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The Undertaker is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE. He is the company's most tenured performer, and he's also the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of WWE Raw in 1993. Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984. In 1990, Calaway signed with the World Wrestling Federation and The Undertaker was born. The rest, as they say, was history!
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    Top 5 [Rumored] “Planned” WM 30 Matches

    Rumored WrestleMania XXX Matches

    With the Royal Rumble taking place this weekend, we are officially on the road to WrestleMania XXX. As of this week, here are the matches that are scheduled to take place at WrestleMania:

    • WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Batista
    • The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar
    • John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
    • CM Punk vs. Triple H
    • Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

    Ever since it was announced that Batista was on his way back to WWE, we’ve been hearing that he’s slated to main event WrestleMania XXX. With the first hour of Monday’s RAW (featuring his return) drawing over 5 million viewers, it’s all but guaranteed that Big Dave will going on last at WWE’s biggest show of the year.

    Fans hoping to see Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble and finally get his crowning moment of glory at WrestleMania XXX should abandon that fantasy ASAP.

    The John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt match was first pitched in the fall but was later scrapped when WWE aligned Bryan with the Wyatt Family. After that angle was abruptly cut short after a matter of weeks, the Cena vs. Wyatt match is now back on.

    Of course, plans can change in the next month or two, but as of this week, these are the top 5 matches planned for WWE’s biggest show of the year.

    Source: Rumored WrestleMania XXX Matches

    In two weeks, we’ll see how much the dirt sheets change these up…

    Post Discussion
    • Anan on January 26th, 2014 says:

      First, the same rumor will spread/posted from one site to another like an infectious disease or like something contagious such as a cold/flu. From there, it’ll change from this to something else to something else. How often? My bet is it’ll change quicker than lighting. They will change as often as WWE’s planschange – more than 10 times. A lot more than 10 times.

      Breaking down the matches….

      Batista vs Orton – I’ve been outspoken about Batista and what I feel he’ll do at Wrestlemania and how his opponent will be. I feel he’ll win The Rumble and challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. His opponent….

      ….Brock Lesnar. No I don’t think Lesnar should be anywhere near the position he is in or desrving to face Taker either. But flet’s look at the facts:
      1. Lesnar has been built to look like a legit threat to a top guy. Rumors went on for such a long time that he was built as a threat to The Streak for WM30. But it’s clear what he’s been built as a threat for when Heyman announced on his behalf that he was challenging whoever the World Champion was. So he was built as a threat all this time for the WOrld Champion He beat HHH and Punk in one year. When he returned, he took out Mark Henry. He F5’ed him on the floor and story line wise, “broke” his arm.
      2. he Elimination Chamber PPV is in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

      Why would WWE spend all this time in building him up as a legitimate threat to the World Champion only to have him not win the World Title in a PPV that’s taking place from his hometown? Where is the logic in that? Simple. There is none.

      Cena vs Wyatt – It “could” happen, I guess. But I just don’t see it happening. Cena may not be the greatest wrestler in the world. But he’s the company’s top guy. Wyatt’s not ready to face the top guy…..yet with all due respect to him.

      Punk vs HHH – Of all the matches on the above list, I see this as having the best chance of happening based on current events. But that doesn’t mean it’ll happen. Kane and Punk have been at odds lately so maybe it’ll be that instead of Punk and HHH. Kane’s part of The Authority so if Punk faced him, it’d still be keeping up with the current Punk/Authority feud. Maybe he’ll get a tag team partner and go after The Outlaws. I see that happening at at next month’s Chamber PPV though.

      Taker vs ???? – I decided to leave his opponent blank because this is where most of the mystery lies around this time of year. It’s anyone’s guess as it realistically could be Cena, Bryan, Sheamus, Sting, or someone none of us expect or someone that hasn’t even made the rumormill rounds yet. If I absolutely had to give a name, I’d say Cena. I’d love Taker to face Bryan. But Bryan’s younger than Cena and has more years than him so they can save that for next year. But with this year being WM’s 30 Anniversary, no better place than this year to have the top dog face the top guy, head to head on the biggest stage of all. JR feels Cena should be Taker’s last match. But who knows when that is? For all I know, it could be this year. I choose not to put a specific number on it because realistically, it can happen anytime including this year. Of course people will say they don’t think so because he’s healthier and can still go and feel he’ll make it to 25-0. But it goes far beyond his health status. No one has ever considered the possibility that after nearly 30 years of living the constant traveling lifestyle, he’d wanna spend time living a normal life with his family and seeing his kids grow up, participate in non-wrestling projects, engage in his non-wrestling hobbies/interests, work on his horrible golf game, and God knows what else. What has he got left to do in WWE? He’s a multi-time Champion, Royal Rumble winner, an obvious HOF lock, and surely soon to be 22-0, a record that by now is not remotely reachable. Sure, he loves the business which is why he’s still working today otherwise he’d have retied long ago. But that doesn’t mean he can’t or shouldn’t retire at WM30. He should retire when and where he wants to – on his own terms. That’s one thing Vince has no say and no control over.

