wanted to know about him since they probably weren’t even born at the time of the birth of the whole Hulkamania craze.

      A possible scenario is that Lesnar gets a Title shot at The Chamber, loses and faces Taker at WM. But does that really make sense? How will Lesnar look heading into a match with Taker after he just lost a Title match? He won’t look much like the threat he has the potential to be. So my belief is that a more likely scenario would be Lesnar getting the Title shot at WM with Taker facing Cena. Does Lesnar deserve a Title shot? IMO, oh hell no. But since that’s the direction WWE’s currently taking or at least that’s what it seems like, it only makes sense for the inevitable Taker vs Cena match to take place this year. It does make sense in a way that at the 30th anniversary of WWE’s Superbowl that the two top dogs of two different eras face each other in a high-profile match for the first and probably only time ever all things considered. I remember seeing a video on Youtube a few years back of Cena saying he wants to face Taker at WM30 at MSG. Of course at the time that interview took place, I guess WWE were still going with the tradition that WM be at the Garden every 10 years, a direction they clearly did not continue on. However, that doesn’t mean that Taker/Cena shouldn’t happen this year.

      There is a report that Cena will face Bray Wyatt, which I guess will likely not be one of the top billed matches. Now I can’t see that report being true as I feel if not Lesnar, then Cena should face Taker this year. But if it is Cena vs Bray, who’s left for Taker? Surely he won’t miss out this year. Perhaps The Authority could target him?

    • Jessa on December 31st, 2013 says:

      Well Brock is back. I find it interesting that he is gunning for the title. As much as I’d love it I don’t see a title run in takers future… & if Brock is holding it by WM that would be an interesting twist. Not to say he would win the title- BUT I feel they need to make Brock look strong, give him a few big wins before WM so he looks “indistructable” going into WM- IF this match between him & taker is even happening. It’s all speculation though I do believe it will. With any luck he will get injured & we can see someone worthy face taker 😉 … Did I say that aloud?

    • Anan on December 31st, 2013 says:


      Taker’s a WM only attraction. No matter how good, great, or loved and respected you are, if you only wrestle a handful of times, you are likely not going to be World Champion. Rock’s so far the only Champion I can think of that as The Champion, only wrestled a handful of times. If Lesnar wins the World Title, he’d be the second man to do that. But as I said above, a possible scenario is that Lesnar gets a Title shot at The Chamber, loses and faces Taker at WM. But does that really make sense? How will Lesnar look heading into a match with Taker after he just lost a Title match? He won’t look much like the threat he has the potential to be.

      I’ve said it a billion times. Unless Sting or Jericho faces Taker, the only viable opponents for Taker are Brock Lesnar and Cena. Say what you want. Say Lesnar and Cena don’t deserve to face Taker if you want to. But Taker vs Lesnar will draw tickets as there’s been a lot of anticipation for it. As for Taker vs Cena, I believe it’s going down someday. Maybe that day might be WM30. Like I said above, Does Lesnar deserve a Title shot? IMO, oh hell no. But since that’s the direction WWE’s currently taking or at least that’s what it seems like, it only makes sense for the inevitable Taker vs Cena match to take place this year. It does make sense in a way that at the 30th anniversary of WWE’s Superbowl that the two top dogs of two different eras face each other in a high-profile match for the first and probably only time ever all things considered. I remember seeing a video on Youtube a few years back of Cena saying he wants to face Taker at WM30 at MSG. Of course at the time that interview took place, I guess WWE were still going with the tradition that WM be at the Garden every 10 years, a direction they clearly did not continue on. However, that doesn’t mean that Taker/Cena shouldn’t happen this year.

    • Fish on December 31st, 2013 says:


      Regardless, I’m very excited to see where WWE is going with this whole thing. Right now, there are so many possibilities. Lesnar may go after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Or Mark Henry might want to take some revenge on Brock Lesnar. Big E might get involved. But I’m still going to stick to my speculation and assume that WWE is simply building up Brock to face Taker. Seeing as Brock only wrestles 3 PPV’s a year, I really don’t see him becoming champion. WM is coming so it’s fun to speculate what the possibilities could be. We just saw Danial Bryan join the Wyatt Family, so I’m excited to see where that is going as well.

    • Anan on December 31st, 2013 says:


      Absolutely. WWE have done a tremendous job is allowing themselves so many options this year for WM. Taker vs Lesnar might still be what WWE’s building towards. It’s always possible he’ll get a Title shot at WM and lose. Unless Lesnar agrees to do more shows, I also can’t see him becoming World Champion.

      But that leads to the question I asked earlier – If Lesnar challenged for the Title before WM and lost, how will that make him look going into WM?

      There’s also the possibility Lesnar may win the Title before WM and defend it at the Show Of Shows against The Rumble winner, possibly Batista. I don’t think either of these two deserve the Title match spot. But I do wanna see this Battle of the Powerhouses someday. I’m all for it happening in a non-title match at this year’s Summerslam of both guys are up for it.