    • Fish on January 26th, 2014 says:

      Assuming these matches are actually going to happen:

      As much as I like Bray Wyatt, I still think it would be too early for him to get the opportunity to face the superhero of WWE (John Cena). Bray Wyatt is probably my favorite on the roster right now. Having him fight Cena in his first ever WrestleMania would be pretty awesome to watch, but again, I feel it is too early. The Cena vs Orton feud will likely end after the Royal Rumble event, so we may see something on Monday’s RAW between Cena and Wyatt (if the Bryan vs Wyatt feud ends too).

      I also think Punk vs HHH will happen. Punk has been hinting at a potential future match with HHH by always bashing on HHH and trash talking him. Or, like Anan said, it might be Kane vs Punk. I personally would rather see HHH vs Punk. For some reason, if Kane faced off against Punk at WM, everyone will think Punk will win. HHH vs Punk adds more suspense to the match, if that made any sense.

      Taker could end up facing anyone. My top choices: Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar.

    • Fish on January 26th, 2014 says:


      I also don’t want to see Orton vs Batista. I want to see Batista fight someone new. And I hope Batista will return full time, but I don’t see it happening. I think he’ll be leaving after a few months to go film a movie. Could be wrong though.

      Lesnar vs Batista is something I’m looking forward to. These 2 monsters going at it will be insane.

    • Anan on January 26th, 2014 says:

      @Ed and Fish:

      Yes I too think Punk vs HHH will be it. I was just suggesting that Punk vs Kane woul be the back-up just in case….

      Batista vs Brock….I already gave my opinion as to why I think this will happen at WM. Fish, you replied to this on another post, saying you agreed with me for the reasons I stated. As for Batista’s move work, if he’s working on any films, he can finish them and put the rest of his acting career on hold. With WWE’s travel schedule, it’s impossible to be full-time and be an actor. it’s one or the other. I certainly do not want Batista or anyone taking the WWE World Title to places The Rock did. It sucks they allowed him to make the WWE Title look like a joke. But making the unified WWE World Heavyweight Title look like a joke? That’s even more worse and just too much. JR feels it’ll be Batista vs Orton and Taker vs lesnar. My opinion could change. But as of right now, I respectfully disagree with him.

    • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) on January 26th, 2014 says:

      Every once in awhile, the WWE will give clues as to what will happen when it comes to the title, and more importantly, at Wrestlemania. My prediction-


      Lesnar was guaranteed to face whoever walks away from the Royal Rumble as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The chances that this match taking place on RAW or Smackdown ‘could’ happen, but highly unlikely. This match would be on the next big PPV (or on the Network)- The Elimination Chamber.

      Batista said to Orton that it didn’t matter if it was Cena, Orton or ‘whoever’, only that he was going to win the Royal Rumble, that he was going to headline Wrestlemania and win the title.

      So far, everything I’ve seen seems to be pointing in this direction, even with the build-up of several other wrestlers like CM Punk at the #1 entry, I cannot help but think this is all build around two people and their return to the WWE. My ‘hope’ is that I am completely wrong, and it isn’t this predictable. Maybe Drew McIntyre wins, maybe Dolph Ziggler wins, or how about R Truth? THAT would be shocking. THAT would be unpredictable. THAT would be what’s ‘best for business’.

    • Anan on January 26th, 2014 says:

      @Markus O Negative:

      You mean our prediction. I’ve been saying Batista vs Lesnar for quite some time now.

      Personally when you think about the full-timers who bust their ass night after night, including during the Rumble match, to have a guy who walked and bashed WWE and then return as a part-timer bypass The Rumble match and be guaranteed a World Title match? Talk about unfair and holding back other talent! Talent that are actually deserving of a Title match due to their year long hard work.

    • karentaker on January 26th, 2014 says:

      One of the main problems with the Royal Rumble is that it has become so damn predictable. We all know either Batista, Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan are going to win it. Now what would you say that may happen if someone like Undertaker made a suprise entrance at #30 and won it. ( Before anyone says it, I know thats not likely to happen.) That would change the whole outlook on the main event title match at WM30 wouldn’t it? That senario would certainly draw in the fans, to see what might happen between Royal Rumble & WM30.

    • Aarron on January 26th, 2014 says:

      It would be a shame if Batista won the Rumble..what a slap in the face to the full time wrestlers like Daniel Bryan and everyone else for that matter..we’ve already seen it in ’05. Plus how am I supposed to take Batista seriously when he comes out on RAW looking like Justin Bieber on roids!? lol jk but seriously..

      Brock vs Batista? It would be fun to watch but not for the Title or the last match at WM..
      Why not have Bryan main event WM? He’s the most over guy in WWE right now! If he’s not either facing Taker or in the Main event for the Championship then I think like a lot of ppl think WWE has missed a huge opportunity there. Once again poor booking.

      As for Undertaker, I’m still holding out hope for a Cena match, or Daniel Bryan maybe. Either one of those guys won’t have me so comfortable with the streak on the line, I would be sitting on the edge of my seat the entire match! Both would be very entertaining matches I believe!

      Sting? Grain of salt approach! I agree with Ed in previous articles, I’ll see it to believe it!

    • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) on January 26th, 2014 says:

      @Anan- I stand corrected on the Batista/Lesnar prediction.

      THAT is what is so terrible about pro wrestling, much less the WWE. I look at all the wrestlers, both male and female, that were great, both in ring and with the mic, yet they are overlooked to the point where they let them go. Beth Phoenix, John Morrison, RVD and just recently, Kaitlyn (to name a few)…gone from the WWE.

      There are others like Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Aksana, Alex Riley (still show to be part of the roster, but I haven’t seen him wrestle lately), Alica Fox (BEAUTIFUL Diva who deserves to win the Divas Title), Wade Barrett (no more ‘bad news’ crap), Evan Bourne and Ezekiel Jackson (two guys still listed on the roster). I could do a complete rundown on the entire roster, but the people I mentioned, both here and on my previous comment, are good enough examples…of course, TNA isn’t really all that better.

      Here’s to a great, UNPREDICTABLE Royal Rumble match.

    • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10) on January 26th, 2014 says:

      Oh yeah…the first comment I made, was posted on WWE.COM under the comments for ‘predictions’. I went on to check, and my comment was deleted…not too surprising.

      Here’s looking forward toward WRESTLEMANIA 30, and the continuation of the streak- 22-0.

    • Anan on January 27th, 2014 says:

      @Markus O Negative:

      Alicia Fox…..I can agree with you there. But I also think Cameron is a skilled Diva in the ring. One of the best they’ve got and deserves to be the Divas Champion too. I say the same with Paige. But she has to be o nthe main roster for some time before she’s Divas Champion. With that said, I like that AJ’s still the Champion as she is the most over Diva i nthe company right now.

      Wrestlers gone….Markus, they’re gone for several reasons. Beth Phoenix requested her release to spend time with her boyfriend, Edge who retired. I liked Kaitlyn and felt she was improving. But she requested her release. REPORTEDLY, she requested to be released because she felt they weren’t using her enough. However, Kaitlyn’s got a new business so I thin it’s more likely she left to focus on that. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Morrison was rleased from WWE following his behavior at WM27 where he ignored Trish after they won their match. Hes’s a great athlete. But there’s no excuse for what he did. RVD not gone from WWE. He signed a 90-day contract and his 90 days were up shortly after the Battleground PPV is October. I see him returning. But I don’t see him at this point of his life working more than 90 days from here on out. He’s a part-timer like Jericho and Lesnar. They sign to work a number of dates, then take off and return eventually. Doesn’t mena they’re gone. Just means they’re on hiatus and just come and go as they please.

      According to the crapsheets, Bourne is due back anytime now.

    • xikar on January 27th, 2014 says:

      im not going totally what Anan says. only thing that bugs me is the rumor mill that Undertaker has personally asked for Bryan. And IDK i kinda want that. or sheamus. Not Lesnar

    • Anan on January 27th, 2014 says:

      It seems that the events of The Rumble will be lead to a Cena/Bray Wyatt match to take place at WM, if not before. The Wyatts are one of WWE’s currently best. So I hope they don’t have Cena bury him. But I wouldn’t be surpsied if it turned out that way since hey, it’s John Cena after all. Also looks like the events of the Rumble have lead to two other possible WM matches:

      1. Batista’s World Title shot – still ticking with my opinion of his opponent being Lesnar. I’ve explained many times why I feel that’ll be the match.
      2. Brother vs brother, Cody Rhodes vs Goldust. They lost the Tag Titles and Cody was eliminated from The Rumble by Goldust. I’m not saying either of these guys should turn heel. For once, I wanna see a face vs face, brother vs brother match as one of the brothers being heel has always been done in WWE’s brother feuds. But if one is going to turn, my bet’s on Goldust although a part of me can also see it being Cody since he can whine and cry about being eliminated by his own brother.