      Bryan….seeing as how Cena’s spoken up for Bryan lately, I can see a Cena/Bray Wyatt match somewhere down the line. Whether or not WM’s the place remains to be seen. I can see this having a freedom stipulation where if Wyatt wins, Bryan stays in the group. But if Cena wins. Bryan’s free to do what he wants. Maybe this whole Bryan joining Wyatts deal is gonna turn out to be nothing more than a rouse.

    • THE DEADMAN RULZ on December 31st, 2013 says:

      WWE has indeed done a tremendous job. Interesting angles. Instead of “happy new year and may all your wishes come true”, I feel like saying Happy Speculation Time WWE fans and may all your speculations prove true!!!! 😀

    • only1kp on December 31st, 2013 says:

      As a UK fan lucky enough to have seen taker this year does anyone think its viable that taker v one/all of the shield a realistic WM 30 option. They fact that they often refer to taker being taken out by the shield on raw/smackdown suggests its not finished as i can’t recall much else that has happened on the UK tours been mentioned before. I understand that it gave the shield a almighty push, but did they really need it ?
      I realise that lesnar or cena is the big draw but personally this is something i would love to see.

    • THE DEADMAN RULZ on January 1st, 2014 says:

      @ Anan:

      Agreed. Every word. Lesnar/Cena/Sheamus at WM 30. Cena is inevitable somewhere along the way. Bryan/Barrett/Sheamus are good contenders too. Hope wwe doesn’t screw up with these guys.

    • Anan on January 1st, 2014 says:


      Barrett….he isn’t where he was before this ridiculous Bad News Barrett gimmick. A guy standing on a podium delivering bad news doesn’t deserve to be wrestling at WM, much less face Taker. The previous Bare Knuckles Barrett is the Barrett that could be a viable contender if built properly. I’m gonna say that in a few years, Ziggler, the members of The Wyatt Family, The Shield and Cody Rhodes might be ready. I think Del Rio is ready. But I rather see Sheamus get his shot first.

      I said this before. There’s many guys, probably the entire or at least most of the roster who want a shot at Taker and for good reason. But I don’t think all of them will get that shot because:
      1. Some just don’t deserve it.
      2. Some won’t be able to capitalize on “the rub” effectively
      3. Some just won’t ever be ready before Taker’s done.
      4. This basically mirrors #3. Taker’s likely only a handful of matches away from that inevitable day that we all know is coming. I don’t wanna speculate as to who his last victim will be/what number he gets to because he can easily make WM30 his last if he chose to. In a way that would be n ideal place as it’s the 30th anniversary of the place where The Streak was born and the place where Taker transforms into something far dangerous and PHENOMenal and he usually is. I will say #25 is possible as he’s currently 3, soon to be 2 matches away from that. Remains to be seen if he’ll go that far or if he’ll go beyond that. At this point, it doesn’t matter if he was retired by now, if he’ll retire at WM30, at #25, or sometime after. His storied career speaks for itself. His legendary and character are untouchable and in a class all by itself. And I don’t ever see that changing. Taker’s character alone and his reputation are legendary enough. But the fact that he has an undefeated streak at WM which no one else has even attempted…I mean even if The Streak was retired at #10-#20, it’t reach that point of where no one else can get there…but the fact that it’s currently 21-0, and not to mention 7 (although I like to think 8) Title reigns, those are just the icings on the unedible cake so to speak. By the way, WWE doesn’t acknowledge it so I can see why no one else does. But I come to say 8 reigns because to me, it doesn’t matter how long the reign lasts. When you’re officially announced as The World Champion, you are the Worldd Champion. Even though he was screwed out of it a few seconds later, fact is Taker was officially announced as the winner at the WHC at Breaking Point 2009. But since the reign was so short, it’s never acknowledged. He also has more records than his Streak:
      1. Number of WM appearances. I doubt anyone on the roster will make it to 21 WM’s, let alone a 10-0 undefeated streak lol!
      2. Currently the only man who links back to the old school days.
      3. The only active member of the WWE roster to have been on the first ever RAW episode.
      4. Is the company’s longest tenured wrestler. Performer isn’t the right word as Jim Johnston, Vince and Finkel have been around longer than he has as they were there before him, but their on-screen performance roles are different than his.
      5. Has a backstage rep second to none, bar none. Aside from Kane, Sting, and maybe Jericho although I’m not sure about him, and maybe Vince, and JR I cannot see anyone else having this rep. If anyone has talked bad about Vince, JR or Jericho, correct me. I won’t matter though if they’re bitter idiots doing a shoot interview and just bashing people. I don’t count those.
      6. Has the longest-running and most unique and most popular gimmick in the industry.
      7. Aside from Kane and Jerry Lawler, is the only one in WWE able to utilize a piledriver. But Kane doesn’t use it as often as Taker and Lawler wrestled very rarely in his later WWE years and I do not know if he still wrestles outside WWE, but I personally do not recommend it.

      I’m sure there’s more records/history. I’ll post them if I think of any more. But all that in itself is quite a lot.